Monday, May 11, 2009

Blameless? I think not.

Via Prodicus, it seems that Labour officials are busy giving their MPs a bit of a boost.
Labour MPs have been told by their own party officials that they have done nothing wrong over expenses despite the growing controversy surrounding their claims.

A remarkable email, sent to Labour members by the Parliamentary Labour Party's office and leaked to The Independent, says: "It would be easy for the public to gain the impression from this [media] coverage that MPs are generally claiming excessively or outside the rules laid down by Parliament, which is not the case."

The briefing paper, from the PLP's resource centre, insisted that the expenses claims disclosed in recent days enjoyed "the full approval of the parliamentary authorities".

The fact that expenses were "within the rules" absolutely does not mean that these fuckers have "done nothing wrong".

Fucking hell, at least Cameron is pretending to be concerned over these revelations. There is no such contrition in Labour HQ, it seems.

Fucking hellski.


Anonymous said...

Cameron says 'MPs should say sorry' in the news this morning.

He should be saying 'MPs should pay the money back and resign, then be investigated by HMRC'.

Fuck me what thieving, lying, warmongering wastes of life the three parties are.

Angry Exile said...

Cameron still doesn't understand the difference between an MP claiming what they need to and claiming for as much as they can get away with.

Mr Cameron said last week that claims by Conservative MPs that were outside the rules would be “looked at”.The system is much less of a problem than the greedy, dishonest fucks who are prepared to take advantage of it. If the system for storing Britain's gold reserves was to keep it in the House of Commons it would be a pretty poor system, but presumably MPs would be aware that the gold wasn't there for them to help themselves to. And if some of them were quietly walking off with it would you blame the system? Or would you call them thieving cunts who should be given a petrol enema and quite literally fired?

North Northwester said...

It's within the rules for a man to have sex with his wife.

If he insists on doing it every single day, and on every occasion that it suits him; irrespective of her feelings or inclinations, then who is in the wrong and who is in the right?

Anonymous said...

There is a trap here. Let’s say a new system is put in place that is as fair and simple as possible. Even then, even the most honest MP will always have something on his expenses that can be misrepresented or questioned. Remember, any beefed up watchdog / enforcement system that is instituted will be under the control of those in power [ If you believe in the “independence” of such bodies, you believe in the tooth fairy ] A useful tool for nobbling any independent minded MP causing difficulties.

Letters From A Tory said...

Yet again, Gordon Brown's inability to show ever the slightest hint of humanity costs him badly. Cameron understands the mood of the nation when Brown is just worried about his next YouTube catastrophe.

Gareth said...

"The fact that expenses were "within the rules" absolutely does not mean that these fuckers have "done nothing wrong"."

The fact the claims were paid does not mean the claims were within the rules. Plainly, many of them aren't covered by the notion that those costs were wholly, neccessary and unavoidable for the MPs to do their duties. Speaker Martin has leant on the Fees Office to largely turn a blind eye since Elizabeth Filkin was hounded out. Their gross sense of entitlement makes my skin crawl.

If the fact the Fees Office paid out was the end of it then carousel fraudsters would be able to con HMRC out of millions and not be guilty. They got paid therefore it must be kosher.

Same with a bank putting someone else's money in your account. Spend it at your peril because they will ask for it back.

It's a shit excuse from those MPs. They should have had the decency to not submit the claims in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mash have got a fantastic 'take' on the whole sordid affair -

Anonymous said...

It's amazing just how far they've missed the point.

The problem isn't that they've broken rules to line their pockets. The problem is that parliament has set the rules up for the express purpose of allowing its own members to rob the country blind.

When they say they've done nothing wrong because they've obeyed the rules", they roundly miss the point that they did something wrong, and on a truly epic scale, when they created these rules and then sought to maximise their profits under them.

Rob said...

These aren't 'mistakes'; these are crimes, but the only reason they are not prosecuted is because MPs can exclude themselves from the Law.

I reckon perhaps 10% are honest; no more. When the rest are exposed, how can they get away with saying it was a 'mistake' and offer just to pay the money back? Who thinks dog food is necessary for carrying out their parliamentary duties?

bnzss said...

"The public [may get] the impression... that MPs are generally claiming... outside the rules laid down by Parliament."

Hey I think Parliament might have a problem

just a hunch

Constantly Furious said...

Time for this: The Pay It Back Campaign.

Pay back your expenses, or justify personally why you won't.

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