Friday, May 08, 2009

Baroness Uddin update

Following the filthy, disgusting and shameless troughing of Baroness Uddin, it seems that Spitalfields Housing Association has woken up to the fact that maybe, just maybe, a fucking rich Baroness—with multiple company directorships and another home—shouldn't be living in social housing intended for putting a roof over the heads of the very poor.
In fact she lives just a short distance from Westminster in a rented house in Wapping, East London, in social accommodation, the modern equivalent of a council house.

Now Spitalfields Housing Association, the owners of the three-bedroom house, has engaged lawyers to examine whether she should be allowed to continue renting in Wapping, according to Inside Housing, a trade magazine.

Legally a tenant with an assured or secure tenancy must live in the social home as their “only or principal home”, meaning that she could have breached her tenancy. Lady Uddin is understood to share a joint tenancy on the home with her husband.

Omar Mapara, chief executive of Spitalfields Housing Association, said: “We have written to her requesting that she confirms that she and her husband continue to occupy our property as their only or principal home and we await a response.”

So, the good Baroness might be breaking the terms of her tenancy agreement—and how!—and she should be evicted. However, I suspect that she won't be...
Avril Smith, senior lawyer at Lawrence Graham, told Inside Housing: “She could claim it was [her husband's] main residence only, which could comply with the rules.”

This just goes to show how fucking stupid the benefits system has become. Few people would object to some provision for the poorest in our society, but Baroness Uddin is most definitely not that.

Further, she has been protesting about the lack of availability of social housing for the poor—whilst occupying one of those houses herself. This is the purest hypocrisy: she is lining her already bulging pockets at the expense of the poorest in society.

I hope that she is evicted, dragged from her house and humiliated by the bailiffs in full view of all the neighbours. She is scum.


Constantly Furious said...

Good to see it's still moving - I've linked to this, next door to my "How to Report Baroness Troffin for Benefit Fraud" instructions.

A pisser to see it will probably end up in the long grass, when the husband claims its his house.

Lexander said...

No way should she get out of this. What about kicking her out of the Lords for a start? You could take bets she will get away with it like all the other "troughers". How the fuck she ever got elevated beats me. The Blairs had something to do with it of course.

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Avril Smith just call Uddin and advise her how to wriggle out of it? What a stupid comment to make!

Devil, she shouldn't just be evicted and humiliated in view of the neighbours, it should be on national TV - prime time no less!

She should also lose her job, her dignity and her social house. She should also start paying back all the money she stole. And of course the public should see this on TV too.

Dave said...

Don't they chop their hands off?
If they're so insistent on having Sharia law that's the least that should happen

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are correct. Under the laws of Sharia, she should be punished for stealing. This is either chopping one or both hands off.

The idea behind this is to make an example of her thus a warning to other MP's etc that this could happen to you.

A concept I bet would work with these troughing disgraces!

Uwinsom Ulosum said...

Bunch of Cunts.

Thanks Devil, lovin the work - with your outbursts such as 'thick as 2 short cunts' you are enabling me to temporarily suppress the rage and actually laugh about my being takin up the rear rather forcefully by troughing cunting MPs.

subrosa said...

Think about the poor neighbours at her seaside flat, they'll have to put up with her every day now.

Wouldn't surprise me if they're kicking themselves for speaking out in another few months.

Life's a bummer at times.

John B said...

a) Baroness Uddin is corrupt;

b) what the flaming hell does that have to do with the way 'the benefits system has become'? She's not in receipt of state benefits, and rents her flat by paying money to an independent charitable trust.

Anonymous said...

I am waking in the morning these days and putting vasaline on my arse in preparation for being fucked up it by the MP's elected to work for us.

Dirty thieving fucking cunts

Anonymous said...

the racism in regards to this story is disgusting.

how do you know she supports sharia?

She should resolve the issue or resign. this sitting hands enjoying perks of corruption is wrong and decent people won't stand for it anymore.

insider said...

The investigation will come to nothing - she has 3 family members on the board of Spitalfields Housing Association. Sorted!

Anonymous said...

I live nearby and I heard she got the Kent accommodation and started staying away from Kondon after getting death threats when she did an enquiry into forced marriage.

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