Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Your humble Devil is, by the way, very grateful for all of the feedback that he received regarding the new blog design. As it happens, I am bored of it now (I've been using something similar for a while over at my portfolio site—harmonising the two was, for no good reason, part of the motivation for the redesign). I will however, continue trying to optimise the code to ensure that The Kitchen loads as swiftly as possible.

I am working on a design which will be a compromise of the various opinions that I've received. It will be far darker and more... er... atmospheric than this one, but also less "garish" (other people's word, not mine) than the old one.

I am still toying with the idea of switching to Blogger's new widget-style templates, but I'm just not sure that they will give me the flexibility that I want. I haven't ruled out a switch to a self-hosted WordPress installation either but, for now, I am familiar with Blogger—and it's free.

The Kitchen has been an instructive project since, without ever really trying to, I seem to have created a brand. But, once I had realised that was what had happened, I had always considered the brand to be the writing style and the logo itself: I'd never considered the look of the entire blog to be a part of the "corporate image" (CI) [shudder].

One of the most interesting things about the comments is that many people did, definitely, view the whole blog style as part of said CI: as such, it is important that the page layout is as strong as The Devil logo.

I haven't decided on a definite look at present, but I shall certainly continue to use bits of Javascript in order to customise the blog as much as possible, including adapting stylesheets to different browsers and, more importantly, screen resolutions (including mobile devices).

I will also, I am afraid, not be making any concessions—beyond basic readability—for IE6 users. That browser should have died years ago and yet, partly because of public sector recommendations, it refuses to finally keel over and snuff it.

As with the current design, there will also be bells and whistles for those on really modern browsers, i.e. Mozilla-based browsers and the even more advanced Webkit-based engines. I shall also be keeping a firm eye on Web Accessibility (since that is the basis of a good deal of my professional work these days).

I don't quite know how long it will take to wheel out the next iteration—although I do know that the design will take far longer than the actual coding—as I have only the barest idea of the overall look and feel in my head at present (and that is subject to change).

Still, while you are waiting, why not toddle over to Brian Mickelthwait's place and peruse his Libertarian Blog List v2.0...?

I shan't be doing any statpr0n this month (partly because I forgot to reinstall the Google Analytics code after the design switchover) but, as usual, thanks to all of you for reading, contributing to and commenting at The Devil's Kitchen...

UPDATE: Ill and Ancient has taken Brian's list and ranked the blogs in order according to the number of Technorati reactions. Your humble Devil comes in at #3.


Alan Douglas said...

Good thoughts. The old design WAS very much part of the package - as in-yer-face as your genteel comments are.

This is rather bland, and although I have continued reading, a certain amount of your impact has been lost.

I look forward to being offended as much pictorially as verbally, when you get around to it.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

I dont care what you look like, I'll still read it.

Anonymous said...

Just go back to the original version. It's that simple.

Elby the Beserk said...

Whatever - just PLEASE don't use this pale grey typeface that seems to be more and more common. Old cunts like me, even with my specs on, just can't read it, so we don't bother to read you any more, sorry to say, since you changed to this new format.

Anonymous said...

Devil - try the font Verdana, black, size 14 in Bold.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I have increased the font size and darkened the text. Is that any better?


Alan Douglas said...

As another old fart with trifocals, my answer is YES, much better

Alan Douglas

Sentient WV : hotsh

David Davis said...

We liked the old garish Devil, could you bring it back please?

David Davis said...

Your look is always part of your brand.

Elby the Beserk said...

DK - much better thanks! I can read you again without having to peer at the screen and increase the font size.


Swiss Bob said...

I think I must be pissed, I've just spent the last five minutes trying to log into your blog. (Can't understand why I can see the icon though).

Now I'm here, my Daily Politics blog and SMUNAF are both Blogger, I've changed them to a three column format which was quite simple, I've made other changes which weren't too difficult especially if you're reasonably adept at HTML which I'm not.

I like their functionality and simplicity, it does occasionally go haywire but a quick edit with no changes followed by a save of the template usually does it.

Posts too big, video for example can cause it all to go a bit tits up but it's impressive what you can do with all the widgets, especially the javascript one.

The Daily Politics SMUNAF

fewqwer said...

The present design lacks redness.

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