Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WWF: wigging out and pigging out

Via EUReferendum, I see that another nasty little man is attempting to quickly shore up his rent with some authoritarian call to action.
HOMEOWNERS who do not to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their properties should be treated as criminals, one of the country's most influential environmentalists said last night.
Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, believes tough measures are needed to force people to cut their use of fossil fuels and thinks governments should consider making it a crime for members of the public not to take measures such as installing cavity wall insulation.

He also said he thought failing to put in energy efficiency measures was "as antisocial as drink driving".

Dr Dixon said: "I think it should be a crime to be wasting energy. It's clearly a moral crime against the climate, and I think we should be having a discussion about whether it should become an actual crime."

Here's your discussion, Dr Dixon: no, it shouldn't. Now fuck off, you disgusting little fascist.

Still, as always, it's worth looking at this charity to see just how much of our money is going towards funding Dr Dixon to try to make real his authoritarian fantasies. The trouble is that the Scottish Charity regulator does not keep details of charity accounts on the website: luckily, however, upon searching for WWF Scotland, said wesbite simply directs us to WWF-UK (Scottish Charity No. SC039593).

WWF-UK comes under the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission (No. 1081247) and so we can happily have a little scan through the accounts. So, as is becoming customary, let's look at the grants that they received in 2008 (the latest accounts).
  • Department for International Development (DFID)
    • Partnership Programme Agreement: £3,587,000

    • DFID Non-PPA Funding: £117,000

  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
    • Romania Medicinal Plants: £1,000

    • Papua New Guinea integrated river basin management—Sepik River: £18,000

    • Community Management, Kangchenjunga, Nepal: £7,000

    • Community sustainable living: £45,000

    • Marine Protected Areas, Solomon Islands: £7,000

  • European Union
    • Pakistan, tackling poverty in coastal community project: £5,000

    • UK Ravine WoodLIFE: £22,000

    • Papua New Guinea community development and resource conservation in Transfly: £88,000

    • Water Thirsty Crops, Pakistan: £166,000

    • Great Ruaha River Programme, Tanzania: £281,000

    • Water Thirsty Crops, India: £281,000

  • Scottish Executive
    • Scotland Climate Change Project: £10,000

    • Local Footprints: £38,000

    • Clyde MSC: £13,000

    • Other: £10,000

  • Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland
    • Towards Reducing our Ecological Footprint, Co Armagh, N Ireland: £127,000

  • National College for School Leadership
    • Leading Sustainable Schools NCSL: £9,000

  • Department for Education and Skills (DFES)
    • Sustainable Schools in the UK

  • Grand Total from Aid Agencies and Government Grants in 2008: £4,778,000

So, definitely one for fakecharities.org. And I hope that everyone agrees that the near £4.8 million of taxpayers' money spent by WWF-UK in the last year gives Dr Dixon every right to tell us what to do?


Quite right.

Shut the fuck up, Dixon, you fear-mongering, totalitarian twat. May I suggest that, if you want to make laws, then you should stand for election on your favoured platform? Oh, and don't worry: if you are elected you will still be able to live off money earned by productive people.

In the meantime: shut up, sunshine.


Wossat? said...

Just another Nazi cunt that needs putting up against the nearest wall. At this rate we're going to run out of ammunition.

Rob Farrington said...

Has no-one told him that talking out of his arse causes further greenhouse gas emissions?

Wat Tyler said...

Another New Labour Neo-Nazi.

Tell you what Dixon, you repulsive little Nazi, in addition to demonising and criminalising these people, why not make them wear a special badge on their clothing so that everyone can see just how "anti-social" they are?

North Northwester said...

We need to resist this kind of thing.

I recommend that you all buy cars that burn renewable, sustainable, self-generating green fuel sources such as pandas; like mine does.

Roger Thornhill said...

And people wonder why the rent-seeking HIP was forced through against all common sense? It is a fencepost after all and we are being softened up for the panels to be slid in place.

The HIP was a cover for the introduction of compulsory EPA inspection. Cooper near as damn it lied about it being for surveys and "buyer information". Bollocks. If buyers want it, sellers will provide it.

What will it be, I wonder?

A higher stamp duty on houses with lower EPA ratings?

Will they "refuse to issue a HIP" on poorly rated homes which means then the house, technically, cannot be sold.

Who knows. What I know is that I suspect the home insulation Mafia are about to get payback. Rent-seekers, man your clipboards!

Dick the Prick said...

Nice work DK 'as anti social as drink driving' - oh, do shut up.

Letters From A Tory said...

The only thing anti-social about this incident is the fact that idiots like this encourage me to behave in violent ways towards them, thereby increasing my risk of getting thrown in jail for anti-social behaviour.

Dr Evil said...

This bastard has started the ball rolling. We know what is coming next. The government will fasten on to this 'idea' and make it a policy.

My house is very well insulated. In summer it is so hot that I have to use..........air conditioning..........which no doubt makes me an eco terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Who controls the carbon controls the world....

Number 6 said...

Do please let you views be known to those earnest little dreadlocked cunts who accost you in the streets with their Friends of th Earth/Greenpeace/Carbon Neutral bollocks petitions. I always do and it gives a nice spring to ones step to watch the little cretins squirm as they trot out their rehearsed lines to 'overcome objections.' Cunts all.

Anonymous said...

Who controls the carbon controls the world....Very true, at present. According to normally reliable sources these are:
Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States, Iran, China, Mexico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, European Union, Venezuela, Kuwait, Norway, Nigeria, Iraq, Algeria, United Kingdom, Libya, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Angola, Qatar, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, India, Argentina, Malaysia, Oman, Egypt, …

Anonymous said...

I see that the grants included one of £10,000 from the Scottish Executive for 'Scottish Climate Change'.

Sounds like a good idea to me!

Anonymous said...

My house is very well insulated. In summer it is so hot that I have to use..........air conditioning..........which no doubt makes me an eco terrorist.No, Chalcedon. If your house were not so well insulated, you would have to use your air conditioning even more. So, I think you are secret member of the WWF.

Anonymous said...

What? Another Nazi Diktat from Scotland?

The Smoking Ban regulations started there, the new anti-booze regulations started there, they even attempted (and only narrowly failed) to bring in new anti-obesity measures on chocolate there. When are we going to cut these fascists loose? They'll be bankrupt within a year and then they can march up and down their decaying streets, jackboots echoing through the burning tenements, to their heart's content. They want to be Independent - in the name of God, let them!!

FlipC said...

Tut tut everyone Dr Dixon is a scientist and thus must be refuted using science.

Let X equal the excess cost of energy required to heat my uninsulated house.

Let Y equal the cost of having insulation fitted.

If Y<X then I will have insulation fitted of my own volition.

If Y>X then you are a moron.

See easy.

James Burr said...


How much money does this sordid little "charity" make from public donations?

I always remember laughing my socks off when I found out that ASH Wales, one of the most powerful "charities" in the land only gets 0.2% of its funding from public donations. That really sums up waht these greasy little Quangos are really all about.

Anonymous said...


Great comment.

These people really are morons alright.

The problem is that they are morons with power.

These bastards need to be kept away from the levers, forcibly if necessary.

Fucking Nazi cunts.

Pogo said...

... governments should consider making it a crime for members of the public not to take measures such as installing cavity wall insulation.Well, that's me off to the gulag then... I live in a house built before cavity walls had been invented... In a "Conservation Area", in a "World Heritage Site". Even something so radical as double-glazing is a contentious issue. I suppose the only good thing would be that I'd probably be long-dead before the assorted departments and quangos have finished arguing about who's in charge.

WorkingStiff said...

Send some love to rdixon@wwf.org.uk

Fucking twat!

TomTom said...

So why does WWF Scotland need an Advisory Board which includes a PR representative of Stonewall, a gay lobby group ?

Is this because Stonewall has a particular view on wildlife, or because WWF is simply another Leftist pressure group ?

TomTom said...

I live in a house built before cavity walls had been invented..They were not part of Building Regulations before 1930

Pogo said...

Thanks TomTom, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Building Regulations hadn't been invented at the time either...

Anonymous said...

I read the blog & could feel an instant response forming. I was a little afraid of offending the other commenters. However, having read through the comments I think it's Ok so here's my special, personal message to Dr Dixon (doctor of what FFS? Snooping & surveillence?)'Fuck off, cunt, and mind your own business'.

Anonymous said...

I guess if I am going to be criminalised for nonsense, I may as well go the whole hog. Kill a few of these numpties and be properly criminalised.

Rick Darby said...

I gave Dr. Dixon a piece of my mind here.

greenisred said...

Dr Richard Dixon is a 20 stone obese cunt who should be jailed for consuming more than his fair share of the worlds food resources.


The State said...

thought you might enjoy this twitter


it's from the point of view of the state

thanks man!

Bob Layson said...

What such alarmist ninnies quite fail to grasp is that the consequence of increased energy efficiency is savings which can in turn be spent on some other energy guzzling contraption. It's called economic progress aka increasing wealth and has always gone with greater energy consumption per head.

To get energy usage down these goons will have to go for very high taxes or limits on total household energy consumption. How very petty (maybe not so petty) totalitarian and to be expected of our present Welten Fuhren.

Vicola said...

I would love to install cavity wall insulation and get a more efficient boiler but sadly, since the government keeps helping itself to my monthly salary I'm fucking skint. So if the odious little cunt wants to make it a criminal offence not to have these things then fine, save me a seat in D wing. I could do with some time off work anyway.

FlipC said...

Ah but Vicola I'm sure you could get a subsidy.

That is the government will return some money to you so that you can buy the cavity wall insulation and boiler that you would have been able to purchase yourself had the government not taken that money away from you in the first place.

They're only doing it for your own good you know, ensuring that you spend your money on things that they deem it necessary for you to purchase.

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