Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who let the turd out of his box?

Michael White seems like a deeply unpleasant man and so, true to form, he publishes an article in The Grauniad defending McBride and Draper. His basic argument seems to boil down to this...
[McBride] shouldn't have been dabbling in what sounds like squalid stuff, but it helps to understand why people like him do what they do. They do it to protect their boss and undermine opponents whom they think enjoy an unfair advantage in a corrupted media environment.

Ah, right. So Michael's argument is that the Tories are doing it and therefore the only way that the poor spin-merchants for the fucking government have to fight back—because they only have all the resources of the entire fucking government—is to get even more squalid.

Naturally, Michael White has decided that the real place to which the finger of blame should be pointing is the eeeeevil right-wing blogosphere, which is full of...
rightwing, free market or libertarian Tories, the kind of people who want to blame governments rather than bankers for the global economic crisis.

Apparently, McBride and Draper were only trying...
... to create a leftwing counterweight to the right's dominance of the political blogosphere.

Right, OK, Michael. You fuckwit.

Oh, and look! it's Michael jumping on the poor media bandwagon...
The net has changed all that. Not just by virtue of its speed, cheapness and accessibility, all currently deemed to be democratic assets; also because of the commercial pressures it places on mainstream media to compete, even as its sales and advertising revenues shrink.

Your bosses feeling the pinch, are they, Michael? Your paymasters finding that their off-shore deals and creative accounting still aren't actually making you a profit? Worried about your "job", are you?

Well, tough shit.
What differentiates Britain from most comparable countries in Europe, north America and the wider English-speaking world is twofold: there exists here a relatively open system (more like the US than France); and a media much more willing to print damaging claims (in this instance via Guido Fawkes) against the political class – whether they are true or false.

What the fuck? What differentiates Britain from most comparable countries is our unbelievably draconian libel laws—libel laws that have led to the UK being the favoured destination for "libel tourists" (as Private Eye calls them).

Just like you, Michael, we bloggers are restrained by libel laws; just like you, Michael, when we assert something as fact, we have to be able to prove the truth of it.

Unlike you, however, I, for instance, have not got my head rammed so far up Gordon Brown's arsehole that I can see his tonsils wagging whenever he talks lies.

Unlike you, Michael, I do not get paid to spout my worthless opinions to the masses. I spout my worthless opinions because I want to, and because the mainstream media—that is, you and your politico-loving cronies—do not do your job properly.

It is because you, and your fawning journo mates, care far more about being invited to lick the cum out of Jacqui Smith's quim than actually reporting on the rapacious destruction of our civil liberties.

It is because you and yours have failed in what you please to call your democratic duty—that of holding our politicians to account.

It is because there are far better and well-informed writers in the blogosphere than exist between the pages of any printed rag.

It is because you have failed, Michael.

Now why don't you shut up and fuck off, you useless twat?


Old Holborn said...

He's after a nighthood. The oily cunt stain

Anonymous said...


Sir Michael White said...

Typical right wing conspiratorial nonsense, it is only due to my good nature and understanding of the intricacies of libel law that I will let you off the hook this time, but do not push your luck.

As to the substance of your argument, I can find none in your vile hateful piece of 'comment', and will be hereforward ignoring your and other irrelivent libertarians invective against myself.

Free Speech is a privilige, not as you assume a right, and is sullied by your assumption that all except you are on the payroll.

Grow Up.

Dick Puddlecote said...

It is because you, and your fawning journo mates, care far more about being invited to lick the cum out of Jacqui Smith's quim than actually reporting on the rapacious destruction of our civil liberties.

Remind me never to settle down to your posts whilst eating, again.

AD627 said...

DK - you are on fire today. I hope you email these articles to the subjects - Id hate to think there was any danger they missed out on them.

The mainstream media have behaved disgracefully over this episode. The Telgraph's behaviour has been unforgivable, while the Graunad is at its most pathetic in making excuses for the scum that taxpayers have been forced to pay for.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Oh look. Not content with getting a shoeing on his own article, Michael White turns up to have lumps kicked out of him here too.

Arrogant twat.

AD627 said...

"against myself"

Is this really a man that is paid to write articles in English?!

AD627 said...

and "due to", when he means "owing to" or "because of".

Is he really an illiterate twat without the benefit of a sub-editor or is it someone else impersonating him?

Dick Puddlecote said...


AD627 said...

Sorry - missed the "Sir". Very good!

Hacked Off said...

DK, stop with the diplomatic niceties and speak your mind.

Sir Kneepads is a total Hoon. I bet a decent independent investigative journalist (are there any left working in the MSM?) could dig up enough shit to bury him up to his neck.

The Penguin

Mr Ecks said...

"Sir Micky" writes eh?

Think it is the real idiot or one of Dollys men?

The "Free Speech is a privilige" crap sounds like standard ZaNuLab doctrine.

Just in case it is you Micky--Kiss your Arse.

Happy Easter.

Verification@ papersin--No kidding

Catosays said...

Free Speech is a privilige, not as you assume a right,

Apart from the nauseating spelling, since when has free speech been a privilege?

Tedious oaf!

Anonymous said...

undermine opponents whom they think enjoy

Someone should explain to Michael White the uses of the accusative and nominative cases in indirect speech and the proper parenthetical arrangement of verbs and pronouns.

Appropriately enough, the word verification is "presse".

Anonymous said...

Unlike you, Michael, I do not get paid to spout my worthless opinions to the masses.

Nah, you spout your worthless opinions for free. (j/k)

Old Holborn said...

Sir Michael

You still owe me £50 from when you fucked that Moroccan 12 year old boy up the arse.

Not all of us can put hotel rooms on expenses you know.

PS. Mandelson wants his gimp mask back.

An Annoyed Swing Voter said...

Sir Michael White said...

Free Speech is a privilige, not as you assume a right....


As a naive 21 year old at the time, I had such high hopes of Labour when they first came to power. Now, as a jaded 33 year old, after seeing the damage that Labour has done to the British Constitution, its pissing away of £Billions of Taxpayers money on quangos, management and PR consultants, endless legislation, its control freakery and cronyism, all I can say to you now is I will NEVER vote for the Labour Party again!

I would not describe myself as a staunch Tory, but I would vote for them to ensure the demise of the shower of shits comprising the Political Leadership of the Labour Party. Personally, I think the Political System in this Country is broken and we'd be better off replacing the "First Past The Post" system with Proportional Representation. That would at least put an end to the binary politics that has plagued the UK for the majority of the last 100 years.

Regarding the comment I've quoted above, in what is supposed to be a Democratic Country meant to represent the best ideals of Freedom, that assertion is insulting to anybody who can be bothered to care.

Looks like DK struck a nerve........

Why don't you go fuck yourself!

manwiddicombe said...

lick the cum out of Jacqui Smith's quim

Now there's an image for bedtime. Not.

Do you think the full horror of the thought of that specific action is the reason for the recent expenses claims?

I'm with DP on this one .. .. a warning at the top of posts using such imagery would be nice please.

daggoogle said...

Guido and his ilk have ripped the top off the ants' nest and all the insects are running around in the unaccustomed sunshine. Fuck 'em. Pour a kettle full of boiling water on the vermin and watch them twitch their last.

Dr Evil said...

There is no possible defense for anyone making up lies with just a hint of truth or innuendo buried within them. They are actually using techniques pioneered by that master of PR, Joseph Goebbels. I wonder if they know? Or care? Probably not bearing in mind McByrne's nickname.

I read that the Graun is losing £83,000 a week owing to a reduction in advertising. I suppose they will need to advertise more public sector non-jobs to make up the shortfall.

TomC said...

privilege noun

-a special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all

-a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right); "suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males"

I seem to remember that a dictatorship is defined by 4 characteristics.

One party rule
Executions without trial or sham trials
Expropriation of private property

Well that makes 2 out of the 4 now then Sir Michael. Thanks.


Ian B said...

That's just somebody pretending to be Michael White actually, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

SIR Michael White? Who uses a title like that on a blog. Only an arse hole. What a pompous twat.

silas said...

"care far more about being invited to lick the cum out of Jacqui Smith's quim"

Argh. Thanks for that DK, I'll be needing bleach to get that image out of my brain.

dale said...

Knighthood? You get those for felating somebody in the Labour party don't you, that is how it works these days is it not?

And free speech is a privilege? Make sure you look left and right next time you cross the road, or somebody may withdraw your 'life' privilege.

I am privileged to tell you Sir, that you can go smoke a cock.

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