Sunday, April 12, 2009

What did Brown know?

Tory Bear alleges that the Prime Mentalist—who is, after all, a fucking control freak—must have known about all of this.
Maybe it was over a quiet whisky after a long day in No10, maybe anger one morning when reading a particularly heavy attack from Guido, either way something triggered No10 and the Labour high command to make a conscious decision to attack the right-wing blogosphere. Everyone knows that Brown is a control freak, the boss, the one that has the final say.

His desk is in the very middle of the nerve centre at No10 purely for this reason. Brown likes to know exactly what is going on around him and has his fingers in all the pies. He had to have known at least something about this. Like Nixon, he is now lying to the nation and that is what will be the final noose around his neck. The statements from No10 leave absolutely no wiggle room and the decision to put Byrne on the TV constantly for the last 24 hours was very foolish indeed. No wonder Watson is hiding. This lot are toast.

What did Brown know and when?

I don't know, but I hope that Brown has brown trousers. Because he's certainly got shit all over his face. And he's shit. At everything. The shit.


Hacked Off said...

I fully agree - he's in it right up to his slack jaw.

The filthy cunt.

The Penguin

Lord Grytpype-thynne said...

Of course Brown knew, and AUTHORISED it.He can sue me

daggoogle said...

"Who will rid me of this turbulent Fawkes?"

NickM said...

Broon is up to it up to his ear lobes.

2 Mac said...

Browns poodle does not bite anyone El Gordo does not set him on.

McBride is another typical westminster fuckwitt. Spinning malicious shit about others rather than dealing with the financial crisis.

This is not the big brother house you numpty fuck. Get on with at least attempting to deal with the job of government.

Corrupt, Lying, Sleezy Bastards.

Be Gone

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