Friday, April 17, 2009

UKIP: homophobic shit-for-brains fuckwits

As long-time readers of The Kitchen will know, your humble Devil used to be a member of UKIP. Unusually for those who leave that party, I liked the leadership who were—in the main—rather libertarian.

Unfortunately, the membership are, in general, the absolute fucking pits: reactionary, stupid, bigoted and, as we are about to find out, extraordinarily homophobic.

Earlier today, Gawain Towler—the author of the excellent England Expects—wrote a post about Dolly Draper allegedly attempting to get into Gawain's pants.
[Dolly Draper]: Wouldn't it be fun if sometime in the future you were over on your side of the despatch box and I was on my side and we both knew that we had fucked?"

But the crucial bit is the following sentence...
I pointed out that just because I was bi this didn't mean I was prepared to go to bed with any man who asked.

So, Gawain admits that he is bi-sexual? Yeah. And. So. What? Most of us, I imagine, actually couldn't give a flying fuck. However, a blogger called Junius, whose tagline is...
A critical look at UKIP through the eyes of a long-standing member

... then published Gawain's post, in full, under the headline...
The blog entry that Gawain Towler did not want you to see: Towler admits he is bisexual

Oh my god, Junius? Gawain admits he is bi-sexual? Who would have thunk it? And he didn't want UKIP members to see it because...?

Well, the obvious answer is that Junius, being a colossal homophobe, thinks that bi-sexuality is eeeevil—in fact, this little shit would probably wheel out Deuteronomy 23. And, obviously, Junius reckons that the majority of UKIP members are also massive fucking homophobes.

Your humble Devil reckons that it is Junius who is the unpleasant fucking cunt here, not Gawain. And it is people like Junius—reactionary, homophobic, fucking cunts—who settled my mind about leaving UKIP.

Junius also points to the blog of Greg Lance-Watkins—first-class shitbag and screaming cunt (whom I have mentioned before). I had heard that Greg had cancer but, alas, it seems that the tedious little shit—who has included numerous libellous comments about your humble Devil in his irregular newletters—is not yet dead. Pity.

Anyway, his take it this... [Emphasis mine.]

But let us face it Gawain Towler is just the latest in the low grade expectations of EUkip

Here is the tasteless and demeaning filth Gawain Towler posted on his Blog besmirching and befouling the claim of England Expects and the words of Admiral Lord Nelson in so doing.

Greg Lance-Watkins is not a UKIP member: he is one of those who attempts to undermine the party and who concentrates his ire on Nigel Farage and his associates. Greg is an illiterate shit-burger who should keel over and die just as soon as possible. And, it seems, he is also a gay-hating cunt—what should they do, Greg, sew pink triangles on their clothes?

So, what is the upshot of all of this? Gawain has posted an amusing story about Dolly Draper trying to sleep with him; Gawain has admitted, in the process, that he is bi-sexual; a UKIP member has outed himself as a gay-hating bastard, and Greg Lance-Watkins is still a Grade A cunt (and homophobe).

Situation normal then.

UPDATE: obviously, this could have been more balanced. One way of doing so, at the very least, would have been to point out that I have no proof that Junius is, in fact, a member of UKIP. I would say though, that member or not, Junius is, undoubtedly, a total fucking cunt.


Andrew K said...

Is Greg Lanced-Boyle still breathing?

I remember him making a regular tit of himself in the comments at EU Referendum until he was banned, and being vaguely aware that he was ill, but as he was normally fairly noisy and had been quiet for a while I assumed that he had dropped off his perch.

I must pass the glad tidings on to Richard North.

Needsleep said...

Maybe it's late and I haven't fully digested the link.

Isn't the context of the fact Towler deleted the post self explanatory to the title of Junius's post?
It doesn't read as an attack on Towlers bisexuality so much as the fact Towler deleted his own post probably due to his admission of being bisexual, for his own reasons.
Just another angle on it.

I do however admit I haven't a clue who Junius is nor who Towler is so I couldn't give a toss if they are lovers, ex lovers or animal lovers it doesn't concern me in the slightest.

TheFatBigot said...

Is it not the fate of all small parties that they will attract particularly vociferous "protest voters" who do not fit in anywhere else?

The more egotistical the "protest voter", the more he will want to exert power within an organisation small enough for his shouty voice to be heard.

I'm sure you will find this with the Libertarian Party, if you haven't already.

assegai mike said...

DK, this is a confused, confusing and most disappointing post, the worse for the wait, in this case. Blogger tittle-tattle rather than serious comment. I agree with the above observation that you will find nasties joining the LP in due course if not already. My main concern is that the emergence of LP, Libertas and perhaps others in time will simply split the anti-EU vote with disastrous consequences - one of the reasons I feel I must stick with UKIP (as a voter not a member).

Anonymous said...

Golly. There are some genuinely unpleasant fungi sprouting in the dank basement of the internet, no? UKIP, Libertas, the BNP; they all sound like friendless short-eyes. Can anyone imagine any of these damp-palmed, third-rate intellects getting anywhere near power?

Hacked Off said...

Mr Bretano, your description fits Tom Watson like a glove.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Are bisexuals the ones that buy sex?

Anonymous said...

Do the civilised wing of UKIP a favour and don't tar us all with the same brush. We're trying our damndest to purge the nutters but they're like athlete's foot. Most of them, like GLW and Richard North, are natural BNP voters and we just want to give them a little nudge in that direction.

The Amazing Toad said...

Reading this post, I thought Harriet Harman had a guest slot on Devil's Kitchen. She'd certainly approve of this holier-than-thou, New Man drivel.

Is there a more socially-engineered word than "homophobe"? It suggests a status of normality to those whose genes have cruelly programmed them to be attracted to their own gender, whilst simultaneously inferring that those who recognise this as abnormal, are mentally ill. The 1970's ideologues from Britain's sociology departments, would look upon this post with immense satisfaction - "mission accomplished".

The blogosphere's chatterati resembles a school playground, with Polly Toynbee stood at the edge looking over her specs at the boys running around at playtime. Every now and then someone like you or Iain Dale or Chris Paul will come running up to her..."Miss, miss....a boy over there said 'nigger'...I told him he's a racist".

"Well done DK, you're a good boy"

Serf said...

Not only is he a bigot, but he's not very bright. Gawain didn't want people to know he was Bi, so he posted about it.

The fact that he later removed it is probably due to being got at, either by lawyers or by bigots.

no longer anonymous said...

Just a small error - the link about having mentioned GLW before links to this post.

AndrewWS said...

I wonder what Kate Garraway makes of this. News of her husband propositioning another man is truly worthy of being broadcast far and wide; he has less of an excuse than has Jacqui Smith's had for wanting to escape from his fat ugly wife and seek refuge in porn.

Gawain Towler is actually rather dishy to judge by the various photos I've seen, but I (speaking as a non-heterosexual man) wouldn't want to acquaint myself with the contents of Dolly's trousers; I imagine that his willy is small, unwashed, incapable of standing upright and leaks pus. Rather like the rest of him.

UKIP's top brass are OK (Farage is brilliant and should be Defence Secretary), but the party is badly run, hopeless at communication, and its lower reaches are too full of people who just can't cope with the modern world, are incapable of rational thought, don't read books, believe mad conspiracy theories and object to Marta Andreasen being one of their lead candidates for the European Parliament on the grounds that she's, er, not British.

My membership of it has just lapsed and I will not be renewing it. LP here I come!

wonderfulforhisage said...

Been at the sauce, have we.

peter carter-fuck said...

Kate's standards are even lower than I thought.

Roger Thornhill said...

There seems to be a typo in "Hugh" Jainus' strap-on line:

Surely it should read:

"A critical look at UKIP through the Jap's eye of a long standing member"

Nurse! The screens!

For what I can see, Farage has an uphill struggle at times. Maybe it will take the odd win by a BNP to flush out that sort in UKIP.

p.s. Bob's pink what?

Roger Thornhill said...

Toad: Is there a more socially-engineered word than "homophobe"?

Yes, "Islamophobe".

Homosexuals per se are not scary or threatening, so fear or hatred of them could be deemed irrational.

Anonymous said...

You've got the wrong end of the stick here.
Junius and Mr Watkins have nothing to do with UKIP but like yourself are constantly trying to wreck what we are trying to achieve in any way they can.
Get your facts right please and if you really think that the LPUK can do better then put your money where your mouth is and put up candidates.
Once you start being a serious threat you will then attract these same loonies who will go on about Mr Gabb wanting to legalise child sex....

Katabasis said...


Where my sexual predilections are concerned - I regularly encourage my girlfriends to indulge in their bisexual tendencies and have regular threesomes as a result.

Their same-sex behaviour certainly doesn't appear to be genetically determined in any way, or as you wonderfully put it - "cruelly programmed".

It's definitely a matter of choice (and therefore none of your goddamned business who does what with who). You yourself probably have more latent homesexual urges than you realise.

Am I, in your sexual morality, somehow "evil" in encouraging this kind of "abnormal" behaviour in my partners?

The Amazing Toad said...


Your post did not address the issues in mine, which was concerned with the empty, victim-centric nature of modern social and political debate, the language of which has been framed by the Left. You railed against a position which was never made....hey, you're not Alistair Campbell, are you?

The whole point of your riposte was therefore;

a) To showcase your Libertarian virtues.

b) To inform this blog's readership of your alleged sexual prowess, in a clumsy, but very amusing, faux-casual manner.

Katabasis said...

Jolly good Toad,

so I have completely misunderstood your position. You don't think people's sexual behaviour is "cruelly programmed" or "abnormal", right?

I agree that modern social and political debate has become particularly "empty" and "victim centric". You however seem to be the person creating a victim in this case, you know - all those people who are "cruelly programmed".

Care to spell out your position that was never made for a poor victim, sexually deviant libertarian?

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of Junius before I read this post. I have just been reading his blog and others and finding out loads of stuff we in UKIP have been kept in the dark about. Gripping stuff..

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage rocks, the rest of them suck - This just about sums up UKIP, and I should know because I'm a fully paid up member.

Hang on a minute, what does that make me?.....

CrazyDaisy said...


The wife's gran has just rejoined UKIP and by fuck is she a racist, homophobic old gal.

I'm SNP and rightly or wrongly she hates me too, still she's in her 80s and I give her the benefit of the doubt......apparently you're not gay if you don't push back lol!

Enjoy the wochenende.


Anonymous said...

If I claim anonymously to be a long standing member of the Libertarians and then disapprove of the Devils drinking habits would you have a hissy fit and brand all Libertarians authoritarian cunts?
The answer would be no which is why this post is, how would you would say, fucking cunty awful and not worth fisking.
Now until you have gone round and met every single member of UKIP keep your preconceived generalisations to yourself.
However, what you can do with authority is to generalise about those in your party because it's quite easy to meet all six of them?
As for Mr SNP above, don't you just love those Scottish National Socialists with their covert Scots Racism and Anti-English hate hidden behind the cult of victimhood?

wonkotsane said...

DK, I'm confused about the title of this post. The title says that UKIP are homophobic shit-for-brains fuckwits but the post is about two people who aren't in UKIP, one of which (Junius) is believed to be an employee of the European Empire. I'm not sure which bit of this story makes UKIP homophobic shit-for-brains fuckwits.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Toad: New Man drivel.Libertarianism is the intellectual pursuit of 'if you leave me alone I'll leave you alone'. The Socialist mantra for the coward. The burying the head in the sand that has got the UK to where it is today: Economically and morally bankrupt.

Islam and Homosexuality will not finish until they have pressured the minds of the ignorant to give in, thus give up. Submission is the game. They present a world of peace and harmony for the dhimmini whilst in their inner temples spew hate.
Their identities, too fragile, are based upon irrationality. So when you argue you are Islamophobe or Homophobe.

One believes a male is superior to the female, the other to be superior to the ordinary breeders. Nothing more than egos from traumatised childhoods, imprinted and separated from their conscience into a new world view that demands that you believe. Hence DK is a tool and where the potty mouth comes from. Crap only comes from a sewer.

Bring back Clause 4 and ban the burkas in schools. Simple, if you want to protect those vulnerable to indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Simon Dyda said...
Are bisexuals the ones that buy sex?

Well, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

BritBloke said...

Is Junius even a member of UKIP? I don't think so.

Gawain Towler said...

Just a heads up, nobody knobbled me, I just felt the tone was unpleasant.
Really could give a flyer about Junius GLW etc.
At least two of our leading candidates are out.

No big deal

Anonymous said...

Junius is as anti-UKIP as GLW, ie very.

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