Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teachers rise

It seems that the teaching profession is as fucking blind to circumstances as always...
Teachers demanded a 10 per cent pay rise yesterday and said they refused to take “lessons in morality” from Government ministers over money.

The National Union of Teachers(NUT) voted to campaign for a £3,000 or 10 per cent salary increase, whichever is greater, because they said they had been underpaid during the boom years.

Being teachers, you will, of course, understand your humble Devil's reply to this demand...

Fuck. Off.

Apart from anything else, there is no money left: you fucks are going to be incredibly fucking lucky not to be facing a pay cut. As such, I suggest that you shut your fucking traps.
Dave Clinch, who proposed the motion, said young teachers were being forced to leave the profession because they could not afford to live, adding: “Teachers are being forced to grovel for money that’s rightfully theirs.”

No, you cunt, that money rightfully belongs to the taxpayer; it is the result of our toil, and you have fuck all right to any of it.

You certainly have fuck all right to any of my money, since I have not used, do not use—and intend to try to make damn fucking sure that I never do need to use—your services, you bunch of useless cretins.

How about we make your pay performance-related, eh? Here's a proposal: you can have a pay rise when not one single child leaves state education unable to read and write.

You fucking sort that—by, y'know, actually teaching—and we'll talk again.

In the meantime, fuck off.

UPDATE: if teachers want higher pay, The Englishman has a few suggestions...
Abolish LEAs and all rules and restrictions as to who can run a school.
Hand over the keys and deeds of every school to the governing bodies
Give 100% of the education budget to parents as vouchers for them to spend where they want to on education.

And then if junior teachers can earn £100,000 a year because they are worth it, great.

Quite so. But right now, what teachers are paid does not reflect their market value (either up or down). So, let's instigate a system which we know—from Sweden if nowhere else—actually works and improves outcomes for the kiddies (that is why we are doing this education thing, isn't it?).

Until then, and whilst it's my money their demanding, teachers can still fuck off.


Old Holborn said...

You need to see this by Leg Iron

Anonymous said...

stop it please, I am pissing myself and I'm not even drunk.
John Gibson

2 Mac said...

Proof, if ever it was needed that Teachers are just not that fucking clever.

Its very simple. You comrades in the ZaNu Labourparty have fucked the economy. There is no money for what we have right now, nor what we have to pay back in future.

Why would anybody be getting a pay rise they did not earn themselves through their own hard work and personal enterprise.

Why are the public sector so greedy. Do they realise the impact the increased cost in pensions would via Superannuation public sector scheme for this pay rise.

Fucking idiots. Who the fuck it teaching the teachers?

Leg-iron said...

I'd like a pay rise too, but if I were to put up my charges at the moment, every company that sends business my way would have a very short response to that.

So my charges can't rise. So the tax I pay can't rise (in fact I will do all I can to minimise it) and every public sector worker, self-employed or otherwise, is in the same boat. A lot of the employed ones are taking pay cuts.

So there's less money to pay these chav-trainers, not more.

The parasite is in danger of killing its host. Someone should tell it.

Anonymous said...

Of course my teachers all worked for nothing but the simple pleasure of having a small garret flat within ear-shot of the dormitories so that they could abuse themselves to the sound of grunts coming out off the third form dorm.

The more senior a teacher became, the rewards got better, such as all night bare-bottom spanking sessions and then house-masters getting the senior boys into their little games by throwing suppers at which junior boys served table and got to finish the sherry between courses so they were pliable when dessert came around...:)

Never did me any harm! My human needs, if not rights, were never so assiduously taken care of!

Jock Coats said...

Now that's what we called a "teacher's rise"...:)

monoi said...

There is no money left. Im a school governor, and we're going to reduce staff numbers by simply not renewing expiring contracts.

If we had to increase pay by 10%, it would mean even more terminated contracts.

But I guess teachers assistants can go fuck themselves in NUT eyes anyway.

It is also a lie to say that school budgets have not inflated in the "boom" years. Since teacher's pay represents about 90% of the budget...

Roger Thornhill said...

What The Englishman says. It is LPUK policy.

Shame that the Conservative Party talk up vouchers but still do not "get it" and wish to retain central control, thereby removing one of the core catalysts to a rapidly improving education system - any school, anywhere, could suddenly face competition that would empty their classrooms. Under the Tories, there would be some channel to block or appeal and that is just what the incumbents and Statists want. NATO.

Dr Evil said...

They are public sector so what do you expect? Also they see the 646 robbing us blind and think if these bastards can do it, there must be a sop in it for us too.

I just hope they do unilaterally abolish SATs and see what that twat Balls will do asbout it. Impotent rage is all I expect.

So, 10% pay rise, 20 kids max per class and 35 hour week plus only 4 dayts in front of a class.

Apropos of othing in particular, I can see real dedication out of my home office window. A daddy blackbird with a bill full of food for his chicks. Every few minutes he is back and forth. Working his little 'socks' off to feed his family.

The Filthy Smoker said...

Are they on strike this week or is it still the holidays? It's just so hard to tell.

They should hold a month long strike in August to show the government they mean business. And at Christmas. And Easter. And every few weeks between them. And do it every year.

Maybe they could all piss off home at 3pm every day too?

Obviously they won't get paid for all this time off, but it will show that they're serious about industriual action and not just a bunch of deluded, whingeing, cry-baby, pinko, economically illiterate, scrounging, incompetent, bed-wetting failures who should be thanking their lucky stars they've got a job at all.

Failed in the real world?

Anonymous said...

If teachers were actually competent, who could object to their demands? If they were churning out hordes of little scientists and mathematicians, armies of youngsters competent in French and Latin and English, great serried ranks of school-leavers who understood the basics of history and philosophy, then I would fucking line up to pay them extra money out of my pocket.

Thing is, they're not delivering. Every single day, from my vantage point in a "good" university, I deal with the product of modern teachers and I can tell you that they are, in the main, execrable
(and I include the majority of both the private and the state sector in that evaluation).

Modern teachers are piss-poor hacks. In the main, I can pick out the future teachers amongst my students by looking at their class tests and essays. It's always the ones who struggle to get beyond a 2:2. It's the ones who'll be at the bottom of the pile when the recruiters come around. It's the ones who rely on name-dropping the university they attended rather than the grade of degree they got. It's the ones who couldn't do the fucking work who end up teaching the subject to future students.

If you want a payrise, demonstrate why you deserve it. I, for one, do not think that teachers deserve payrises when they are really no more than glorified babysitters. When tertiary education is now trying to provide remedial classes for youngsters who have been failed wholesale by secondary education, it's pretty clear that teachers don't deserve a payrise.

Lola said...

All too true Mr DK. Mrs Lola is a teacher in the state system and a bloody good one (I admit - I am biased). And she is exploited and overworked and underpaid. Every scholl she has worked in has suffered endemic producer capture. There is always a cadre of teachers who exploit the system and evade responsibility and cause good people like Mrs Lola endless problems in providing cover and just doing the fucking job the evaders should be doing.

I have had endless dinner party arguments with these shiots such that I now no longer get invited. Good fucking job I say.

They are 75% clueless.

microdave said...

The Daily Mash has its usual excellent take on this story: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/teachers-can-get-10%25-pay-rise-when-children-are-10%25-less-stupid-and-awful%2c-says-everyone-200904141700/

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one here to see that this isn't really a problem with pay as a disagreement over conditions of work? Teachers these days have a truly shit job: they cannot effectively maintain discipline in schools since they cannot impose punishment on children, and any complaint made by a child is believed until disproved by someone else.

This means that for a male teacher, any lying little scroat can ruin a career by telling a complete pack of lies about abuse and so on, in the sure and certain knowledge that it will not suffer any punishment whatsoever even if this pack of lies is demonstrated to be such.

In the face of this sort of a shite job, all teachers are asking for is danger money, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Having read all these posts, I am totally outraged.
Yes I am horrified that in current economic times, any body of professionals would consider demanding such a ridiculous pay increase, but the sweeping judgements and foul mouthed abuse launched at teachers in general is totally out of order. Put it this way, the kids in the classrooms who are unfortunate enough to be 'parented' by such so called adults with such disgusting attitudes, and there are many, are the ones that are making teaching and learning more and more impossible. The badly parented, and consequently out of control kids are the ones that demand the teacher's attention. Dealing with CONSTANT disruption to the learning process takes up more time and energy than the planning, resourcing and delivery of ANY all singing and dancing, inspiring lesson. And so the good kids suffer as a result. That's the reason so many kids leave school basically unemployable, not because all teachers are crap! I've taught in a city comprehensive for 10 years (and parented 2 children of my own) and can assure you it's not more pay teachers need right now, it's basic employee/human rights and decent working conditions. Here's one for you... if a child steals from, or abuses, or attacks another child or member of staff, and needs to be excluded (the most severe punishment nowadays), the school gets fined thousands of pounds. So the school doesn't exclude, sending out a great message to the other kids. If the school can afford to exclude then the offender simply gets a few days to wander the streets and cause more havoc. Work that one out?!!! On the whole, TWO things need to happen - and soon - before anything will change.
1. School funding needs to fund education; basic classroom resources like GOOD staff, books, paper, computers, blinds for windows, enough chairs and desks etc. Not exclusion fines. Not window replacements. Not paint to cover graffiti. Not more cleaners to pick up litter and food. Not more EWO's to chase up parents who can't be bothered to send their kids to school.
2. All parents need to parent.

Result: teachers could teach and kids would learn.


Anonymous said...

PS I'd just finished marking GSCE coursework at 2.30am before I sent the above post. Not bad for someone who finishes work at 3pm, eh?! Up again to start planning the assembly and my lessons at 6am. Shouldn't moan cos Thursday should be a short one - just Y8 Parents Evening til 9pm. Oh well, never mind, shouldn't moan, got another week off in a month's time. Damn it, forgot... I'm doing a GCSE workshop on the Wednesday and there's that display board that needs re-doing, and the blinds that I've been meaning to fix... could take my own kids in with me I s'pose. Mind you I could do that in the summer holidays when I go in for Results Day. S'pose I should get those new schemes of work re-written for the new GCSE in September as well... can't leave that til August cos there's the exam results analysis to do in August... Oh well, shouldn't moan cos I've got 6 weeks off. Just wondering if there's enough paint left from when I did my spare bedroom as it's been 2 years now since I last painted my classroom. Can't afford to go away on holiday anyway cos everything's double the price during school holidays. Oh well shouldn't moan cos I've got loads of money. I'm an overpaid teacher! Anyway, had better get some sleep now or I'll be falling asleep at After School Club tomorrow evening. It's a good thing us teachers have a good sense of humour! Good-night.

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