Sunday, April 19, 2009

The smears go right to the top

Guido alerts us to the fact that the revelations arising from the emails aren't done yet. And it seems that the News Of The World has the story again...
THE VILE website at the centre of the vicious plot to smear top Tories was set up with the help of the boss of the Labour Party, the News of the World can sensationally reveal today.

A new email shows that Labour's General Secretary Ray Collins chaired a secret meeting to create the Red Rag website now ensnared in the Smeargate scandal.

The email's existence links the dirty tricks site to the very TOP of the Labour Party.

And it exposes the LIE, put out by Downing Street, and repeated by government ministers this week, that the smears were just a minor aberration cooked up by a couple of renegades acting alone-and which would never have seen light of day.

A few days ago, Guido asked—rather pointedly—why Kevin McGuire had not broken the story about the planned NuLabour smears. Now we know why: because he was apparently involved in the whole thing, right from the beginnning.
Also in the room was the man who was to be the public face of Red Rag, Unite press officer Andrew Dodgshon, as well as political journalist Kevin Maguire, who was there in a private capacity.

Guido has been gunning for the press lobby for some time—with his accusations summarised here. It is absolutely disgusting that the lobby should have been complicit in this whole scandal—by publishing McBride's briefings against both Labour and Tory politicos—but now it seems that certain members were actively engaged with these disgusting tactics.

A couple of weeks ago, that evil old hag, Polly Toynbee, maintained that without the Fourth Estate holding a government to scrutiny, democracy could not operate effectively.
But democracy without the scrutiny of good journalism is unthinkable.

This line was always laughable from Polly—the most mindlessly pro-Labour champagne socialist that one can imagine. For a journo from The Grauniad—which is largely funded by government adverts—to push this line stretched credulity even further.

Now, the old bag's assertions seem even more ridiculous: the press have not been holding the government to account at all: when they have not been guilty of complicitly, these evil little cunts have been actively participating in the politics of the gutter.

The real fall-out from all of this will destroy not only the Labour Party but also it will absolutely annihilate the credibility of the mainstream media. Indeed, it already has.
Use it or lose it...

... said Polly. Well, if the MSM's primary function is to hold the government to account, then we shall happily lose it: the MSM has abdicated its duty, and it is now up to the blogs to do what they have always done—to attack, harry and hold to account both the morally bankrupt politicos and hopelessly compromised press.

Guido promises more revelations tomorrow: they won't make happy reading for Labourites—who are all implicated—or journos who have failed so egregiously in their duty.

I can't wait...

via The Englishman, it seems that Ed "Blinky" Balls is now in the spotlight...
ED BALLS, the schools secretary, used Damian McBride, the disgraced spin doctor, to smear ministerial rivals and advance his own ambitions, a Downing Street whistleblower has claimed.

In an explosive new twist to the e-mail affair, a No 10 insider has revealed that Balls was the mastermind behind a “dark arts” operation by McBride to undermine colleagues.

He claims the education secretary is running a destabilising “shadow operation” inside Downing Street to clear his path for the party leadership if Labour loses the next election.

The insider said: “There is now an operation within an operation at No 10 and it answers to Ed Balls.”

Excellent! It couldn't happen to a more odious, corrupt, little cunt. Keep it coming...

UPDATE 2: via Prodicus, it seems that the implosion of what is left of Nulabour is starting already...
You have deceived me, Mandelson's rages at Brown over Balls' secret 'spin cabal'

Peter Mandelson exploded in rage at Gordon Brown in a vicious Downing Street feud involving Ed Balls and disgraced spin doctor Damian McBride, it was revealed last night.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson accused Mr Brown of deceiving him when he discovered the Prime Minister had let Schools Secretary Mr Balls set up a secret ‘spin operation’ inside No10.

According to Labour sources, the row between Lord Mandelson and Mr Balls sowed the seeds of last week’s furore over Mr McBride’s emails smearing senior Conservatives, which led to him being sacked.

Senior Government aides say the decision to allow an ‘anti-Mandy’ cabal inside Downing Street was a ‘sop’ to Mr Balls, Mr Brown’s chosen heir as Labour leader.

Mr Balls spent much of Tony Blair’s ten years in power plotting on behalf of Mr Brown against the Blairites, making a deadly enemy of chief Blairite cheerleader Lord Mandelson.

When Mr Brown swallowed his pride and recalled Lord Mandelson in a desperate attempt to save his premiership, Mr Balls saw it as a threat to his leadership ambitions and tried to block the move.

This weekend could be even funnier than the last!

Meanwhile, Guido's site is down. From the look of his permalink URLs these days, I'm wondering if he has switched to WordPress, from Blogger? If so, it's a bit of a mistake, I feel. As Dizzy Twittered a few days ago...
Some bloggers wonder why I use a noddy system like Blogger. That is because Blogger is Google and can handle the traffic.

On the other hand, WordPress—basically on account of having no fucking cacheing whatsoever and so requiring the startup of the entire PHP framework every time that a page is hit—tends to simply bring down servers (believe me, I know).
EDIT: thanks to some charmless commenter, I see that the remark above about WP cacheing is, in fact, incorrect. As if I give a shit.

UPDATE 3: your humble Devil has only just got around to reading this Telegraph hatchet-job—to which Guido has responded—but this comment, left, below the piece, seems to sum up the mood of the DT's readers.
Personally, I wouldn't care if Guido had a history of strangling puppies. He's doing what you useless clowns should have been doing for years—showing us exactly what sort of vermin are governing this once great land.

Good on you Mr Fawkes.

—Joe on April 18, 2009 at 01:23 PM



Sir Michael White said...

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Visit the Guardian where CommentIsFuct.

Mitch said...

"Balls was the mastermind" a sentence you might think impossible outside of dungeons and dragons.

North Northwester said...

New Labour's fascist world of lies appears to be coming unravelled.


The problem is that the mainstream media, as you point out and especially the lobby correspondents, are so lazy and so deeply in the state's pocket - the whole state, with its near-identical main three parties - can so quickly and so comprehensively go into cover-up mode that it'll soon be forgotten, and the sheep can go back to their reality TV and dead celebs and let our statist rulers screw over what's left of our freedoms.

See the formerly honest and formerly Right-wing Guardiangraph's slagging off of Guido.
My comment's still not posted ; not since Saturday afternoon. Muppets. see those staring red satanic eyes and the Luciferan goatee. He's the devil I tell you; the devil!

We've got to do this, of course, but how soon do you think it will be before the President's puppy or the president's snipers wipe this whole fuss away?

Will said...

Interesting that there are 56 comments at the telegraph article now, mostly critical of the 'journalist'. When I checked yesterday there were only 3.

Has the comment moderator slipped up by letting them through, or are these the more moderate of a larger number of even more scathing comments?

Anonymous said...

"On the other hand, WordPress—basically on account of having no fucking cacheing whatsoever and so requiring the startup of the entire PHP framework every time that a page is hit—tends to simply bring down servers (believe me, I know).".

I think you have "no fucking clue" about how Wordpress works.

Lucky you don't work in IT for a living.

Anonymous said...

Re Guido's site.

It seems it can't be accessed from the UK. However, it can be accessed from elsewhere...

Katabasis said...

Can't even find the host to ping at the moment.....

sconzey said...

Holy SHIT.

Thank you God for Tor.

Guido's been censored.

Katabasis said...

WTF sconzey - do you have any more details!!???

Anonymous said...

It's fine for me, I'm in London. Cool new look to the site by the way DK. I clicked refresh and thought I'd broken something lol

sconzey said...

Acutally, I'm not so sure... Other people seem to be able to comment fine.

And yet, I can't access it through my home broadband connection, nor through the University connection.

sconzey said...

I guess it could be a DNS issue.

Katabasis said...

Well that's at least two of us who can't access it.....

sconzey said...

And you're up North and I'm down here in Southampton, so it's not a function of geographical location.

Katabasis said...

OK - I can get to it via a U.S. proxy. The point is I shouldn't have to do that in the first place...... >:-/

Sconzey - you on ADSL or cable?

Dr Evil said...

I read Guido's riposte first then the article. A piss poor attempt at smearing him anyway. The DT is crap these days. No longer the Torygraph it once was.

hovis said...

Is it me or is Guido's site down - it has been so all day

Katabasis said...

It's down for some and not others, and it's not clear why - it's possible to access it from a proxy:

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