Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shooting MPs in the face

A huge vote of thanks to the Anonymous commenter who brightened up your humble Devil's day immensely, by pointing me to this story.
Czech art: shoot your lawmaker in the face

PRAGUE (AFP) – Two artists have offered Czechs angered by politics the chance to take revenge on their lawmakers by shooting them literally in the face, by turning their photos into air gun targets.

Tomas Cap and Michal Kraus have displayed the portraits of 200 lower-house deputies in plastic boxes on the wall of a Prague alternative gallery, in front of an air gun and a boxful of ammunition.

"We have seen lawmakers breach the promises they gave to voters so many times. The visitors of the gallery have a unique opportunity to show these politicians what they think," the artists said in a statement.

Two weeks after opening, the exhibition was a sad sight as most of the faces had been heavily damaged by airgun slugs, with some destroyed beyond recognition.

"It's mostly youths that come, but we have also had managers in suits and pensioners," including an elderly woman on crutches who climbed to the first-floor room to take a shot, Milan Mikulastik, the curator of the display, told AFP.

I can imagine that a similar exhibition in this country would draw the crowds, I must say. I would certainly spend most of the day picking out MPs to shoot in the face.
He said he only hoped the crumbling photos would last till the end of the exhibition on Sunday as "the artists want to send them to the lawmakers afterwards."


Unfortunately, I suspect that, were one to set up such an exhibition in this country, one would probably end up in prison on some trumped up terrorism charge. Or maybe incitement to hatred of some sort. No, seriously.

And it's something of an indictment of this disgusting government that I could even think that this country might be in any way less free than a former Communist satellite.

Anyway, I'm off to dream about shooting our MPs in the face. Mind you, I can't see Gordon Brown's phizzog lasting more than a day—let alone two weeks.


defender said...

I have been doing this for quite some time.
I have a selction of MPs, when I am particularly pissed off at one I simply retrieve one from "my Pictures" print it and shoot fuck out of it.
Darling has been the tatget this past week, who is next? decisions decisions

Timothy Wallace said...

If anyone does set up a similar gallery in the UK I hope its a full picture, so we can shoot them in the balls too. I want to imagine them suffering before they die.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to shoot Gordon Brown in the face. I want to pound his face to jelly with my bare hands. I want to feel the bones break and shatter beneath the blows. Shooting is too cold and sterile.

(And, plod, if you're reading this, fuck you.)

Anonymous said...

Remember the "Assassination of Barack Obama" and "Assassination of Hilary Clinton" exhibitions that got shut down in the US? Some people are just hyper-sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Tim W - How about "Death By Nailgun"? It could be a very slow and painful one.

JuliaM said...

"If anyone does set up a similar gallery in the UK I hope its a full picture, so we can shoot them in the balls too."

What balls...?

Oh, wait. You were talking about the female MPs, weren't you...? ;)

Jeff Wood said...

Excellent, and very Czech.

Back before the handgun bans, I was a pistol instructor. When ladies were having difficulty, I sometimes advised them to imagine it was an ex-boyfriend standing downrange.

Without exception, their groups tightened up at once.

Patrick said...

Personally I would rather dream about a world without MP's

Dr Evil said...

In Japan they often had a punchbag in the basement with the boss's pic on it that employees could go and punch during breaks.

Unfortunately there are plenty of us who would actually like to shhot our MPs. For real.

Dave H said...

Along similar lines, I've often thought about printing Gordon or Prezza's faces onto bog paper.

microdave said...

"Along similar lines, I've often thought about printing Gordon or Prezza's faces onto bog paper."

You must be joking - I want to clean my ar*e, not make it dirtier...

Vicola said...

Personally I don't think that using a slingshot to fire turdballs at Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith could ever lose its fun-factor.

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