Monday, April 20, 2009

Pure hypocrisy from Rudi Vis

Guido reports that Damian McBride faces the possibility of being thrown out of the Labour Party. But just look who's sitting there, coming over all sanctimonious...
Members of Damian McBride’s Finchley and Golders Green constituency Labour Party branch are to vote on whether to throw him out. The local Labour MP for Finchley and Golders Green, Rudi Vis, says:
"What he did was scandalous, totally scandalous. Something like this is really important, especially when the Government is not doing very well. He has done the Labour party an enormous disservice. I don’t believe he is the sort of member we should have. I have never met him, never seen him at any meetings, never even heard of him before, so it won’t be any loss to us."

No, I'm sure that he won't.

Strangely, of course, I had never heard of Rudi Vis MP—not until a few weeks ago.

But it seems that dearest Rudi believes that, whilst spreading some smears is "scandalous, totally scandalous", screwing the taxpayer through your second home allowance is absolutely tickety-boo.
RUDI VIS, the north London MP who is stepping down at the next election, has used his parliamentary expenses to help buy a £520,000 home for his retirement near the Suffolk coast.

Vis, 68, has taken out a mortgage on his London home to pay for the country property. Interest payments on the loan are funded out of his parliamentary expenses.

Is that the stench of hypocrisy I smell...?

I think it is.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the all too familiar stench. Bunch of amoral fucking piglets. Motherfucker! Imagine how much these slimeballs would be fucked if DK & Co hosted a TV show... Seriously, interest payments are on expenses? When I used to work for the Jobcentre I remember some guy telling me how he was getting his mortgage paid through JSA, along with payments on a car, never really paid attention at the time, too busy being forced to fill out forms of immigrants who can't speak English except for 'I Want Benefits', which I found interesting considering that to claim JobSeekers Allowance you have to be able to Seek a fucking Job. Sorry, I'm rambing.

Anonymous said...

A Labour party MP expects us to believe that he'd never even heard of Damien McBride, one of the most powerful guys in the Labour government, before? Either he's lying or he's ignorant as pigshit.

Anonymous said...

I needed my MPs-Rudi Vis help to stop my husband being deported - he acted as a post box and all i got was no as per law he cannot stay here. They created the law - which splits families up just because of newspaper headlines now lets see them pay back our hard earned money (i am a tax payer)or resign as an honourable person should.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with my stepdaughter entering the UK. The Home Office lost her passport on her first visit to the UK so therefore could not go back to Brazil until she had a new one. When she eventually returned to the UK for a visit she was turned away because she overstayed her last welcome which was no fault of hers. What did Rudi Vis do ?.... nothing except act like a post box (as mentioned)

Now if it had been someone from a youth Hostel or prison I bet he would have been on the case, as that is all he knows about.

Are there any prisons or youth hostels in Golders Green or North Finchley ?

Anonymous said...

Does Rudi Vis allegedly decline to see constituents at Westminster... because he is never there?
Dr Vis actually told me years ago to only write letters to him in a format such that he could just forward them on with a covering letter saying "I enclose a self explanatory letter from my constituent". He refuses to accept anything else.

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