Saturday, April 18, 2009

Murphy's Law #11: subverting the will of Parliament

Richard Murphy: smug and yet so confused. He tried to make coffee with a frog yesterday, and the day before that he forgot his own name. It's very sad.

Timmy has conprehensively fisked the latest statement from the vile and evil Richard Murphy, but your humble Devil thought that he'd also throw in a comment or two—I have commented at Murphy's site, but the man is no fan of free speech (well, he is a socialist) and so it may not appear.
Amazingly the actual submission only refers to avoidance in the context of tax consultations. The word evasion does not appear, and there is not a single reference to tax havens.

There is however considerable concern that over very small bands of income the top marginal rate of income tax in the UK will in 2011 be 60% about which they say this:
raises the concern as to whether the projected increased revenue will materialise

Or in other words they raise the implicit threat that they will seek to subvert the will of Parliament through tax avoidance.

For fuck's sake, here we go again...

Tax evasion is illegal, Richard, you moron.

Tax avoidance, however, is taking advantage of the specific tax exemptions that Parliament, through legislation, has created and approved.

One could therefore say, were one going to take a ridiculously binary position, that not to take advantage of said exemptions is actually "subverting the will of Parliament".

Now, I know that Richard has previously maintained that tax evasion and tax avoidance are effectively the same thing, because he is a statist wankshaft, but Richard Murphy does not make the law (thank fuck)—Parliament does.

I would love to declare, unilaterally, Richard, that Being A Whingeing Socialist Shitstick is illegal but, alas, the fact that I have declared Being A Whingeing Socialist Shitstick illegal does not actually make Being A Whingeing Socialist Shitstick illegal. Unfortunately.

Because, you see, there has actually been no law passed by Parliament that says that Being A Whingeing Socialist Shitstick is illegal. Do you see?

And Parliament does not view tax avoidance as being illegal because it is Parliament that has made it legal. Through passing laws.

I know that this might be a difficult concept for a fantasist such as yourself to grasp but, believe me, it is the way that our legal system works.

So, by claiming that tax avoidance is illegal, when our Parliament has specifically declared it to be legal, it is you, in fact, who are "subverting the will of Parliament". You fucking stupid little cock.

UPDATE: Richard Murphy is a tax avoider.

Richard, could I point out that you actually indulge in tax avoidance? Parliament has said, through various legal instruments, that you have to pay about 40% of your earnings in tax. These laws say that you are allowed to keep the rest.

These same legal instruments set the law regarding those tax avoidance schemes that you consider to be wrong. Why is it that you consider some of these laws to be right and some wrong?

Let us see you put your money where your mouth is, Richard; you are allowed to pay extra tax (in 2007, six people did: were you one of those, Richard?).

Simply send your contribution to:
The Accountant, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ

If you believe that tax avoidance is wrong, Richard, I fully expect you to send all your money to that address. Do remember to say what you'd like your contribution to be used for, Richard; they will send you a thank-you letter, which is nice, isn't it?

I also call on you to publish the proof of doing this on your blog—you could publish the thank-you letter, for instance. Either publish the proof that you have sent all of your money to HM Treasury, Richard, or shut the fuck up about tax avoidance being wrong.

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Enjoy the wisdom of Richard Murphy in bite-sized chunks! And then realise that he influences government policy! And that therefore Richard Murphy and his minions are therefore partly responsible for the fucked up economic situation!

Go Murphy!


Timothy Wallace said...

Not only do taxes reduce the incentive to work in themselves, but I actually enjoy not being paid just because it means twats like Murphy can’t steal my money.

Unless I become able to avoid tax, in which case I'll earn as much as I possibly can, and then write to Murphy to tell him exactly how much I haven't paid.

Mr Eugenides said...

"Statist wankshaft" is a new high, DK.

Can a Bloody Devil be self-awarded?

Anonymous said...

Kill the fucker. kill him now. Kill them all. Kill him. with apologies to the X-files.

john in cheshire

TheFatBigot said...

Mr Kitchen, might a take a slightly different approach to the question whether Mr Murphy engages in tax avoidance?

Taking "the will of Parliament" to be that tax at 20% must be paid on the first £34,800 (I think) of taxable income and 40% above that; there is no avoidance by failing to pay more than these figures require. However, if your taxable income is, say, £50,000 you should be paying 40% on £15,200. If you deduct any expenses you will reduce the amount payable. The question I would ask is whether Mr Murphy deducts any expenses from his gross income before calculating how much tax he pays.

His obvious answer is that the "will of Parliament" is we may deduct expenses if the rules and regulations allow it. Therein lies the error in his recent article.

You can't pick and choose the "will of Parliament" according to whether you like the result. The "will of Parliament" is the whole package - both the requirement to pay a percentage of taxable income and the definition of taxable income.

Personal discretion comes in when it comes to claiming deductions. None of us has to do so, if we believe the government deserves more money we can simply not claim the costs of photocopying paper, office rent or whatever. He has that option, but if he deducts expenses he is just as "guilty" of avoidance as anyone who takes advantage of any other lawful method of reducing their tax bill.

My money is on him being a stinking hypocrite in this regard, although I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I made a similar point to DK's one in his update at Liberal Conspiracy. Everybody who pays income tax avoids paying tax, because they all claim their personal allowance.Is that within Murph's definition of subverting Parliament?

I fill in my tax return every year swearing at the cunts, but smilingly flick them the V's when I legally reduce my bill by a few thousand

Andrew K said...

Has anyone ever thought that some poor bastards might be using Richard Murphy to do their tax returns in the fond belief that he is a normal accountant?

Anonymous said...

I would pay good money to see the revered Mr FatBigot rip Murphy a new arsehole.

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