Tuesday, April 07, 2009

MacHeist 3

I bought the MacHeist bundle last year, and many of the applications have been incredibly useful. This year's bundle is now out and I have bought it again because it is, once again, a stunner.

You get 14 really rather excellent Mac applications from small software developers—worth over $900 seperately—for $39. Acorn—an image editing app—and Espresso (code editing) are worth this price on their own. There are only six hours left in which to purchase and, seriously, this is a great deal.

MacHeist has caused controversy every year that it has been run, but your humble Devil doesn't really care about the ins and outs of how they put the whole thing together: what I do know is that you are getting a huge number of excellent applications for a fraction of the price.

It does encourage people to try small application developers' wares, which can only be a good thing. One of my irritations is that the big software houses—by which I mean Adobe, because they are the only one left, really—are writing hideous bloatware and, if I can find viable alternatives, then I will use them.

Competition is always good and—fuck me ragged—Adobe really needs some competition.

Anyway, if you are a Mac user, wander on over and have a look: even if you don't use all of the apps, it's still worth the price. And if you aren't a Mac user, why not wander on over and marvel at how incredibly brilliant Mac software development has become over the last few years...


Anonymous said...

Mac = Shiny Toy For Douchebags

PC = Powerful Tool For Real Men With Large Penises

Let the flame war commence.

Martin said...

Where does Linux fit into all this, you anonymous Bill Gates humper?

Daniel Jordan said...

err.... It doesn't.

IBM PC vs. Mac is silly fanboy warfare, that has become pointless as they are now hardware identical.

It should be XNU/BSD vs Windows if anything, and to be fair Linux would rank a clear 3rd.

I prefer Windows as do many other people, yet Mac OSX has lots of fans amongst designers and creative professions.

Linux is for script kiddies and people who like to rescue their system from the edge of the abyss every time they try to change their screen resolution or add a wifi device.

aproposofwhat said...

Dan - I happen to run Linux (been brought up on HPUX) and I'm no kiddie, I'm 45 years old.

Not running windows is a personal choice - you may wish to have all of your choices logged by the regime, but I don't.

Daniel Jordan said...

Moot point taken.

I would like to point out that Windows is no worse than OS/X on that front though.

I run several systems mostly servers (without Xorg/XFree86) and my preference where free POSIX compliant operating systems are concerned, lies with FreeBSD.

P.S.: I wonder whether the Fascist Gestapo Regime in this country care which operating system you use to browse porn, they will soon monitor it all anyway.

Mr Eugenides said...

When I saw the headline "MacHeist" in my RSS feed, I naturally assumed this was a rant about Brown and Darling...


aproposofwhat said...

Dan - you're spot on with FreeBSD for servers (especially headless ones), but remember that 2009 is the year of the Linux desktop (or was that 2000, 2001, 2002 ...)

I'm just happy to not have antivirus software slowing my machine down ;o)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Linux for me in future (currently I use MacOSX, WinXP and WinVista). At least if there is a back door, the back door can be discovered much easier.

Anonymous said...

You left out Open Solaris.

galbak said...

Macintosh OSX is linux done right.

A sturdy build of BSD and the same desktop, for everyone, no need to hop between 3 or 4 linux puters with confusing desktops, and software packages. All macintosh stuff "just works" a tribute to the unix engineers who built BSD and the coders who wrote aps for it.

Oh and special thanks to billy gates, who ripped off the desktops over the years to grace his bloatware, vista is just a copy of osx afterall......

franc (the flameproof)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take much to get the fanbois pissing themselves, does it?

If you are so invested in a fucking operating system as the cornerstone of your identity and the sole mechanism by which your existence is given meaning, you have probably failed at life to such an epic degree that you would be doing yourself and the world a favour if you just killed yourself now.

David Gillies said...

I write software for a living as well as for fun, so I regard the computer I use as a tool. That doesn't mean it's just a tool, of course, any more than a professional joiner would say his chisels are just tools and no different from the £5.99 version from B&Q. From the point of view of software development for desktop operating systems, nothing comes close to MacOS X. You get an incredibly robust and powerful runtime operating system, which with the Objective C message-passing system and Mach ports gives you better application interoperability than anything since BeOS. The foundation is BSD, so you instantly get the ability to leverage literally billions of lines of mature legacy code. For RAD, Xcode/Cocoa/Interface Builder rock. Forget Hello World, in half an hour you can build an app with Open/Save/Undo of custom documents and a fully functional GUI. Historically, software development for the Mac has always been more pleasurable than for Windows, and the current incarnation is the best yet. Given that out of the box it has a full AMP stack, plus Java support in Xcode, it's even the best platform for developing Web-based middleware (which is what I do in my day job). It's not just graphic designers who rate MacOS. Virtually every software engineer I know regards it as the touchstone.

Kim du Toit said...

I don't get involved in the Mac/PC nonsense, as a rule, but I always get a giggle out of the Applets bleating about how Evil Gates Stole GUI From Apple, when Apple filched the concept from Xerox in the first place.

gordon-bennett said...

Speaking as a man who has been a professional programmer for 45 years, allow me to comment on the mac/PC wars.


Anonymous said...

Do any of you sadsacks want to comment on Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3?

Nah. You script kiddies are far too 1337 to worry about consoles, ain't ya?

galbak said...

ps 3 of course, that way i can play my ps 2 and ps games. the xbox 360 can only play some xbox games.

oh, i like the console, saves me having to waste the computer playing kids games.


charlie said...

I use Linux but it was (and still would be if I hadn't got used to it) a pain in the arse. Yeh, I have programs like Blender and Synfig on my linux box but it took a lot of effort to learn to use it.
I wouldn't recommend linux to anyone without patience.
I can't stand Macs, in every single way they are the poseurs computer (n.b spelling of 'poser' is meant to be ironic) and they are shite. "Oh yes, look at me, I wear black turtlenecks all the time cos I am old and know fuck all about computers."
As much as it pains me to say it, any O/S has to match up to Windows. Yeh, my linux box doesn't do it because it takes that much more effort to get something to work (though it works forever once it's started), but Windows creates this whole illusion of ease. It may be a magic trick but it works well enough.

Devil's Kitchen said...

So, Macs: are they

a) "poseurs"' computers, or
b) a machine that is quick and simple to use, comes with all the essential applications, has the healthiest software development industry in the computer world, doesn't crash and is generally a tool for getting things done?

The answer is b), of course.

"... Windows creates this whole illusion of ease."

Oh, for fuck's sake... Windows is riddled with wizards. Wizards are there to patch shoddy fucking UI workflows. They are a nightmare.

I like Macs because I want to use my computer as a productive tool; I don't use them because I am a "poseur" (although I might be. I don't know, charlie: is it "poseurish" to be able to use apostrophes correctly?) but because I want to use my machine for working on.

"I can't stand Macs, in every single way they are the poseurs computer (n.b spelling of 'poser' is meant to be ironic) and they are shite. "Oh yes, look at me, I wear black turtlenecks all the time cos I am old and know fuck all about computers.""

Is that is your critique of Macs? No, no it's not: that is a critique of a pathetic stereotype of Mac users, and citing it marks you out as a stupid cunt.

Now, perhaps you would like to give me your critique of the actual machines and the actual operating system, you thick twat?

Oh, and yes, I want to use my machine for "creative" things because, you see, that is my fucking job.

I get so bored of this flame-war: anyone who has used a Mac for any length of time -- and who knows about computers (yes, charlie: I know about computers), and who needs to work on a machine without the operating system giving them hassle -- no longer needs to indulge in this crap: we know that Macs are better.

I don't need to get involved in this anymore -- the only reason that I am replying to you, charlie, is because fucking stupid, ignorant bigots annoy me: the subject is not particularly important.

And to praise Windows is utterly perverse: just think about the Windows operating system and just ask yourself "if any other application that I had spent money on were this bad, how happy would I be?"

Or fuck off. Either will do...


Elby the Beserk said...

Shame then you get double the bang for bucks with PCs eh?

Anonymous said...

You dumbasses, are we all forgeting the VTech first computer? This is the single most user friendly system in the world! It can even *spell* words, something 99% of the people on the internet can't.

So Devil, shove your Mac up yer ass.

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