Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LPUK grows up

Donate to LPUK linkWay back in the mists of time—by blogging standards—a few of us bloggers came together to try to do what venerable and valuable institutions such as the Libertarian Alliance could not: give people the chance to vote Libertarian at the ballot box.

However, we wanted to try to get it right: we wanted to grow support steadily and then look at the best way of distributing—and giving autonomy to—regional groups. Rather to our suprise—after all, none of us had really been active in politics before—we did not need to assign said groups: they have sprung up of their own accord.

And now, as Ian writes on the LPUK blog, we are gradually launching them officially.
On the 1st of January 2009, the Libertarian Party celebrated its first Birthday. From its inception at the beginning of 2008 support for the Libertarian ideals laid out in our manifesto has been steadily growing, and today we have taken the first major steps from that single national structure into regional Branch formations.

We have formally launched the South East Branch this morning, to add to the one we have in the North West, and new Branches throughout the country will soon follow, as will the names and details of our first PPC's and Local Election Candidates, which will continually be updated as new candidates are taken through our selection process.

As this country slips further into Authoritarian rule the support for Libertarian ideals has never been stronger, or more vocal.

However, as people who are coming to LPUK are telling us in no uncertain terms, the Conservative Party has no room for Libertarian thought, Cameron has made clear that he will be continuing on the present path to a Federal Europe and will not be walking with Libertarians , Osborne is providing more Keynesian economics, and William Hague has refused to commit to a referendum if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified. In other words, more of the same under a disguised 'nudge'.

Those who have come to us from the LibDems tell of horrific infighting, with the SDP controlled leadership squeezing the Liberal element out of the party, marginalising them at branch level and suggesting that there is no room in the modern LibDem party for them. The LibDems have lost their Liberal roots and become the Social Democratic party, set to continue where Brown leaves off. More of the same.

Both LibDems and Conservatives are on a collision course with the British people, 57% of whom have now indicated that they no longer wish to remain in the EU. They are looking for a genuinely free society, services that work, lower taxes, much smaller government, less nannying and laws that are Made in Britain.

The voters of Britain are not stupid people, they are not happy about being led on the road to Authoritarian rule, and they are more than aware that the Libertarian Party is the only party that offers a direct rebut to the path we are currently on.

As your humble Devil has wandered around the country—doing the odd talk here and there (especially to the young)—he has found considerable support for the libertarian ideal. These people may not call themselves "libertarian" or they may feel that a Libertarian Party is not the most effective way to bring a smaller government to this country. Nonetheless, they are all intelligent people who have realised that the current state of affairs cannot continue. After all, if you are a fan of The Kitchen, then you are probably a Libertarian.

One of the most common questions that I have been asked is something along the lines of "yes, this is all very worthy: but have you actually stood in any elections?" The answer is, of course, that we have not.

Now, we are gathering our meagre resources to do just that. And, as usual, we are asking for your money to help us do it.
If you want to make a donation to LPUK so we can continue to stand for your rights, and I will be very honest here, yes, we need your money, click here.

If you want to stand at Local Elections or as a Member of Parliament yourself to make that difference, then email us at contact@lpuk.org.

No, we don't have all the answers, anyone who tells you that they do is lying, but we believe that we are putting forward far more credible options than the Conservatives or the LibDems.

We don't want to spend billions on slick advertising campaigns. But we would like to be able to fund deposits; we would like to be able to print leaflets to get the message out there; we would like to be able to pay expenses (not the MPs' kind) to our speakers who troll around the country (your humble Devil would like to point out, at this juncture, that he has claimed not a single penny from the LPUK).

And one day, yes, we would like to have power: the power to leave everyone the fuck alone to get on with their lives, and to live those lives as they see fit.

Call me "a loony libertarian" if you like—it's how I often self-deprecatingly refer to myself, after all—but I think that what we want to achieve is a noble aim: to let every person live how they wish according to the priorities that they, themselves, set.

In short: we wish to set people free.

UPDATE: the Libertarian Alliance would like you to take part in a poll to decide whether or not that august organisation should actively support LPUK. Please do go and vote (whichever way you wish)...


Swiss Tony said...

Ah, just seen the flaw in your plan!

'The voters of Britain are not stupid people'

Sorry to disagree on that point, but good luck with the rest of it.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Im standing in Hornsey and Wood Green

I would never dare to stand for parliament but I am fed up of this and that regulation It is driving me to distraction and swearblogging

I have been watching as the last freedoms we had are being dismantled and taken away.

See this article in the times


Frankly I cant think of a more totalitarian gesture. Only a thousand deaths prevented?

More die in the bloody hospitals from neglect It is an example of using a stupid statistic to make sure we cant get across the country on the usually unmonitored A and B roads with any kind of efficiency.

I may aswell state that one night I forget which I actually made it from my house in London to Blackpool in 3 hours and 15 minutes door to door And it might have been someone else driving

The ability to move quickly gives you freedom, Yes the populace some of whom will still vote Labour are thick, but the rest should actually see what Labour has done unless they are so unaware of what is happening

I got ten years worth of the Economist magazine last night and the guy who reads them who gave them to me said he was more centre left.

I regard him as a labour voter Good luck to him He'll need it.

We are in serious shit and the big three parties arent going to do anything about it.

Stan said...

Good luck with that Henry - and good luck to the LPUK party too. Anything that helps to bring the electorate to their senses is to be encouraged in my opinion.

That said, I still don't see that there is much difference between the LPUK and the Liberal Party (not the Lib Dems - the proper Liberal Party).

I disagree with many of your policies and still maintain that a purely libertarian approach without realising the need for that to be bound within a conservative national context is a recipe for disaster, but I appreciate the sheer guts to have a go. At least you realise that nothing can be addressed until we leave the EU.

Marcus said...

Good luck. But stop calling yourself a "loony libertarian". I used to do that as a defence mechanism, but eventually I realized that it just perpetuates the idea that libertarianism is a silly fringe view that even embarrasses its proponents.

It's your opponents who need to be constantly put on the back foot -- like you do on your blog all the time. Don't let them ever get away with laughing off libertarianism as crankish -- demolish them each and every time they try it so they won't be so quick to try that again.

_Felix said...

"In ceasing his political labours, the Black Dwarf has to regret one mistake, and that a serious one. He commenced writing under the idea that there was a PUBLIC in Britain, and that public devotedly attached to the cause of parliamentary reform. This, it is but candid to admit, was an error."

That's a Radical writing in 1824, in the last issue of his occasionally banned newspaper Black Dwarf. It looks like most of the things he was fighting for came to pass, a lot of them 8 years later with the first reform act. It would be wrong of me (it would be historicism) to draw parallels and offer this as a pep talk, since there must be all kinds of odd circumstantial reasons for things working out, but the comparison amused me.

monoi said...

LPUK has my email address as I am a member.

Why do I hear about this (especially the donation part) on your blog?

A mass emaiing of the membership would be a good idea, and a cheap one as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm joining you. Best of luck

Anonymous said...

'..he has not claimed a single penny from the LPUK'

Careful with that DK, expenses that are unclaimed are effectively donations to the party. If you stand in elections they'll need to be declared.

Anonymous said...

expenses that are unclaimed are effectively donations to the party.Really? Why can't he use his own money to fund things? Is there a Nulab document that says this on the web?

I realise a different set of rules applies to the HoC, but to draw a parallel, if an MP spends more than the maximum on their second house then it should count as a donation to the taxpayer?

Guthrum said...

Thanks for flagging this up DK, we have a new team installed as from 6th April to organise the mass e mailings etc etc, following a review of the systems we had in place following our founding as four men and a dog. Members we always welcome, activists we worship the ground they walk on. The LPUK has now been split into regions, area coordinators appointed (soon to be on the LPUK website, with contact details, This will help with our administration, as we have no full time workers, as we are all real people with real lives.

monoi said...

Guthrum, I did not mean to sound arrogant.

You guys do a lot more than me, and for that I am grateful.

Guthrum said...

Monoi- No problem we are just getting our act together

Anonymous said...

I'd love to help, but as an unemployed person who doesn't take state benefits, I don't really have much money to spend on membership or donation, and even if I did join, I've not had enough work experience to help by standing. Not that I'd know what to do if I did stand.

Still, I do try to spread the word where I can, so hopefully that counts for something.

Cicero said...

Well good luck your Satanic Majesty- though I think that the comment about the Lib Dems is some kind of sour grapes from an non Liberal. I am not a Libertarian, at least not your sort, just a Liberal, but I do see the point of what you are tying to do and I do also wish you at least the best that the bl@@dy system can deliver you. Beer sometime?

Devil's Kitchen said...


Any time: it's been too long...


Kevin Boatang said...

I'd love a beer thanks.

Good stuff for flagging it up and hopefully the cold exposure of publicity (maybe, in time) will sharpen the manifesto.

I think the party could improve its emailing, keeping the members more informed, but it is early days.

B and D, of course, are in full support Devil. Pie sometime?

John Demetriou said...

Thank you for this article DK, you're doing good services for our fledgling party and anything that keeps the momentum going and cohesion to everything is good.

For what it's worth, I'm interested in not just the blogging side of things (Boatang & Demetriou) but (funnily enough, being a member of LPUK) the active politics end of things too.

If Libertarians need a hand in my locality (Yorkshire) tell them to drop by my site and give me a shout.

all the best DK

John Demetriou

xplod said...

Done my bit!!!

Cicero said...

I am back in UK early May... How do I get in touch to set up jolly ?

Patrick said...

Having strolled past the houses of parliament (mafia)today, with a police presence that equated to 117 police vehicles I counted from Westminster Abbey to Big Ben.. I realised that it isn't politics that will change this stupidity, but the quiet reasoning that people will conclude, much like their refusal to believe in a God, that govts are an abusive fantasy enjoyed by the few and endured by the rest.. I agree that the people of the LPUK are both inttelligent and thoughtful, but really, this bananas can only stop, when the gun is put down and stops changing hands..

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