Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm confused. Aren't you...?

Ever since the news of the McBride allegations broke, I have been seeing hundreds of hits at The Kitchen from people searching for such things as...
  • "nadine dorries"

  • "nadine dorries mp"

  • "nadine dorries why my marriage is over"

  • "nadine dorries age"

  • "south africa nadine dorries"

  • "dorries one night stand with fellow mp" and,

  • "nadine dorries boyfriend"

  • (although no "nadine dorries liar", which is unusual).

In fact, over 50% of all searches have included one of those terms.

I can't imagine what could have sparked the sudden interest in this rather minor MP, can you...?


Budgie said...

I've been a fan of Nadine Dorries ever since I saw that she was pro-life. All power to her elbow.

Hysteria said...

It is disturbing how many people have completely missed the point - we do NOT want to know the details of the smear - that is precisely what the bastards want. Disappointing (but realistic I guess) commentary on our society.

Anonymous said...

I think people want to know why they chose to smear, as the author puts it, a "minor" MP that they have not heard of.

Anonymous said...


I can top that, DK.

The last article I wrote on dear old Nadine was following her gloriously naive recommendation that her kind of sex education could be found in Cosmopolitan.

My article was entitled "Nadine Dorries : her position of the week"http://nhsblogdoc.blogspot.com/2008/04/nadine-dorries-mp-her-position-of-week.html

I regret to say that a search on UK Google for "position of the week" now soon takes you Nadine. She'll be thrilled.


Anonymous said...


Cosmo position of the week that week was

The Seesaw


Anonymous said...

I don't care about other peoples sex lives true or false.
What I do hate is .
Corruption, oink, oink,.
Control freAkery,(the capital A is deliberate).
The ghastly EU.
Globalism notice how Globalists love snappy initials !
The ghastly uniform blue overalls, (we will all be forced to wear in 20years time).
Party members, "badges".
You know the ones the Party members will wear in 20 years time.
I doubt if they would be much fun at a party though.
Parties will be banned because they are morally decadent.
Raw Turnip anyone ?

Roger Thornhill said...

ok, I will search for this site involving the following terms:


Dr Evil said...

Have you read her blog? It's so weirdly trivial it reads like Facebook.

Plato said...

Mr Devil - thought this would amuse - sure you have seen it before but well worth a repeat.

Stan said...

Any for "nadine dorries conservative"?

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