Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hannan rides again

Via Tory Bear, here is yet another excellent speech, from the Tory Spring Conference, by Dan Hannan MEP.

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The trouble is that Dan is on very slippery ground: he is, as it were, ignoring the elephant in the room. No, not the EU (for so we normally designate "the elephant") but his own party's attitude to that institution.

I have seen no sign that Dave "Buttered New Potato" Cameron is any more anti-EU than the Labour Party are. Yes, yes: he has indulged in the usual mutterings on the theme of "in Europe but not run by Europe"—but we know that this option is not on the fucking table.

In fact, we know—because we have seen it written in an email sent to your humble Devil—that Oliver Letwin, the Tories' Head of Policy, explicitly supports Britain's membership of the EU.

Further, Tory Chairman (at the time) Francis Maude, in a 2006 radio interview, said...
It is not the Conservative Party's view that we should be out of the European Union...

Maude, too, wittered on about reform. These people have no more intention of loosening the EU's stranglehold on our nation than any of the other three main parties.

So yes, Dan, 85% of our laws may well be made in Brussels; the EU may well be a stop to reform of our ailing Parliamentary system; and yes, Dan, the people have indeed realised that there is little point in voting. But your party—the Conservative Party—will not do what needs to be done.

After all, this is the party whose leader in Westminster has said that no Eurosceptic will sit on his front bench. Does that sound like a party that is going to fight for an independent Britain? I think not.

And yes, Dan: we know that the LibDim and Labour MEPs roll over and support "the elites against the people" when voting in the EU Parliament—but so do the Tory MEPs. With the exception of yourself and Roger Helmer, the Tories are every bit as much behind the EU project as the other parties are. In fact, for your delectation, here is a video of Tory MEP Christopher Beazley enthusing about how "national governments are the biggest obstacle to the observation of EU law".

Were Dan Hannan the leader of the Conservative Party—and actively pursuing the kind of policies that he and Douglas Carswell MP outlined in their book, The Plan—then I would almost certainly be a member of said party, and pushing for their election.

If nothing else, just listen and watch as Dan speaks: here is a man talking with conviction, with few notes, and he's talking sense. Further, Hannan does not talk down to his audience: his speeches are peppered with literary references and esoteric vocabulary. He is a delight to listen to because he makes politics sound interesting and daring and, yes, cool.

But Hannan and Carswell are not leading the Tories: the Conservative Party is led by Mr Buttered New Potato and his idiot mates. The Conservative Party is led by a man without conviction, without oratory skill, without new ideas, and without honour. In short, the Conservative Party is not the party outlined by Hannan; the Conservative Party are not going to free us from the tyranny of the EU, or of the associated tyranny of the technocrat; the Conservative Party have nothing new to offer, not even conviction.

And the fact that Hannan has tried to paint them as the anti-EU party when we know that they are not, actually diminishes Dan in the eyes of your humble Devil. To be sure, Dan may not give a shit... but then maybe he will.

I hope so. Because, if there is a decent future for Britain, it will be ignited by men like Hannan. For, as Dan points out—much as V does, in that speech, from the film of V for Vedetta—we, the people of Britain, have allowed all of this, have allowed ourselves to be diminished; and if the majority are to realise, and to change this situation, oratory of Hannan's ilk—eloquent and impassioned—will be the thing to wake them, to stir their souls.

Perhaps you think that I exaggerate? But I think that persuasive speaking is enough to make men rise up, and I shall tell you this: the meaningless platitudes uttered by the Buttered New Potato will not even stir the people from their sofas—let alone fire them up enough to make them rise up and stop the continued rotting away of their freedoms and their country.


Anonymous said...

Well, do something useful and provide an analysis of where Tory candidates for the European parliament sit on the question of further integration. If you or your party show me that I can't vote Tory without advancing the careers of Euro federalists then I won't vote Tory.

sconzey said...

Dan Han is the greatest Prime Minister Britain never had.

Lola said...

Is there perhaps a chance that Dave is beginning to 'get it'? I know I know he and his henchmen have been very much to pro EU, but maybe, just maybe they are beginning to realise that getting into power and keeping in power means taking note of blokes like me and you and, what, 80% of he UK oting population that want out of the bureaucratic EU?

Roger Thornhill said...

Mr Buttered New Potato - Mr BNP...

I have said similar things about Mr BNP over on Tory blogs and the Coffeehouse to much harrumphing, especially when it was after "a key speech by him", that he lacked conviction and ideological basis, that he was selling soap to win, so would tell the audience whatever was necessary to gain enough market share so he can land his one-sided, all-or-nothing 5 year concession.

Of course, those with few permutations of braincells to rub together thought I was pushing purist thoughts. The word "basis" passed them by.

Winston Smith IV said...

I agree with you. Dan H is fantastic but he's not a 'leading Tory' yet. I hope he becomes so and can wield some serious influence in a Conservative government.

the reaper said...

'Because, if there is a decent future for Britain, it will be ignited by men like Hannan.'

So very true,a great post.hannan must be a decent man for you to write without swearing.

Anonymous said...

80% of he UK oting population that want out of the bureaucratic EU.

Do they? I thought it was more like 60%. What happens if a conservative government holds a referendum and the IN campaign wins? And what happens if they decide that the OUT vote is wrong like the Irish and then schedule a revote once popular sentiment changes?

AndrewWS said...

I see no point in voting for Libertas, as they are not committed to getting us out of the EU, merely to cleaning the thing up (fat chance). As LPUK isn't standing for the EP, it makes sense to vote UKIP (despite that party's manifest defects).

Devil's Kitchen said...


Yes, that is a good summary of my attitude. And yes, I shall indeed be voting for UKIP.


John Trenchard said...

tend to agree with DK - Hannan's speech is fundementally dishonest, blaming Labour & the Lib Dems for the EU project, when it was his very own party, the Tories under Edward Heath that got the ball rolling. And then furthered Britain down the federalist route with the Masstrict treaty. The Tories are as much up to their necks in this as the other two.

A pity - besides that Hannan is absolutely spot on.

Bill said...

By staying within the Conservative Party, at least Hannan and Carswell actually have a chance to change national policy. I wish that LPUK members had done the same thing - fighting for libertarian values within the party. As much as I admire your principles, I think you've run away from a very necessary fight and into eternal unelectability.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

I hate to say this but Buttered New Potato first made his outing on my blog whereupon others found it and then propagated it

Buttered New Potato is a nasty piece of work.

The Amazing Toad said...

DK & John Trenchard,

With respect, I don't think you "get" this speech.

It is a clever speech, insofar as he implies that the Tories want out (although he
knows the leadership doesn't) and gets the approval of the delegates when he
outlines the reasoning for doing so. Ostensibly a speech railing against
Labour and the LD's, his target is clearly Clarke, Cameron and Co. In precis, he said; "A show of hands - who wants out of Europe?...unanimously over you you Mr. Cameron.."

I don't know if Dismal Dave was there, but I would have liked to have seen his face if he was.

cartermagna said...

@The Amazing Toad: I'd like to think you're right, it could well have been an attempt to force the EU issue with that complete fuckknuckle Cameron. Would be nice to have a libertarian type thinker, which he seems so far, giving it six nowt for the rest of us.

It would be even better if he joined the only party with a clear manifesto...

Mark M said...

"What happens if a conservative government holds a referendum and the IN campaign wins?"

Then so be it. The OUT campaign will just have to live with that result. At least we'll have had a referendum. That is Hannan's point.

Although he is a Euro-sceptic, he is more of a pro-Democrat. he wants us to have a referendum on EU membership. If the IN vote wins then we will know that the British people want to be in the EU. As it currently is though, a BBC poll had 55% of people wanting out of the EU - and that is without any major Euro-sceptic party or newspaper coverage.

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