Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even in the midst of all this joy...

... Mad Nad Dorries contrives to make an idiot of herself.
I also didn’t expect to be one of the four people that Damian McBride had slandered in the email, but I am.

The email accusations regarding myself are 100% not true. They are slanderous and therefore libellous.

Fucking hellski, Nadine: slander and libel are two different things: in short, slander is spoken and libel is written. As such, this line...
They are slanderous and therefore libellous.

...could only be written by a moron.

Anyway, as these allegations were written down—in an email—this is, in fact, libel. If you are going to be consulting lawyers, as you claim, perhaps you should ask m'learned friends to educate you in the finer points really fucking basic points of defamation?

Anyway, McBride and Draper, eh? Aaaaaaahahahahaha!

UPDATE: Bookdrunk points out that Nadine Dorries is not above doing a bit of smearing herself.
Shorter Nadine Dorries: it is utterly disgraceful that anyone should attempt to smear their political opponents with entirely false.. oh, wait, never mind.

Unity also summarises some of the finer points of Nadine's hypocrisy over at Liberal Conspiracy. Rumours that Nadine lives in a glass house are entirely unfounded...


Verity said...

"The email accusations regarding myself are 100% not true."

Why does she employ "myself" when she means "me"? Does she think they're synonyms?

Kevyn said...

I'm not sure you're correct here, Devil.
Libel is in a permanent form, so words spoken on the radio or TV are libellous, not slanderous.
I think.

Leaving that aside, I sympathise and side with Nadine Dorries on this, and I understand her anger.

Chris said...

There's something deeply annoying about her. She seems obsessed with children and families- having kids and rearing them - purely to show off and feel like a tyrannical matriarch.

Anonymous said...

Verity... It seems a pretty common mistake that people are unable to distinguish between personal and reflexive pronouns.

When somebody says "perhaps you could give myself a call", I always feel the urge to point out that I absolutely cannot; that THEY are the only ones who can.

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