Sunday, April 12, 2009

Derek's Proposal

James Delingpole has written a rather amusing plea for Dolly Draper to stay in the limelight.
Dolly, we need you. We need the risible ineptitude and dullness of your Labour List website to remind us, daily, just how painfully inferior left-wing blogs are to right-wing ones. We need to see your bum-fluff-covered jowls in close up on TV wobbling indignantly as you deny, yet again, that you have ever said or done anything wrong - even though we know your pants are on fire and so do you, you great big porkie-pie merchant. We need to be bowled over by your Yale (or was it Harvard? Or Berkeley? I forget) Summa Cum Laude high intellect, which makes you such a master of wit and repartee, nay, the very Jeffrey Archer of New Labour. We crave the benefits of your psychotherapeutic training and your insights into the workings of the human mind.

Meanwhile, Dolly Draper has published a mea culpa and a proposal for the blogosphere...
Maybe this affair will encourage the whole blogosphere, right and left, to commit to a new start, where offensiveness and personal attacks are avoided and debate is elevated not dragged down into the gutter?

No it won't, Derek, you total fucking twat. Fuck you, and the GMTV presenter horse you rode in on, you stupid cunt.

How do you like that tone of debate, fuckface?


Anonymous said...

I'd fuck his missus. Again.

David Gillies said...

What a complete numpty. He's been caught with his greasy fingers in the cookie jar and now he's all, "look, guys, can't we be reasonable about this?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the steps to becoming a psychotherapist submitting to a course of psychotherapy? Or is that the even more wibbly and pathetic 'discipline' of psychoanalysis (A.K.A. credentialled fortune-telling)? It doesn't say much for Dolly's credentials that his own psyche should remain so unexamined. Pseudophysician, shrink thyself!

Ian B said...

I sincerely hope Guido hasn't got any skeletons in his closet. Right now, King Broon will be in conference with his lieutenants and court toadies, demanding vengeance, and remember, he's a sociopath with the power of the state at his command.

Anonymous said...

comment gem from Dolly's post:


This has been so bad and so inept I have to ask...are you a closet Tory Agent infiltrated into the Labour Party to destroy it?

chris jones @ 11:17 pm, Sun 12th Apr 2009

Frank Davis said...

Maybe this affair will encourage the whole blogosphere, right and left, to commit to a new start, where offensiveness and personal attacks are avoided

It all sounds a bit like 'encouraging' people to give up smoking, and to stop blowing smoke in people's faces, and to 'commit to a new start'. It sounds to me like a prelude to NuLabour banning offensive and 'unhealthy' language, which chiiiiiildren might read, and for your own good, of course.

Cunts to the lot of them..

Ian B said...

We must do something about far-right bloggers... obscene language... threats against politicians and public figures... unmoderated commments... many from BNP fascists... accessible to children... organised extremists... hate speech... totally unregulated... need a code of conduct... proper registration... accountability... taste and decency... NAME. AND. SHAME... hard working families... british blogs for british workers...

Hacked Off said...

Look, Mr. Devil, could you stop being so diplomatic and just tell it like it is?

The Penguin

Dr Evil said...

Personally, I just love your subtlety. :-)

Anonymous said...

One suggestion, to elevate the level of debate, would be to 'enrich' the pool of words that are used when speaking about people such as draper, mcbride, campbell, mandelson smith, etc. For example : cretin, imbecile, endomorph, coprophagan, ungodly, vile, feeble-minded, malignant. They are possibly more accurate that the weaker terms such as idiot and fool. What this government has done would make village idiots object to being linked to them. And wicked people would likewise.
My vocabulary is probably not up to the task of finding the most appropriate terms, but i'm sure others on here are more than capable of providing them.

numpty a-go-go said...

The increasingly common NuLab response as they get exposed more and more:

"Look, okay, so yes we are useless, yes we are incompetent, yes we are incredibly petty and even corrupt but please... let's take a moment to examine the system and agree we can admire how we left-leaning weasels are committed to changing it for all our benefit.

(There, I think we got away with it that time)"

Anonymous said...

I would not fuck Dolly's wife ever again. Last time I caught a dose of something embarrassing and had to get an ointment from the doctor.

Bill Sticker said...

Well, if Brown & co want to restrict the blogs (of whatever political colour), then they'll have to firewall the whole bloody country or shut down the Internet. Guido's stuff is hosted in Ireland, and all the blogger stuff at the various Google sites and servers around the world.

The trouble for the powers of deceit and repression is that genie's are out of bottles and waves of uncensored public opinion are crashing in towards the political shore.

Using such a conceit, one might be tempted to observe under the circumstances that Draper & co look a right bunch of cnuts.

genetically modified twat virus said...

DK thankyou for that well considered and very measured response to the suggestion by the disgusting fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

Left wing blogs are so boring, perhaps because they are supported by the Labour Government. Did you know that Antonia Bance, the Labour Councillor and Oxfam's Campaigns manager on UK poverty, was invited by the Department for Communities and Local Government on a three-day, all expenses-paid conference in Budapest on the finer points of blogging - the keeping of Internet diaries. She received a £500 bursary to go on the trip, which was attended by “several hundred” other left-wing bloggers. The total cost of the jaunt, which was held at the luxurious five-star Hotel Intercontinental on the banks of the River Danube, was £300,000.

Ian B said...

I realised a long time ago that a significant part of the authoritarian/leftist mindset is the need to always "go on a course". They fundamentally disbelieve in the idea of the autodidact; everything has to be passed down by experts in a formalised teaching environment. This is also why we're now a society where you have to have a diploma of some kind to do the most trivial things- the idea you can learn something for yourself, or just pick it up as you go along, is literally incomprehensible to these people. They are of course taught to believe this by... formalised teaching systems. It's why when they talk about "education" they don't mean, "gaining knowledge". They mean "time spent in a formal teaching environment".

So of course to blog you must go on a blogging course. Faced with simply starting their own blog, without being told how to do it, they go all faint and don't know where to start. They can't do anything without rules.

It's also why leftie blogs are shit. They have no originality. They try to follow the "rules of blogging" rather than just making it up and see what happens which people of an independent nature relish. That, and their top-down worldview means when they do write something, it's as a means of telling people, like a teacher, rather than interacting with them. The web really is an alien landscape they can only navigate as perplexed outsiders.

Faced with any situation they haven't been taught to respond algorithmically to, they don't just have a go, but stand there saying "I haven't been on a course. I can't be expected to deal with this". The more this empty childhood dominates our society, the more our society will ossify and lose its capability.

Anonymous said...

A Cockney says:

"---where offensiveness and personal attacks are avoided and debate is elevated not dragged down into the gutter?---"

ee-ah ,wos wrong wiv der gu''er?

bleedin' ell , is nice dahn eeah!

an' also ,

---fuck orff McCunt.

Bert Rodinsky said...

"No it won't, Derek, you total fucking twat. Fuck you, and the GMTV presenter horse you rode in on, you stupid cunt.

How do you like that tone of debate, fuckface?"

Sheer fucking poetry, please keep it up dear Devil.

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