Sunday, April 12, 2009

Damian McBride: Loser!

Damian McBride: how appropriate—it's Easter and Damian has egg on his face. By the way, this image was shamelessly pinched from The Times article. Your humble Devil would like to point out that it was Times hacks, and not myself, who titled the image file, Dumb_521434a.jpg...

Your humble Devil has to hand it to Guido: he's done a fine job in ensuring the demise of Damien McBride. It is particularly illuminating to see the petulant tone (not to mention the outright lies) in little shit's resignation statement.
When Derek Draper originally suggested using a website to compete with the kind of material seen regularly on the Guido Fawkes blog, he asked me in a personal capacity to write up some of the stories doing the rounds in Westminster.

Derek and I decided in the end that this website was the wrong thing to do, and that Derek should not take his online efforts down to the level of Guido Fawkes and his Tory backers.

This clueless little cunt just doesn't get it, does he? Guido is no more funded by "Tory backers" than is your humble Devil. As regular readers of The Kitchen will know, I particularly dislike tribal politics, and McBride's statement is a particularly egregious example of the close-minded mentality involved in NuLabour's back-room bunker.

As far as these poisonous little morons are concerned, anyone who wants to get rid of them has to be backed by the Opposition party; the idea that ordinary people might find NuLabour and its acolytes so abhorrent that they would want to bring them down out of sheer enjoyment is anathema to them—they just cannot get their heads around the concept.

When are the Prime Mentalist (is that an "Embarrassing Illness", you one-eyed Scots idiot?) and his band of merry shysters going to get the message?—we hate you, we think that you are loathesome, lying, incompetent cunts and ensuring that you lose the next general election is the very least that we wish upon you, you tedious little shits.

It is also worth pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of Derek Draper's whiny little rant on LabourList today, as Dizzy points out.
Imagine if all your emails suddenly became available to people wanting to damage you. That is, of course, the other question that needs to be asked: how were these emails obtained? Was criminal activity and hacking involved? Believe me, these are issues I will be looking at when I return from my holiday. "Blog wars" are one thing but hacking into people's emails is surely a step too far?

I wonder whether Derek is aware that the Government and party that he supports actually has an official policy of reading our emails if it wants? Or taking control of our computers remotely if it suspects us of something?

Did you know that Derek, you pusillanimous twat? If you didn't, why are you batting for a government whose methods you profess to be "a step too far"? Or is it that you do know about this, but that you are simply a hideous little hypocrite?

Either way, it looks as though Derek might be going the way of McBride. Good: the man is a disgusting, lying cunt—he repeatedly denied the existence of certain emails from McBride, telling him what to write on LabourList—and possessed of one of the world's most horrible voices. The sooner the unshaven bastard is off our airwaves for good, the sooner dogs across the country can stop their howling.

Iain Dale has some details of the emails, which make for embarrassing reading for Draper and McBride at the very least, and, presumably, for the BCC'd recipients—including Charlie Whelan.
From Damian McBride

I think Red Rag should appear with no preview - as you say - but with a good initial story and with Labourlist then mentioning that the bug is catching...........

Tom was going away today after a chat with me to work on a couple of insiderish announcements for Labourlist about appointments to Labour HQ and No10. I'm working on a couple of other things as well........we've got to keep the momentum going over the weekend - it's been brilliant so far.

-----Original Message-----
From: Derek Draper [mailto:derekdraper@............]
Sent: 13 January 2009 18:56
To: Damian McBride
Cc: Dodgshon, Andrew; Whelan, Charlie
Subject: Re: Rag [UNCLASSIFIED] [Non-Record]

These are absolutely totally brilliant Damian.

I'll think about timing and sort out the technology with Andrew this week so we can go asap.

Do we want to tip off anyone about Red Rag having set up? Walters? I could do it and say LabouLlist had been sent the link anonymously.

PS Don't forget LabourList Damian!

Sent from my iphone:

On 13 Jan 2009, at 18:34, "Damian McBride" wrote:


A few ideas I've been working on for Red Rag. For ease, I've written all the below as I'd write them for the site, but obviously Andrew will want to adapt for his own house style, length, etc.

The first one is a solid investigative story, so may be a good one to use early. The other 3 are gossipy and mainly intended to destabilise the Tories.

I'm not sure how to set up easy links in the copy of the text, so I've stuck in the full links below each bit of relevant text.


Oh dear, oh dear...

Whether or not the general public could give a shit about any of this is moot, of course, although Iain is reinforcing the "influential political blog" meme in The Telegraph today (giving your humble Devil a quick mention in the process—let's hope that my language doesn't upset the tender sensitivities of The Mailograph's readers, eh?).

In the meantime, this government is mired in sleaze and, as usual for a Labour government, has bankrupted the fucking country. The Prime Mentalist and his mates are holed below the waterline: why don't they just fucking die, for fuck's sake? There's little sport in pulling apart this rotten carcass of a government—we all just get maggots caught in our teeth.

Bring on the Tories—fresh meat!

UPDATE: Brian Michelthwait has a typically interesting take on the whole thing, ostensibly for his US readers, over at Samizdata. On the subject of the Tories, your humble Devil totally agrees with Brian's analysis.
What a shame that the end result of this and other such dramas will merely be a Conservative government presided over by David Cameron. I still live in hope that such a government might be rather better than the present one, but I am not counting on it. Which makes me rejoice particularly at this, from Guido:
McPoison accuses Guido of having Tory backers—it just shows that they just don't get it—this blog was started for free, with no committee behind it, no plan, on a whim. It is Guido's plaything. The Tories are rightly wary of Guido and incidentally they have a PR problem tomorrow - the last thing they want are half truths mixed with smears getting out into the open uncontrollably.

The really important stuff will come when Guido gets stuck into the Conservatives for being too statist.

From all of the recent scandals, we know that, individually, the Tory MPs are just as corrupt as Labour: it will be interesting to see whether Tory policy will be so blantantly up for auction in the way that NuLabour policy was.

In any case, the Tories will certainly not be getting an easy ride at The Kitchen...


the a&e charge nurse said...

"Whether or not the general public could give a shit about any of this is moot, of course" - yes, I agree with this Devil.

Political machinations may be of great interest to the more astute observers, and some have obviously obtained a transient thrill from Draper & McBride's discomfiture.

But are dirty tricks new ......... hardly.
Ultimately we have a binary political system (when all is said and done) condemning us all to perpetual 'Hobson's choice'.

Didn't think much of Hannon, either, especially the shite he was espousing about health.

Can we trust the market - don't make me laugh.

The Bear at the Table said...

Nothing ticks me off more than cluless idiots clutching to the 'tory turd vs labour turd' mentality.

People with an adequate number of brain cells see a turd for what it is.

Anonymous said...

it's Easter and Damian has egg on his face.

That's still a lot better than what Mark Oaten had on his face. No?

the a&e charge nurse said...

Draper & McBride are naughty boys caught with their hands in the cooky jar - but as the Devil suggests this story is unlikely to register in the public's consciousness (although may excite a certain coterie of political bloggers).

Why ?
Because such machinations are common place, probably, and bi-partisan, definitely.
In other words the public half expects it, so can barely stifle a yawn when a couple of capos are nailed.

The bigger is issue is one of trust - can we trust what politicians do, or what they say they do (and how they go about doing what they say they are doing).

Some might prefer a 'micro' take on this question, others find the macro view more interesting.

Depends on what floats your boat, I suppose. Righteous self-indignation, or weary cynicism.

chris said...

McBride seems to be suffering from what is know on as the Labour Falicy, this is that everybody that is not Labour is a Tory. They don't seem to understand that people might just be not Labour.

As for Cameron, he might be a statist (though he does sometimes make good noises indicating that he is not) but it does not matter. There is no money left. He has not choice but to shrink the state.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Cameron will get in - but how will the Tories play the crap hand they have been dealt ?

They may well need services provided by the likes of Draper & McBride, although preferably from an operator who abides by the first rule ....... don't get caught (or if you do get caught, make sure you can put somebody else in the frame for it).

Anonymous said...

There is something rotten in the heart of Gordon Brown's Downing Street, and it has spread to places like Oxfam's HQ in Oxford, which are filled with Draper's and McBride's henchmen: Councillor Antonia Bance for instance, who is deputy director of the UK Poverty Programme, and is allegedly using Oxfam for her own party political ambitions, if you go by many of the comments on her blog.

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Councillor Antonia Bance for instance, who is deputy director of the UK Poverty Programme, and is allegedly using Oxfam for her own party political ambitions, if you go by many of the comments on her blog."

I have been sent a copy of Oxfam's internal report on the activities of Councillor Bance. I am currently digesting it and shall consider the best way of presenting the information carried therein...


Dave H said...

"the last thing they [the Tories] want are half truths mixed with smears getting out into the open uncontrollably."

Too right. What's the name of the MP who's said to have used his position to the advantage of his partner?

We know what kind of people McBride, Draper and the rest are, but even liars & spinners tell the truth occasionally.

Verity said...

Brian Micklethwaite is, as ever, an astute observer. "What a shame that the end result of this and other such dramas will merely be a Conservative government presided over by David Cameron."

Indeed. A wispy nothing. A dustball of a pinko social democrat fuzziness. There isn't a Conservative cell in David Cameron's body. Added to which, all his ideas are bad ones. (Starting with the undemocratic A-List and his global warming awareness trip to an ice floe and continuing from there.)

Plus there are things that have to be done to rescue our democratic traditions (although he wouldn't be able to understand), like the restoring of the House of Lords and the removal of the placemen. Due to his class, people would accuse him of serving his own tribe. But I suspect he thinks the Lords as presently constituted is something trite, like "reflective of our society" or similar trite garbage.

I fervently hope that Labour wins this next election by the skin of its teeth and continues to implode over the ensuing few months. Meanwhile, the Tories will have got themselves a leader who is a Conservative before calling for a vote of No Confidence. Which they would win.

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