Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Climate Rush

It seems that there is yet another bunch of fucking tossers wibbling on about climate change and undertaking stupid "stunts" to annoy everyone bore everyone shitless with their stupid upper middle class ignorance* highlight this crucial issue.
Four people who glued themselves to a statue in the Houses of Parliament in protest at government energy policy have been arrested.

Police sealed off the corridor in St Stephen's Hall, near the Commons main entrance, while the protesters, members of the group Climate Rush, were removed.

I found this through Tom Harris's dryly amusing post, in which he coins such gems as...
Why waste glue remover on them? They’ll get hungry or need the toilet soon enough.

... and...
And this unelected, unaccountable shower are just the people to give the wake-up call, are they?

... and...
So why don’t they stand for election and find out if the people of this country would actually prefer to depend entirely on wind/tidal power (otherwise known as “letting the lights go out in the middle of the next decade”)?

Can't disagree with you, Tom, to be honest. Which irritates me slightly. Although there are signs that Tom Harris has been cultivating a few brain cells and, occasionally, even bothering to use them. Which is nice.

Anyway, who the fuck are Climate Rush? Well, they are not a registered charity, alas, so no fake charity entry for them: however, they do try to explain their motives...
We are all daunted by the science of climate change.

I'm not. Piss off.
As each month passes the threats increase indefinitely.

No they don't.
It is difficult to have a clear idea of how much must be done and...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh! What? I'm writing a blog post. Ahem. Sorry, chaps: nodded off for a second there.

Never mind, let's see which notable tossers are supporting this bunch of wankers, shall we?

With some fucking chutzpah, Climate Rush also list—at the very top of their list of supporters"You".

You what? I don't support you, you bunch of fucking tossers—why don't you fuck off? It seems, to bring this post to a near(ish)-palindromic close, that neither does Tom Harris MP.
I just think the BBC should be more careful about giving creepy little outfits like Climate Rush such an easy ride.

Strangely enough, of course, your humble Devil would have said something very similar for the last few years. With a few modifications. Well, one.
I just think the BBC should be more careful about giving creepy little outfits like NuLabour such an easy ride.

Did you spot it? Excellent.

In the meantime, I am sure that Labour's Tom Harris will happily take John McDonnell to task over McDonnell's "creepy little outfit"...

* I realise that I may be batting on a sticky wicket there...


Anonymous said...

Tom Harris would make an excellent leader of the Opposition. After all there has to be someone to ask Cameron questions once he starts screwing up.

ukipwebmaster said...

Here's the Caroline clip:


Dave Snark said...

John Dixon, Chair of Plaid Cymru thinks that we should get to know what private sector workers earn if public sector fatcats come under scrutiny.


Grimy Miner said...

It seems this grubby shower of cunts were freed by a liberal application of warm soapy water. Well, there has to be a first time, I suppose.

WV = raine ( I kid you not )

Roger Thornhill said...

My first thought about this was as Tom Harris said - leave them there.

No food. No water. No privacy.

Wait and they will pay for the glue remover.

p.s. of course the harm of climate change is "indefinite", cos we don't know - so how can they demand - and demand is what they are doing - to force us to bend to their stampey little feeties.

Wossat? said...

Climate change has been happening ever since this planet has had a climate. In fact, if it wasn't for climate change, those fuckwits would never have been around to superglue themselves to a statue. In protesting against climate change they are protesting against nature and, therefore, reality itself. Which makes them not only fuckwits but dumb as a box of rocks fuckwits.

And that goes triple for anyone who thinks that climate change - that's NATURE you eco-Nazi shitheads - should be halted.

Katy Newton said...

I assume that she bicycles to these destinations, since to fly would be to kill GaiaHahahaha!

The Filthy Smoker said...

"Dr" Lucas lives in Brighton. By the sea. A strange place for someone who believes in rising sea levels.

Who better to trust on science - sorry, "the science" - than someone who got a doctorate in Victorian wimmin's fiction? You'd get more sense out of Dr Dre. Or Dr Fox.

Or Dr Hook.

john in cheshire said...

I haven't been near an airport for the best part of 2 years. I must therefore have built up a 'carbon credit'. I'd like to use some of my credit; as much of it as is equal to a stabbing, for example; on Caroline Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Compared to some of the loons in the Scottish Green Party - loons like "Dr" Ian/Isabel Ruffell, the sometimes-transsexual, sometimes-just-a-transvestite Greek-spouting student-bullying shaven-headed "I went to Oxford, you know, and I'm a male lesbian" know-it-all - Caroline Lucas looks positively sane.

The fuckers who spent the 1980s crapping in bushes at Greenham Common are now in politics and determined to crap all over the rest of us.

Tenure said...


The thing that keeps me coming back (besides my RSS subscription) is the slow dedication you show in hanging these bastards.

Keep it up! I don't have the time or energy to spend trouncing these bastards or digging up the dirt like you do, so I leave it someone like you.

Please, don't ever stop.

Sickly Green said...

Most people who worry about the climate haven't got anything really important to worry about instead.

If they had a job they might want to worry about redundancy, if they had a decent home they could worry about paying the mortgage, if they had relationship they could worry about losing the other person.

And if they had a brain, they could worry about not using it properly.

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