Sunday, April 12, 2009

Burying more bad news

Whilst everyone concentrates on the Damian McBride hilarity, via The Ranting King Penguin, it seems that That Cunt Hoon is embroiled in yet another expenses scandal.
Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon paid his wife nearly £70,000 of taxpayers’ money in rent on his constituency office after transferring ownership of the building from his name to hers.

Mr Hoon paid his wife Elaine out of the allowance MPs receive to cover the cost of office accommodation away from Westminster.

I get tired of saying this, but is it really so much to ask that our representatives not be dishonest bastards? This scheme was quite obviously designed to milk the expenses system to the maximum possible point in order to allow Hoon to line his pockets.

It has got to stop. Although this particular scam did stop...
But the couple had to scrap the lucrative arrangement when new rules banned MPs from using the allowance, called the Incidental Expenses Provision, to benefit family members.

Oh dear, poor Hoon: he had to stop some troughing. Never mind...
At that point, Mrs Hoon sold the property to a local businesswoman for £38,000—£14,000 more than her husband had paid for it.

Nice work if you can get it, eh? And all "within the rules" too.

Unfortunately, even though all this was "within the rules", this disgusting little shitebag still felt the need to lie about it—presumably it's reflexive...
Mr Hoon had previously denied ever owning the constituency office in a row of terrace houses in the centre of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

On May 9, 1998, he told a News Of The World reporter: ‘My wife owns that building and always has done.’

That's pretty categorical, eh?
Last night, however, he admitted he had bought the freehold and later transferred it to his wife, using her maiden name on Land Registry documents.

Former barrister Mr Hoon bought the run-down house in 1990. When he became an MP in 1992, he refurbished it and turned it into his office.

A year later, he transferred the freehold to his wife using her maiden name Dumelow on Land Registry forms.

Receipts show he paid her £500 a month rent, which rose to £750 in 1998, though similar properties nearby were said to be available for half the rate.

He told the Commons fees office of the rent rise with a note saying: ‘Please increase the following monthly payments from my office cost allowance. Miss E A Dumelow to £750.’

You fucking lying bastard: you complete and utter Hoon...

UPDATE: oh look, the fucking Speaker's at the trough again, too. What a fucking surprise.
Not only is the Speaker involved in one of those "three home" schemes - renting one, claiming for a second and living in a third - but it's emerged that he and his wife went on a jolly to Dubai courtesy of the taxpayer.

OK, so, it was a trip for Michael Marton and his wife at the taxpayers expense; but why is this in any way important?
The Speaker, in particular, is meant to uphold Parliamentary standards and should, in theory, be beyond reproach. Instead, with the public's faith in the political class at a low ebb, Martin travels in style at our expense. Quite simply, you've got to doubt whether he's fit for the role.

In other words, the man who is supposed to be monitoring whether or not MPs are abusing the expenses system is himself abusing said system.

So, of course he is not fit for the job. He is fit only for a public flogging and equally public hanging.


Hacked Off said...


The Penguin

Rob Farrington said...

He's obviously only being picked on because he's a woman.

Oh, wait...

Martin Meenagh said...

No one is ever a former barrister, unless they are specifically removed by the bar council; the title can be used in all situations apart from those involving the provision of legal services or paid advice to people other than friends or fellow company directors.

I would remind readers other than myself that anyone called to the bar is held to standards by the bar council throughout their life.

It follows that complaints, which are not politically motivated, of dishonesty, should be made to the Bar Council, which may measure them against the code of conduct.

That's what they say, anyway. In the very least, such a report may be embarassing. The telephone number of the bar council, and its website and address in High Holborn, are publicly available.

Martin Meenagh said...

Specifically, should anyone wish to cite the code of conduct, paragraph 301 applies to all barristers, especially 301 (i) on honesty and section 301(iii) on public confidence in the profession.

Dick the Prick said...

If he's been doing £500 (+£250)nicker per month since 1992 then it's a bit more than that.

daggoogle said...

Christ, it's 2009. Just now coming to doubt whether Gorbals Mick is fit for his role is like wondering whether in 1943 it was a good idea to let that chap Hitler annexe the Sudetenland.

Dr Evil said...

Transferring ownership to her and then starting to pay this utter third world corripotion within the rules? Ministers are supposed to be upright, moral individuals with integrity and honesty. Are there any? I don't think Diogenes ever found an honest man. So where are we to look?

2 Mac said...

Greedy, Greedy Bastard. He is the MP for one of the poorest parts of Scotland. He has been on more fucking holidays than Paris Hilton, each time he takes his wife(16 out of 17). This is the same wife who has raked up over £4000 in Taxi costs for her on official visits to the fucking shops. They have 3 houses paid for by the Tax payer. Do these fake socialist parasites have no fucking shame at all. Child poverty in his constituency is 44%, its a drug riddled disaster. Yet he is on fucking holiday. What a cunt.

He has been to Hawaii, Rome, New York. Trough swilling Labour pigs.

Roger Thornhill said...

How can anyone explain that as "not understanding the rules"?

This is not an expense claim, but pre-meditated, down right fraud.

FlipC said...

Oh and of course I'm sure he only used his wife's maiden name on the forms under independent advice to save paperwork and all that bureaucratic red tape; not because he realised he was pulling a fast one on the taxpayers and wanted to try to keep it hidden from them.

Lexander said...

First task for new Conservative govt is to get rid of Martin. Never should have been given the job in any case. No wonder he tried to stop the freedom of information applying to himself and the MPs.

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