Monday, March 30, 2009

Westminster Alphabet

Douglas Carswell publishes the Westminster Alphabet and, whilst he described it to your humble Devil as "the polite version", it is, nevertheless, pretty fucking scathing. Here are a few samples...
  1. is for… Accountable, something many of our MPs are not.

  2. is for… Ballot, the lottery process used to decide which lucky MP gets to ask ministers a question, to maintain the fiction that government is Accountable (see A above).

  3. is for… Commons Committees, and all their spineless, executive-controlled futility.

  4. is for… Directives, the rules (issued despite Westminster) which really decide how Britain's governed.

  5. is for… Executive power, once held by those answerable to Parliament, now in the hands of Quangos (see Q below).

And here's something for Jacqui Smith, Tony McNulty, David Miliband and all of those other thieving shitbags who claim that their defrauding of the taxpayer is entirely "within the rules"...
  1. is for… Not-to-blame, as in “the minister followed official advice”.

And, most viciously of all...
  1. is for… Smug, self-satisfied, self-regarding SW1.

One might conclude that Douglas is not at all impressed with his experiences of Westminster.
  1. is for… The grade I give our broken Westminster system after four years there as an MP.

No, not impressed at all.

And I can't say that I disagree with any of that—indeed, I would be foolish to do so, since Douglas knows the workings of that cesspit so much better than I. Except that I sincerely wish that there were a letter after Z that might demonstrate just how piss-poor your humble Devil considers our Parliamentary system to be.

It is fucked, and we are fucked.


Anonymous said...

T is for the Tower of London.

Once upon a time, there was a Chancellor called John Aislabie and he was soooooo incompetent that he was locked up in the Tower.

Why oh why oh why oh why can't we stick the Monocular Cunt and his Badger-Faced Enabler in the Tower?

aproposofwhat said...

Z is for Zimbabwe - where our economy is heading under the monocular mentalist of the manse.

Anonymous said...

B is for Broon is a Bastard.

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