Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tom Harris and patriotism

I see that Tom Harris is not impressed by Hannan's diatribe against Gordon Brown. Like most NuLabour wankshafts, the man does not address the substantial points raised but displays the most puerile mind I've yet seen.
What was truly repugnant about his speech was the total absence of any sense of patriotism.

I'm sorry, Tom: "lack of..." what? "Patriotism"? The one that is the "last refuge of the scoundrel"?

Lest you forget, sunshine, you are a Scot, representing a Scottish seat. Your country has a Parliament and some fiscal autonomy; and yet you have control over policy in England whilst those MPs that we elect have none in yours.

How dare you talk about patriotism? Fuck off back to Scotland, resign your seat and then we'll talk about patriotism, you shit-stick.
Some Tories on the extreme right of the party share the problem of some Republicans in the States: they don’t regard the head of government to be the nation’s leader unless he or she is also a member of their little party.

First, Gordon Brown is not the Head of State: the monarch is.

Second, the cunt has never been elected as the country's leader so, no, I do not view him as such. Why the fuck should I? I never voted for him, and I have never voted for the Labour Party. In fact, under 22% of the electorate voted for the Labour Party—which was led, at the time, by Tony Blair, who promised to serve the full third term—at the last general election, and I most certainly wasn't one of those anyway. I do not recognise him as leader of the country, even if I believed that any politician could be called such.
Gordon Brown isn’t just Labour’s prime minister; he’s Britain’s prime minister, and for any UK politician to launch such a disgraceful, personal attack on his country’s leader—in a foreign country—is nothing short of disgraceful.

You what? I thought that we were all super Europeans now, Tom; your party has determinedly delivered more and more power to the EU. So, what is more unpatriotic—delivering a powerful criticism of Gordon Brown to the EU Parliament, or signing away our sovereign's power to that same organisation? I'll give you a clue: it's the latter, you thick, Scots cunt.

As Longrider puts it, rather succinctly...
Harris also forgets that this is not a foreign country as such (even though that is where it is based), it is the European parliament, where Hannan is an elected member representing a British constituency during a debate in which the British prime minister made a speech. Therefore, his comments were entirely appropriate. Indeed, he would have been doing his constituents a disservice had he not done so. It’s also worth making the point that Gordon Brown is not my leader, he is my servant and a piss-poor one at that. I’d like to sack him forthwith, but am unable to do so. And, let us be clear here—no one has a duty to be loyal to the prime minister and anyone openly criticising him anywhere is not a lack of patriotism. I am loyal to my country, I openly despise the prime minister and will happily make that clear wherever I happen to be. If we are to talk sedition, squandering the country’s wealth and leaving us with a mountain of debt comes somewhat higher up the tree than open criticism of the person responsible. If we are supposed to respect the office despite the incumbent, then at least let’s have an incumbent who doesn’t bring the office into disrepute.

Quite. Shut the fuck up, you clueless bastard, and bugger off back to Scotland: we are sick of you cunts taking our money for your own country, and then hanging around and telling us what to do.

Piss off, fuckface.


Anonymous said...

The problem the entire Labour Party has always has and will always have is the problem Republicans in the US have: they don't regard anyone as a legitimate head of government unless they're a member of their own party.

I'm only 33 but I well remember the vitriol that Labourist scum poured out against Margaret Thatcher while visiting the so-called "socialist countries" (i.e., the Stalinist dictatorships of the Soviet bloc).

Moreover, given that Labour refuses to stand candidates in Northern Ireland because the party is constitutionally-committed to destroying the Union and selling the British people of Ulster into the slavery of an Irish republic, it's a bit fucking rich for one of those bastards to talk about patriotism.

Labour is an anti-British party. Labour has always been an anti-British party. The state of modern Britain is a direct result of Labour's hatred of this country and their natural affinity for anyone is hostile to us.

Anonymous said...

when a scotchman opens up on patriotism he means scottoih patriotism and hatred of England which is the same thing in scotland

i notice he has never kept his nose out of English things even tho they have their own parliament

Smirking Broon said...

Labour lovers - that diminishing band of lunatics, self-servers, diehard commies and inveterate liars – might now be starting to poo their nappies as the catalogue of Glum Brown's failures slowly comes to light.

The Great Helmsman is proving he isn't either, and furrowed brows must be staring back at Labour minions as they check themselves in the shaving mirror every morning. And I include both males and females here.

Increasingly even this desperate band can't hide the fact that NuLab, and in particular the smirking Brown, are either dishonest or incompetent. Probably both.

Mummy x said...

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn I just heard the nice lady on Sky News say that Gordon/The Tax Payer is gonna cough up another 60(insert illion here)to save another bank. And I wonder why he was hoping for riots today.

Little Red Riding HOON said...

That was the best blogpost I've read in quite some time.

Kudos to you good sir.

Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT
Tom Harris = CUNT

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:37pm

I posted the first comment in this thread and I am indeed a "Scotchman" so you can go fuck yourself, you sub-literate Little Englander shitwit.

Old Holborn said...

"I posted the first comment in this thread and I am indeed a "Scotchman" so you can go fuck yourself, you sub-literate Little Englander shitwit."

Spoken like a true Scottish patriot Sir.

Now go and hit the wife and bairns, get plastered on Buckfast and wake up in the gutter with heroin cold turkey and a broken nose.

Like a proper Scotchman does. The Noo

Chris said...

"Now go and hit the wife and bairns, get plastered on Buckfast and wake up in the gutter with heroin cold turkey and a broken nose."

When attempting racist jokes it's best to focus on one or two cultural stereotypes, instead of clashing them all together.
For instance, getting pissed on buckfast and waking up with heroin withdrawal sounds ill-thought out.

The Bear At The Table said...

I for one find it disgraceful that anyone would have the nerve to insult our glorious Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

Way to go DK - I didn't realise Mr Harris was a Jock - explains a lot when you put the accent on the words - rather Martinesque I think - one of the excellent things about Hannan's moment was the lack of a partisan boob in a wig trying to chuck a bucket of water on the fire - and fire there was in Dan's speech.

Dead right DK - Tom Harris - fuck off back to Scotland - can't we saw it off and float it over to somewhere near the Faeroes?

Old Holborn said...


I'm Scottish.

You don't need to defend the Scots against a Scot.

Fuck off back to Loughborough Poly, the students union bar is open. If you're lucky, you'll pull a first year maths student from Aberdeen. If you're not, she'll pull you


Henry North London 2.0 said...

I love reading DK's posts and vitriol

Tom harris was wondering why he had lost three followers on Twitter today

Honestly some have no insight

Little Red Riding HOON said...

Chris, Scottish people aren't a race you clueless cunt.

Hysteria said...

one of the things I find most depressing is how Britain (and the British) are becoming increasingly intolerant of our cultural heritage - I am English, and proud of that - but very hapy to live with many friends in Scotland.

Let's call out the politicians, denigrate the EU, but can't we leave out the playround name-calling?

Budgie said...

Not only are the Scots not a race they actually came from Ireland. What are now known as "the Scots" are a mish mash of ancient British, Pict, Irish, Viking and English. Pretty much like the English, in fact.

Especially as the Scots loved to raid, plunder,destabilise and eventually settle in, England. So Gordoom isn't the first.

Budgie said...

Tom Harris said: "What was truly repugnant about his speech was the total absence of any sense of patriotism."

Thereby demonstrating both his ignorance of patriotism and the history of his own country.

Patriotism is the devotion to the land of my fathers (from Latin pater=father), not to a politician. Out of his inane ignorance Harris confuses the term patriot with ideologue ie someone who is only loyal to an ideology, like he is to socialism.

He also ignores the English invention of the concept of "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition". That it is perfectly patriotic to oppose the government of the day. Prior to this invention opponents of the government were always 'traitors'. Harris seems stuck in the middle ages.

Fidothedog said...

Anyone else remember this cunt Harris bleating the other year about how well off we all were, could not understand us all moaning?

Fucker keeps quiet about that, as well as censoring his webshyte that the socialist fuckwad he is.

Tom Harris is a weapons grade cunt.

Toque said...

If you want to know just how much of a cunt Tom Harris is, then you should read his justification - as a Scottish MP - for voting on English legislation:

"I am not gay, but I am happy to vote on civic partnerships. Neither am I disabled - does that mean I should not vote on disability rights matters? I am not a woman, so perhaps I should abstain when it comes to abortion issues?"

Dr Evil said...

Hannan just said what a great many people would like to have said to the PM, me included. It was not unpatriotic. it was patriotic to point out to him that he is fucking up the country and should stop immediately.

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