Saturday, March 07, 2009

Slight rest

Your humble Devil must apologise for the silence, but I appear to be suffering from a bout of blog fatigue, induced by watching the calamitous collapse of the economy and our civil rights. What is the fucking point?

Still, even with all of that, I do feel the need to point out a few things of interest. First up, via Obnoxio, what the fucking, fucking, cunting fuck is this fucking shit?
Foreign drivers will have to pay on-the-spot fines of up to £900 for flouting traffic laws under new legislation to be introduced next month.

If they do not have enough cash or a working credit card their vehicles will be clamped until they pay — and they will face an additional £80 release fee.

What the fuck? Nine hundred fucking quid? Has anyone normal got £900 kicking around spare in their bank account? Or on their credit card, for that matter?

After all, the only credit card that I have ever possessed had a maximum limit of a gigantic £300—a third of what one of these cunts would fine me. Isn't there some law about fining people beyond their ability to pay? I'm sure there is.

But it's OK, because it's only those filthy foreigners, isn't it?
The law will also apply to British residents who cannot prove at the roadside that they have a valid address in Britain.

Oh. That's just fucking great.

And what kind of document would you have to show to prove your address, I wonder? An official ID Card, perhaps? Yes, that might do it. But we were told that we wouldn't have to carry them on us at all times: after all, we don't have to carry our driving licence. (And tell me, since MPs have just voted to conceal their constituency addresses, will they be exempt from this law? You betcha!)

There is a reason that any policeman will give you a certain amount of time to present your driving licence after an incident—because it is incredibly silly to carry your fucking licence (or your passport or any other secure document) around with you. And yet now you are going to have to because otherwise these shitstains might clamp your car if you cannot produce such a document there and then. What the fuck?

Oh, wait! I know: they cannot do this because the principle that you cannot be fined without court representation—as enshrined in the 1689 Bill of Rights, I believe—was upheld. They can't do this.

Oh, but... That was the case with parking fines and they simply called them "administration charges" instead. So...
The fines will be described officially as “deposits” when introduced on April 1 because the money would be refunded if the driver went to court and was found not guilty.

Well, fuck me ragged: isn't that a surprise?
The AA said that the new law was long overdue because British drivers had been paying on-the-spot fines on the Continent for many years.

The AA should shut its fucking face. Seriously, we used to laugh at the fascist rules that the Continentals had to endure (when we weren't actively fighting the rulers), not sodding well emulate them.

OK, fuck this: I was going to have a rest but I'm absolutely fucking pissed off now...


Anonymous said...

Well being an ex TIR lorry driver I have to put my tuppence in on this.
We`ve had this for years on the continent.It really is like a surety or bail bond to appear in court.The practicality of it is that you dont bother because you`ll lose too much time and expense turning up, so the country concerned keeps your cash.
So for money I want it, to help even out the rigged market that I traded in.
I realise this may look different to a car driver, but have you noticed how foreign drivers seem to not care for the laws of our country while they`re here. I dont blame them. My adherence to the regulations in a foreign country was commensurate with how likely I was to get caught and the severity of the authority.
There was a Foreign vehicles and drivers act years ago, where our police or ministry would detain them and put them before a hastily arranged magistrates court sometimes the next day, but the EU rules that this is discriminatory and some of the drivers said they had no time to prepare their defences.
I must end by telling everyone I can that British hauliers pay taxes and tolls in every country they are in. Foreign drivers pay nothing here, not anything towards their "track costs". You do.

Anonymous said...

Nobody will be bothered because there aren't any fucking traffic police anyway

Patrick said...

"OK, fuck this: I was going to have a rest but I'm absolutely fucking pissed off now..."

Oh dear, poor Devil, your rest was seemingly short lived..

You know frankly its not worth getting your blood boiled over this stuff.. They are always going to pull these fast ones, because that is the nature of democracy.. It never fails to amaze me how the twisted mind of a politician works.. Divide & rule, command & conquer.. is their silent mantra..

Prodicus said...

See what happens when you turn your back?

Jock Coats said...

Why is the AA any longer quoted on this sort of stuff. It's not like it's a mutual association for the defence of drivers any longer. Primeira saw to that. It's just a breakdown recovery organization that forays into financial services.

Dr Evil said...

About time too. These bastards don't pay road tax or any tolls, but they do contribute to the damage to our roads, especially the trucks, most of which are defective in some way according to the on the spot examinations of their tyres, breaks et al. Having nearly been side swiped 3 times by bastard left hand drive trucks on the A14 I welcome any measure to make thse drivers more careful. We as a nation are pretty good drivers compared to our continental friends. Have you ever driven in Italy or Spain? So anything to make these foreign driuvers, especiually truckers, take more care is a good thing. The £900 is a scare tactic to concentrate the mind.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the fatigue, DK.

I hear an item on the radio, get all angry and think about a blog post and then think, "Ahh fuck, what's the point."

The bastards are starting to wear us down.

Anonymous said...

The trucks could be treated as a seperate category to cars.
For a start, they have to carry a bit more paperwork than car drivers passports to get across is one and EU permits the other.
If our police and VOSA had their mobile computer systems capable of storing foreign registrations and drivers names (I know this means that our establishment would actually have to acknowledge citizens from other countries in the world ) Then they could be detained in their next trip over here.
At the same time we could introduce a vignette system, so that foreign trucks pay for their road use while they are here.

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