Sunday, March 22, 2009

MP fraud update

Tony McNulty: liar, hypocrite and fraud.

It seems, via The Ranting King Penguin, that Tony McNulty has been happily fleecing the taxpayer for all that he is worth. And yes, it's the second homes scam again.
Senior Labour minister Tony McNulty has admitted claiming £60,000 of expenses on his parents' home.

The employment minister is the latest MP to be caught claiming the Common's controversial "additional costs allowance" for a property that is not strictly his home.

Mr McNulty lives with his wife Christine Gilbert in a house she owns in Hammersmith, three miles from Westminster. Yet the minister has been claiming up to £14,000 a year in parliamentary expenses to help pay for another house he owns in Harrow, 11 miles from the Commons, in which his parents live.

Mr McNulty accepted that his use of taxpayers' money for the property looked odd.

Looks "odd"? "Odd"?

It doesn't look "odd", you disgusting shithole: it looks like you have been defrauding the taxpayer—and that most certainly isn't "odd" amongst you and your heinously corrupt colleagues. As far as I can see, stealing the product of our toil is pretty much par for the fucking course amongst you sacks of shit.
The MP can claim the money because the house is in his Harrow constituency and so qualifies him for the second home allowance.

Except that Harrow is in London and so he should not be entitled to claim a second home; his house is in fucking London for fuck's sake! And the expenses system is not there to pay for your fucking parents to live the high life, you hideous, corrupt little fuck.
After the arrangement was disclosed by the Mail on Sunday this weekend, Mr McNulty announced that he had decided to stop claiming the money, which he has benefited from since becoming an MP in 1997.

As far as I am concerned, this is an admission of guilt: if you were doing nothing wrong, then why have you decided to stop this arrangement now that it has been exposed?
And he said that all 131 MPs for constituencies in the south east of England who live within commuting distance of Westminster should not claim the allowance.

You fucking hypocrite, McNulty: how dare you? How fucking dare you?
Mr McNulty, who is also Minister for London, said: "There are senior shadow frontbench figures who live five miles further away from Westminster than me who claim the lot."

So? So fucking what? Two wrongs—or 646 wrongs—do not make a right. If there are others claiming this allowance when they should not, let's expose them too. But it does not excuse your fraud, you fucking shit.

At a time when your boss, that one-eyed Scottish idiot, is telling us that "markets must have morals", you bunch of thieving shysters are busy scamming the taxpayer for as much as you can get. And it's not as though you are even filling your boots in recognition that you are shortly to be decimated in a general election: you, McNulty, have been carrying on this fraud for twelve. Fucking. Years.

At £14,000 per year, that means that you have defrauded the taxpayer to the tune of some £168,000. To put that in perspective, McNulty, it would take someone on the minimum wage—those poor workers whom you claim to represent—over fourteen years to earn just the money that you have unfairly claimed for this one allowance. Except that you pay no tax on your allowances, do you, Tony? Unlike the poor bastards on the minimum wage who pay income tax on earnings over five and a half grand, and NICs even before that.

And how many other scams are you running, eh?

Why isn't this man in prison? And why aren't Jacqui Smith and Alastair Darling also rotting in some filthy cell?

Between them, these three ministers have scammed hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money: they have defrauded the taxpayer and, it seems, that they will escape without even a slap on the wrist. Why? Why are they not in court?

These bastards deserve to be fucking hanged.

IN OTHER NEWS: a couple who defrauded the taxpayer of a mere £40,000 go to clink. Truly, it's one rule for the law-makers and another for the proles. They must all hang: all of the looters, the moochers and the corrupt. Hang. Them. All.

UPDATE: Guido elaborates on the changing rules...
Guido wants to remind readers that the parliamentary committee set up to review the system—following repeated exposure of MPs defrauding the taxpayers—is recommending that the rules be changed to make the fiddle permissable. MPs deciding MPs should continue to be able to get away with ripping off the taxpayers. They really do like to stick their snouts in the taxpayer’s trough and crap it out on the public.

When the cash-for-honours spree was coming up, Guido was trying to raise money for a private prosecution. I'm not sure that that was ever going to happen, but could we not bring a private prosecution against some of these cunts? Their frauds are quite blatant, and surely illegal. And besides, there is a moral question at stake: if we, the defrauded, do not use the law to prosecute those who steal our money, then what is the point of the law?

If Guido will not do it, your humble Devil is tempted. Would any lawyers out there care to email and give me some guidance on whether such a prosecution would be feasible, and how much it might cost?


Anonymous said...

Its all very well telling us that you think its time to actually hang these vermin, but wouldn't it be more useful to actually do it?

By not following up with the threat, all that is happening is that they get away with it - and life goes on - they are certainly not being prosecuted by the law for their crimes.

Is there a Rorschach among your readership?

Unsworth said...

Too fucking right! Thieving treacherous bastard(s). You can bet that this man's parents 'know nothing' about the arrangement.

Honesty, honour, integrity, scruples? What the fuck does this sworn 'Minister of State' know of them? No, what he's truly excellent at is manipulation, deviousness and outright theft.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

Well said.

If I see him in the street he's going down.

Anonymous said...

If you were to go ahead with a private prosecution I'd throw in a couple of hundred £!


Martin Meenagh said...

Devil, first you would have to find a basis on which to prosecute these people, given that they are appropriating parliamentary money in what is probably a licit way on parliamentary business; and then, even if you found one, the Crown Prosecution Service has the right to take over any private prosecution, and discontinue it, or proceed as they see fit. And they would.

This country's decline is now well past ear-popping and stomach-churning. I can't think of a word for it. Was this what it was like before the French Revolution?

Anonymous said...

Tony McNulty is a joke! He has failed to live up to the spirit of the rules and taken every opportunity to manipulate the system to his advantage. God help us for having such public servants who are NOT squeaky clean. Tony McNulty is hardly ever at Harrow East surgeries, takes anywhere between 3- 6 months to give appointments to meet constituents and then either fails to turn up or cancels appointments with very little notice. This bloke doesn't use his parent's Harrow Residence for Parliamentary duties. Shame on you Tony for not saying sorry and for NOT returning the money you have unjustly over-claimed - it's people like you that bring this country to it's economic knees. Very very bad judgment on your part!

Anonymous said...

It's too late - one look at the self-regarding, talentless pillocks in Westminster makes it clear that nothing is going to change. It's obvious that they really think they're gifted people who work as hard as the rest of us and that we should be happy to stuff money and privilege down their throats as if they were geese having their liver fattened. How many of them have ever done any real work? We now have a political class, and it's behaving like political classes do all over the world - just look at the European parliament. We used to look down on Italy's political system, but ours is beginning to resemble it more and more - arrogant, semi-educated twats making mistake after mistake but never admitting any error, vomiting a stream of useless initiatives and action plans, feathering their own nest and creating a bloated, overpaid public sector on the back of hard-working wage-earners, innovative entrepreneurs and exploited business-people, all of whom regard their government as a sick joke, an embarrassment and a hindrance to progress.
God help us all.

Woman on a Raft said...

Is that the Tony McNulty who is the government's anti-fraud minister?

If so, in the Sunday Mercury Feb 22 2009, he said of benefits cheats in Stoke:

Tony McNulty, Anti-Fraud Minister, told the Sunday Mercury: “The cost of benefit fraud now stands at around £800 million per year.Although that’s £1.3 billion less than in 2001, it is still £800 million too much. We have made substantial progress tracking down fraud and will continue to do so by using the most up-to-date investigation techniques to tackle this unacceptable crime. Benefit thieves take money intended for the most vulnerable in our society. Quite rightly, the public get angry about such anti-social behaviour and with their support we are closing in on these thieves.”
Source: Taxpayers Alliance

Previously, when a Mr Riley snagged £30k over three years:

"After the case, employment and welfare reform minister Tony McNulty said: 'Lying to the DWP to get money you aren't entitled to is a crime. Expecting to get away with it is criminally stupid. This man thought he could live a life of Riley at the taxpayers' expense. He was wrong. Our investigators caught up with him and now he'll face the penalty for his crimes."
Source Daily Mail 8 Nov 2008

And then I got bored going through the google search on "tony mcnulty" "benefits cheats" to find all the similar statements he has given about cracking down on fraudulent claims.

Of course, as many commenters have pointed out, if you are an MP you CAN live the life of Riley at the taxpayers' expense. It's your yuman right, innit.

Anonymous said...

What - no mention on the beeb tonight?

Woman on a Raft said...

It's worth mentioning this Tony McNulty classic:

Voice-recognition lie detectors are to be used by two Welsh councils in an attempt to crack down on benefit fraud.A pilot scheme was initially introduced among seven English councils, but has been extended and includes Wales for the first time.

DWP Minister of State Tony McNulty said: "We're doing more than ever before to tackle benefit fraud, and the use of more sophisticated technology, such as voice recognition, just goes to show how determined we are to catch these criminals. At the moment we are only piloting this technology for a period of 12 months in 18 local authorities, at the end of which we will assess its effectiveness and make a decision as to whether it should be introduced across the whole country. The use of voice recognition is not meant to intimidate people. Its sole purpose is to catch people stealing money that could otherwise be used for schools and hospitals. So far, since April, we've sanctioned more than 2,000 people in Wales for benefit fraud. The message is clear - we're closing in on benefit cheats, and we will continue to do so."

Source: ">BBC news Thurs 4 Dec 2008

Moral imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Employment Minister teaches country how to Fiddle Expenses to the detriment of Employer and country

Roger Thornhill said...

And where is Harridan's "Court of Public Opinion" now?

Hypocrites. Hypocrites in possession of a demagentised moral compass.

McNumptie just cannot blow this one off.

Anonymous said...

was this what it was like before they stormed the Bastille? Interesting thought - you would think that given the communications we have now a revolution could be organised. But I guess I can't be arsed.

Anonymous said...

Labour is a criminal enterprise. This is not hyperbole but fact. It is hand-in-glove with organised crime throughout this country - just ask Speaker Mick Martin about the backroom deals between him, his son and the Springburn drug dealers or Mohammed Sarwar, his eldest and the Pakistani drug dealers and extortionists.

Compared to some of the shit Labour is up to in Glasgow, in Liverpool, in Birmingham, the mere act of defrauding the taxpayer is small fucking potatoes.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You can put me down for ten quid.

Anonymous said...

Whlist I loath any abuse of taxpayers money. I have a grudging respect for the yachting, scuba diving couple.

Thieves they are but at least they spent our money wisely and got genuine value from it, which is more than we would have got had the government spent it.

Dr Evil said...

My old dad always used to say that MPs should be honourable. Honourable enough that when caught out acting dishonourably they resign. Time and again these sleazebags get caught with their hands in the till and they just say that it is within the rules, rules they make up. But with a constituency in London it makes these rules look what they are. A license for piggy wiggy troughing taxpayers money.

As for this oversight committee made up of MPs what do we expect them to say? There needs to be an independent committee which oversees these rules and which can draw up more sensible ones with the power to rusticate any bastard over stepping the line. there was a parliamentary watchdog a few years ago, but she was assiduous in her job and was hounded out of office by the government. They can be very nasty, as the chappie the News of the Screw just crucified. A lesson in playing ball and no mistake!

Jon said...

A snippet, translated into McNultyese:

"... income tax on earnins over five and a half grand ..."

Anonymous said...

I thought I would include a copy of my letter:

Dear Mr McNulty,

Your stance on the your second homes allowance would be funny if you were not defrauding the taxpayer in the name of your questionable services to the country. I can only conclude that you hold the British public in complete contempt. If you had any credibility at all you would resign (and shoot yourself in the head) by way of reconciliation.

Your biggest fan.

Malcolm Jones

p.s. I hope your parents have bought some nice new curtains.

Anonymous said...


I guess that under HR legislation a tax payer could bring about a civil case for unjust enrichment. HR is all encompassing.

I am not a lawyer.

If any lawyer would like to comment pse do so.

I am sure we could raise £1m in the blogosphere to fund a civil suit all the way to HoL and in the process bankrupt McNulty.

It would be our collective revolt against this thieving piece of scum and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

I'm down for a donation if this goes ahead

Shug Niggurath said...

Here's a (drunken) thought.

Twenty volunteers per politician turn up at their door, no excuses, just tell them times up and fucking hang the cunt at the nearest lamppost.

One week later announce that we need new politicians and invite candidates.

Hang all of them for seeking power too.

Do you see?

We need to make it a salaried job with a dormitory system and ryanair style flights home.

The problem is that over the years the cunts have managed to convince themselves that they are important in their own right rather than representatives of the constituency.

But aye, fuckem, killemall

Anonymous said...

Tony McNulty must repay the full £60,000 and not simply the £13,000 recommended by the Public Committee on Standards. Remember that one has to earn at least £100,000 before tax to take home £60,000 - this means Tony McNulty actually stole £100,000, not £60,000. He must quit his post as MP for Harrow East (where he's done little good and keeps sending these stupid leaflets about how he will continue to improve the Borough - more like how he will continue to milk the system). What does Tony McNulty take us for? We are NOT going to let him carry on as an MP for Harrow East! And by the way, I hope Scotland Yard takes this case seriously now that the Committee on Standards has ruled against Tony McNulty! No more milking the system Tony - just repay the full £60,000 + interest at the court's judgment rate and then get a civilian job and we'll see how long you last in the private sector!

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