Saturday, March 07, 2009

Margot leads the women of the world!

Via Timmy, it seems that the ever fragrant Margot Wallstrom has issued a clarion call to women all over the world—sorry, not the world, the EU only. The rest of the world are not wanted in this fantastic European paradise that our Commissioners have build for us—to rise up and follow her into the land of milk and honey! [Isn't that the EU?—Ed.]
Today I leave for Liberia...

Any chance you'll stay there, you dumb bitch...?
... where I will be taking part in an international conference this weekend organised by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a woman I greatly admire.

Fucking hell: she must be truly awful.
I was very pleased to be able to respond positively to her invitation to contribute...

Why can't you just say that you were happy to accept? Why does everything that you say have to be communicated in management-speak bollocks?
International participants including female heads of state and government, ministers, CEOs, presidents and executive directors, and NGO and community leaders will share best practices on leadership, economic empowerment, security issues and influencing climate change and sustainable development.

Fucking hell, Margot, you are such a pompous cunt. Oh, and tell me: was Lady Thatcher invited?
I think our problems here in the Western world pale into insignificance when compared with the challenges faced by women in the developing world. I count my blessings that I have not had to bring my children up in a war zone, or in a place with sporadic electricity, no clean water or where disease is rampant. Illness associated with dirty water alone kill between 5 and 12 million people a year, mostly women and children.

"Which is why we in the EU do our very best to ensure that those dirty little Africans and other miserable Developing World scum do not have any kind of free access to our vast and (still. Just about) rich markets by benevolently shoving large tariffs on their products in order to shore up our own inefficient producers.

"It then pleases us to use that money to pay for our vaccinations so that when we visit their grubby little countries, to patronise them about their desperate lives, we don't pollute any of our pure Aryan blood with their filthy diseases."
Women simply must be brought more fully into the world’s decision making processes. As Ruth Sunderland said recently in the Observer, women are the single biggest – and least acknowledged – force for economic growth on the planet.

Really. A woman espoused her entirely personal view that women are the biggest force for... Oh, for fuck's sake, why didn't she just pluck up the courage to ask her boss for a fucking pay rise?
Women have contributed more to the expansion of the world economy than either new technology or the emerging markets of China and India.

You fucking what? Women have contributed more to the expansion of the world economy than new technology? Are you insane?

All of the data in this country, as Timmy has argued many times, show that women are more concerned with things other than making money—they are more prevalent in part-time jobs, for instance, because they value the time to do other things over and above the competitive (and narrow) focus on making money.

Which is, of course, relevent to this load of fresh, stinking horseshit...
And women take a much wider, and more sensible, view on security - not just big guns and men in green; look to health, education, jobs, shared wealth and a preserved environment!

Fucking hellski... What kind of bullshit is this? It could be argued that women are more concerned with "shared wealth" but I seriously doubt that they are any more eager to share their own than men are.

A quick straw poll of women in my vicinity right now (just one, as it happens) has brought the considered opinion that I am right and Margot is absolutely fucking wrong.

Besides, Margot, are you seriously arguing that men and women are, in fact, rather different in temperament—you know, biologically and on a genetic level? That's very brave of you.

Personally, I would argue that—but I am not the one imposing "equality" laws (by which we mean "positive discrimination laws" on hundreds of millions of people).
With the global financial and economic crisis looming over us all, and the creeping threat of climate change, how much longer can we go on ignoring the brainpower and experience of half of the population when taking political decisions that affect all of our futures?

Well, have you ever tried not taking said political decisions and just leaving people the fuck alone to get on with their lives, you camel-toed twat?
If I have learned one thing from my years in politics...

... it's that it beats working for a living?

Nope. No chance of the truth from Margot...
... it is that individuals can make a difference and that the world can be changed.

But in whose image, Margot? Who the fuck are you to change my world if I don't desire that change, eh? What makes you morally better than me, you screeching harpy?

Why don't we pull some notable names who changed the world, eh? Names such as Stalin, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Lenin and Hitler. Or, just for you, toots, Imelda "death by shoes" Marcos or Winnie "fancy a necklace" Mandela?
I call on all the bright young and not so young women out there to get involved.

So, you don't want the stupid women involved, eh? The stupid ones, presumably, should stay at home and shut the fuck up.

So why don't you, Margot? Why don't you stay at home and shut the fuck up, you hideous piece of crap?
For the benefit of all of us, women’s voices must be heard locally, at regional, national and global level and we must have seats at the Cabinet tables and in the boardrooms of the world.

Why the bloody hell would you think that women want to? Perhaps women are better than men in that they don't want to control the lives of everyone else on the planet? Perhaps women, by nature, do not feel the need to dominate people in the manner of the alpha male? Have you ever considered that?

Even if none of that were the case, have you ever considered that you, Margot—a woman who was appointed as a Commissioner after being shit at the job that you were elected to do, and who now spends her time ensuring that those in the Developing World remain grubbing around in the muck of poverty, that the great and inventive minds of all the world are shackled by ruinous regulations and who has grown fat and smug on the backs of the toil of better people—might not be the role model that women would choose for themselves?

Have you ever considered that you might be an aberration—a fascist freak, a disgusting anomaly, a totalitarian grotesque, a monstrous mutant?

Fuck off and die, you pathetic, old cow. Or get yourself a dick.

I don't mind which.


Anonymous said...

waaa ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

"..All of the data in this country, as Timmy has argued many times, show that women are more concerned with things other than making money—they are more prevalent in part-time jobs, for instance, because they value the time to do other things over and above the competitive (and narrow) focus on making money..."

Kipling (as usual) got it dead right:

"But the Woman that God gave him, every fibre of her frame
Proves her launched for one sole issue, armed and engined for the same;
And to serve that single issue, lest the generations fail,"

and so on. Women are interested in ensuring the continual survival of our society and species. Many men seem to be anxious to destroy it...

Anonymous said...

Shitheads like this bitch can talk all they like. But human nature will not be changing anytime soon.

Patrick said...

There is something insidiously hideously statist and left wing about the contemporary woman's movement (post wolfe).. Which indeed does seem to exclude the likes of Thatcher, Ayn Rand from their little club of fembots..

I have all the respect in the world for women.. But when it comes to statists, male or female.. Minds for which in my opinion have rotted from the inside out.. Woman have indeed emancipated themselves from the need of men.. However they have melded themselves as an inseparable partner to the state.. For which they will happily mete all manner of punishment to them that do not obey.. No longer are they the prisoner of a bad marriage they are now the prisoner of the state for which they must coo and assuage their master as a means to receiving less beatings..

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." - Marx

"Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and a Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism." — Toward a Feminist Theory of the State, Catharine A. MacKinnon, 1989, First Harvard University Press Page 10.

FemScum are the most sexist, discriminating pieces of Marxist shit to ever pretend to even know what freedom is. Just another limb of the global socialist one world government octopus, to destabilise families and turn women against men.

Another bunch of scum that needs to mind their own fucking business, but then I guess they would have to get real jobs, wouldn't they.

Chris said...

This women as Godly, men as wankers stuff all sounds like female chavinist pig stuff to me. For instance, my dear old mum shoved me hardest and furthest into being a working class male stereotype when I was a kid. Don't cry. Don't like pretty things. Don't show your emotions. Be tough.

Perhaps it feeds some primeval need in the "hand that rocks the cradle" to bring men up to be "fierce hunter/protectors", or, in the modern day, emotionally stunted twats?

I also read once that "women are co-operative, men are competitive". Fucking hell - I worked night shifts on hospital wards with mainly female stuff for over twenty years, and the sheer bloody warfare that used to go on between the vast majority of them! You wouldn't believe it!

Margot Wallstrom simply proves that some women are very fond of bumming up their own gender (you get it with blokes too - amazingly - yes, we're part of the same RACE!) and depends on crap statistics and old fashioned chivalry and mother complexes amongst the male sex not to be challenged.

IanPJ said...

Made our position clear a few days ago on her forum.

It is my view that very fact you think that you need a debate about this warrants a serious look at the use of 'equalities' legislation overall.

In every case where 'equalities' are given as the reason for legislation and rules, it essentially promotes the EU policy of divide and rule. It sets one group upon another, singles out special interest groups and makes them believe that they have a need above that of the population in general.

In my view it is divisive, not cohesive.

It goes a long way to explain just how daft the entire concept of 'equalities' is. You can never ever please everyone. The very idea of just choosing the best person for the job escapes some of those who purport to lead.

The Libertarian Party UK will not be driven in any way to socially engineer candidate lists. We do not recognise that any group has precedence over the ability of a candidate to do the job of representing ALL of their constituents.

That same theme runs through all of our policies, to ensure that we recognise the commonality in everyone rather than their differences, to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity in life because of who they are, not what they are.

There will be no gender lists in the Libertarian Party, there will be no Gay lists, ethnic lists, or any other kind of minority list other than the ability list.

We will not play this politically correct game of divide and rule.

Ian Parker-Joseph
Leader - Libertarian Party UK (LPUK)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully done DK. I am a simple female and I couldn't be arsed to fisk this shit. I just loves the way she moans about being tired, not getting enough skiing, popping off to Liberia and then laments how hard life is for a woman in the real world. Jeez. I had never heard of Margot before this, and I do hope it's a long time before I hear from her again. I'm quite happy to stand up for my rights, ta, as long as I don't have to stand next to a minge-bag like that.

Anonymous said...

Find a socialist and you get 'shitspeak' about the 'shitgeist' and/or Unwin talk, as practised by Prescot.

Anonymous said...

"Women have contributed more to the expansion of the world economy than either new technology or the emerging markets of China and India"

Well women do spend most of the money, so she is right in a way. But I doubt if that was her reasoning.

"And women take a much wider, and more sensible, view on security - not just big guns and men in green; look to health, education, jobs, shared wealth and a preserved environment!"

Oh yes they certainly agree with sharing the wealth. Taxpayers wealth in the form of benefits. Taxpayers again for greater use of the NHS. And of course maintenance payments from ex husbands and boyfriends.

She also seems to suggest that women are all peace-loving, and that if it wasn't for men there would be no wars. Utter bollocks!
Many in the Suffragette movement put their campaign on hold during WW1 so they could hand out white feathers to men who weren't in the army. And has she not seen the mother's of suicide bombers saying how wonderful their son was to die whilst murdering people?.

Women are just as bloodthirsty as men.

Why to twats like her insist onputting people in labelled boxes marked either "good", or "bad"?

Well I know why. I just wish the cunts would fucking stop.

Anonymous said...

That level of hatred...I have to ask; were you married to her at any point?

Anonymous said...

"Why to twats like her insist onputting people in labelled boxes marked either "good", or "bad"?"

Because they are too stupid to comprehend nuance. It must be black or white, this group or that. Ironically, feminists would claim this is as a very male way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

This is more like it.
It's grand to see you back on your broomstick where you belong.

Vicola said...

Actually you're wrong, I'm a woman and I'd love a place on the cabinet because as far as I can see you do fuck all but mouth off about shite all day long, go on a few foreign jaunts for no particular reason and earn 5 times what I earn in salary and perks for doing it. Can't be bad, count me in.

Quite why this horn-toed witch thinks men and women are so utterly different is beyond me. Clearly she has not yet grasped that women are not a homogenous lump of humanity, they are all individuals and have vastly differing views, beliefs and personalities. Why can't anyone in politics at the moment figure that out?

Anonymous said...

Interesting exercise: take Wallstrom's remarks and replace 'women' with 'men'.

My golly, it sure does sound sexist as hell when ya do that....

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