Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hypocrisy, stupidity and the rewriting of history...

"No, no. Look, I am afraid that you're wrong: I am, in fact, this much of a cunt."

... it must be another piece of advice from Gordon fucking Brown.
"Only government can make the markets work in the public interest and not their own interest," Mr Brown told the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee.

Shut your fucking face, you devious fucking cunt: the only interest governments will force markets to work in is the interests of the politicians. And if you think that the politicians work in the public interest, you are the stupidest, most ignorant fucktard on this planet. And a twat to boot.
He added: "We believe that markets need not just money men but morals, that being fair matters far more than being laissez-faire and that banks must always serve the public, not just serve themselves."

You... You... I... Aaaaargh! Markets don't have morals, you fucknuts. A market is simply what happens when a collection of entities come together to trade—they do not have morals any more than a coven has morals. The only morals that a market has are the morals of those individuals participating in that market—and they are not homogenous, even though you stinking, corrupt, brain-washing, bastard politicians have been trying to achieve that aim for some time.

And as for banks serving the public rather than themselves... Have you never read Adam Smith, you thick cunt? Never heard of the invisible hand? Shall I quote the relevent passage to you, you pig-ignorant moron?
It is not from the benevolence of the butcher the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity, but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities, but of their advantages.

Get it? No, I fear not. How about I bash it into your hideous, deformed, twitching fucking face with this utterly moral-free hammer?
In particular, Mr Brown wants regulators to insist that banks take a more "prudent" approach to capital reserves, setting aside more money during years of growth to protect them against possible slumps in the future.

Really. First, let me quote Timmy on what happened in the past.
Well, yes, but there’s still some small voice at the back of my head telling me that it was Brown, as Chancellor, who changed the tax laws thus discouraging the banks from "over provisioning".

Second, may I just say, "physician, heal thyself, you stinking cunt." How dare you lecture anyone—anyone!—on saving money in the good times against the bad?

Over the good years, you have taken our money—the product of our toil—and pissed it up the wall on buying votes and financing your pet projects; and now, when it has all gone tits up—something that you maintained would never happen again (not that anyone believed you then, for it was vainglorious hubris)—you have borrowed insane amounts of money—our future toil and that of our sons and daughters—to shore up your crumbling edifice and your waning popularity.

You fucking disgust me. And, also, I suspect that you are, in fact, certifiably mental; all of this stuff that you are railing against—you did this, you fuckwit! Only a madman could possibly airbrush his own history in such a way and believe that everyone else had forgotten it too.
Britain's Financial Services Authority will next month outline proposals for more "prudential regulation".

Really. Is that the sound of the bolt sliding home long after the thoroughbreds have fled into the dark night? Yes, I think it may be.

Fucking hellski...


Patrick said...

Indeed, these are dark days Devil.. I often wonder if we are in fact in a modern dark age.. The mere fact that Brown can say such stupid things without questioning, only seems to prove the general ignorance within the populace about pure markets being voluntary..

Rather than religion being at the forefront of this mental illness, but rather statism being the systemic cause itself..

Jon said...


Sue said...

I take it you're narked :)

Prodicus said...

You've nailed it.

He really believes that we believe him when he tells what he wants us to believe. If he thinks we are that credulous, his credulity is incredible.

John Pickworth said...

Steady on DK...

Don't forget the Dear Chancellor PM Unelect, is one of the keenest economic minds this side of Watford and the best one since the Jurasic Period to boot.

He must know what he's doing? Doesn't he?

Mitch said...

The worst part is that he will probably get away with it because most people really are that stupid.

North Northwester said...

Only government can make children want to play in the snow, only government can make teenage boys feel randy, only government can make football more attractive to husbands than shelving unit assembly.


Hacked Off said...

He's the Saviour Of The World, how can you be so blasphemous as to criticise Him?

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

Yep ...on the mark.I can no longer listen to, or watch any member of this government. Every thing they say or do is an affront.They have systematically wrecked everthing I believe.Their economic commonsense is non-existent(Darling-business rates..a recipe for bankruptcy),their racial policy is farcial,the wars and the treatment of our soldiers an international disgrace.The list is endless.Everything they touch turns to shit.National bankruptcy is now a real possibility.Churchill had it absolutely right...'socialism the philosophy of failure.'

Dominic Allkins said...

I'm with Max - I can no longer bear to listen to or watch any member of this government. I end up wanting to put a boot thru the TV or throw the radio out of the window if I have to. And it's a bit fucking rich for Brown to say that the banks should have built up their reserves when times were good. Cunt.

A Libertarian's Perspective

Anonymous said...

Dominic Allkins...a lot of people are now coming round to your way of thinking.

My grandfather, an avowed socialist hated Thatcher with a passion. He's sit in his favourite chair berating her every time she appeared on the news: "How dare she, how dare she show her face on our television. Wicked woman" Then he'd cough his emphysemic cough and sit back in his chair and sigh.

I now know how he felt I feel the same about Brown and the rest of those fucking Labour morons.

Anonymous said...

Ordinary people know he is a lying cunt. Much of the problem lies with the media's lack of balls. How often have you heard a politician been interviewed about something, and they rarely ask the obvious questions? You are wanting to know about it, most other people are wanting to know about it. But the useless tax sucking journo seems blissfully unaware of how to nail the cunt.

Anonymous said...

Much of the media are in the same racket. Almost the entire BBC, establishment newspapers like the Guardian, Times and the Independent - they are drawn from the same class.

Add in the Lobby System, which has made pets of the press, and the huge cutbacks in newspaper staffing and it is no wonder that the MSM is institutionally incapable of exposing this government's lies and disasters.

Anonymous said...

"In particular, Mr Brown wants regulators to insist that banks take a more "prudent" approach to capital reserves, setting aside more money during years of growth to protect them against possible slumps in the future."

What, like he did for 10 years as Chancellor with the government finances?

If it weren't so tragic, this would be too funny for words.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown: The most disgusting, ugly, hopeless, ignorant, self regarding, moronic, pig-shit-thick, idiotic, bullying, cowardly, slack jawed, dribbling,nail chewing CUNT to ever disgrace the role of Prime Minister. May he rot in hell for what he has done to this country but I doubt even Satan himself would be able to put up with such despicable sack of shit as Gordon Brown for longer than five minutes.

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