Sunday, March 08, 2009

A fresh attack on drivers

And whilst our economy crashes around us and the government carries on bankrupting the country, the state has unveiled a fresh bit of interference.
THE government is to cut the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph on most of Britain’s roads, enforced by a new generation of average speed cameras.

The reduction , to be imposed as early as next year, will affect two thirds of the country’s road network. Drivers will still be able to reach 70mph on motorways and dual carriageways and 60mph on the safest A roads.

Oh for fuck's sake...

As The Englishman points out, this is the government believing that they know better than I do about how to drive.
Yes, you statist bastard I do think it is "a further attack and a restriction on people’s freedom", the problem is specific drivers driving dangerously in specific places. But your answer is a blanket ban on everyone everywhere enforced by surveillance technology which will alienate large numbers of ordinary people, because you don't trust ordinary people to make any decision. You think that sitting in Whitehall you know better than I do what the appropriate speed is for the road in front of my eyes is.

Those on the public payroll are happy to dawdle around, but those actually trying to earn their living need to get a move on. Are you actually trying to provoke the middle classes to riot, because if they do I hope your scrawny neck gets to have a set of jump leads wrapped around it.

Yes. And yes, they are trying to provoke the middle classes to riot...
Jim Fitzpatrick, the roads minister, defended the plan, which will be the most dramatic cut since 1978, when the national speed limit was reduced from 70mph to 60mph.

“There will be some in the driving lobby who think this is a further attack and a restriction on people’s freedom,” he said.

It is, you hideous cunt: of course it is. And these average speed cameras are fucking disgusting: how dare you attempt to monitor my every mile driven?
“But when you compare that to the fact we are killing 3,000 people a year on our roads, it would be irresponsible not to do something about it. I’m sure that the vast majority of motorists would support the proposals.”

Really? In that case, Jim, why don't you have a referendum on it? Or, at the very least, why not put it in your manifesto for the next election, eh?

Because you know very well that the "vast majority of motorists" would not support these proprosals, you lying bastard.
Fitzpatrick said: “If you look at the figures on rural roads, there are disproportionately more people dying there than on any other roads. The nature of some rural roads, with dips and bends and difficult conditions, means that the 60mph limit is not enough.”

Look, you disgusting little shit, I know that you are used to being driven around by a fucking chauffeur at our expense, but what happens when normal people drive on a road that is too winding for 60mph is to fucking well slow the fuck down.

Why do we do this? Because we do not want to be involved in an accident because we might be killed, or total our car. Do you see, you fucking twat?
The 50mph proposal will be laid out in a consultation document to be published in the early summer.

Oh, right. Yes, I think that we know what kind fucking consultation document that will be, don't we? Yes, it will be like the recent smoking one, highlighted by my colleague, in which the opinions of those who oppose the proposals will disappear into thin air whilst the responses that will count will be those of fake charities—such as Brake (£70,991 from taxpayers) and Living Streets (67% state-funded)—who support the government proposals.

When will the revolution come? And perhaps we should storm Westminster: after all, the government will find it difficult to enact the Civil Contingencies Act if they are swinging from lamp-posts...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Of course, out of the approx 3,000 deaths only a small number are purely down to speeding.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, like you, I truly wish we could kill off this government. If there were to be a situation where we collectively achieve the goal of regaining our country for ourselves, then I hope someone asks me to be one of the executioners. I don't think I would have any compunction in either shooting them in the back of the head, or kicking the stool from under their feet.

Old Holborn said...

The revolution WILL come, DK


Patience my pretty. If we're going to have a revolution, let's make it a good one. Salt the earth first.

Anonymous said...

From where, in the bankrupt shithole this country now is, will they aqquire the cash to put speed cameras on all those rural roads.Yes, I know about their dinky new averaging cameras so they don't think they need so many. What, though, if anything happens to even a few of the avcams?.Esp on lonely country roads. You can't average without info from both ends and any holes in the network will lead to lots of journeys in all directions that they won't be able to measure.
Its one thing talking tougher and tougher all the time, its another to back it up, esp when you are broke and are already talking about 1000's of coppers being out on their arses.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

There is one way of avoiding this of course

Cut the electricity supplies to the cameras

Martin said...

Average speed cameras? How do they work?
Let me guess... every camera detects your license, stores not only the time and place, but your speed in a database, and then collects all the data and gives an average?

Unknown said...

Politics definitely needs to change. No elected government should be able to amend existing laws unless they made a specific manifesto pledge to do so.

Fuck the ropes, piano wire!

thruppennybit said...

Can I just say that I like this photo - it seems appropriate to the discussion somehow.

Anonymous said...

The present guvmint will only be happy when a person with a red flag walks in front of your car. While this will in a stroke cut unemployment on the basis of one vehicle equals one flag, there will be busy lawyers as the flaggers will be able to claim stress from traffic noise and health issues from breathing fumes.

Of course it won't be the guvmint who will be sued for this. It will be ordinary motorists.

neil craig said...

The fact is that deaths have been falling steadily since the 1930s (when there were somewhat fewer cars), that very few of them have speed as their main component & of those almost all weren't keeping to the present speed limit anyway. The reporting doesn't seem to be concernedc with finding any evidence that this will cause a significant cut in deaths, it is merely banning for the sake of it.

It is of the same nature as the H&S bureaucracy which costs the equivalent of the work of 4 million workers (£20 lost for every £1 spent by government on enforcement) which may saved part of 101 lives a year, assuming that the mineworking people used to do is inherently as dangerous as the shelf stacking now done) but kills far more because every 1% of GNP means 210 excess deaths per million annually.

Anonymous said...

The cunts haven't even bothered deploying the environmental card in any of the reports I've seen on this so far.
Perhaps it's because they are going for more restrictions later, and they are saving their ace card for the next anti-motoring crack down.

Anonymous said...

"Martin said:

Average speed cameras? How do they work?
Let me guess... every camera detects your license, stores not only the time and place, but your speed in a database, and then collects all the data and gives an average?"

Yeah and they need at least two measurements to get an average across a distance. These cams are expensive and if any are "out of action" then it increases the distance they are taking an average over. On Motorways this is less important there as there will be more of them but on rural roads they can't afford lots of costly average cams at short(ish)intervals.They will calculate an optimum distance to have the best shot at catching you "speeding".Because of rural driving conditions nobody can constantly drive at one speed and the greater the distance between readings the more chance bouts of actual speeding will have been diluted as cars are slowed down by road conditions and speeded up by going on and off dual carrageways/better A roads.

Anonymous said...

l read that Speed Cameras are perfect targets for paintball guns but one must wear protective clothing in case of 'paint splashes' ;-). l could suggest clones of OH but that would get OH arrest warrants from all parts of the country.

One could use the Burqa ... but that would then get Muslims into trouble. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here's another one for your collection. Have you already got this one?

I'd say more, but I feel ill having just overdosed on 1 lb of chocolate, as a result of having read this.

(h/t. Both via JunkFoodScience.)

Anonymous said...

I suggest we show passive resistance and drive around at 20mph everyone.. everywhere... play them at their own game

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... and then we'd get speed cameras set at 15mph for new 15mph limits!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anyone know where I can buy Semtex?

neil craig said...

Petrol or burning rubber produce a lot more energy per kg than semtex. In their way thet are more destructive (though less noisy & less likely to cause collateral damage.)

Not suggesting anything.

Ade Brown said...

Good grief. How much longer must we suffer these contemptible little interfering shits?

Nulabor have already got HGVs limited to 40MPH on A Roads, thus causing fuel-wastage, jams and more instances of frustrated dangerous overtaking. On top of this, it seems many car-drivers believe the existing A-Road limit to be 50MPH.

Oh, and the "20's plenty" club. Also fully paid-up supporters of the fake-consultation scam.

Anonymous said...

"But when you compare that to the fact we are killing 3,000 people a year on our roads, it would be irresponsible not to do something about it."

The NHS kills far more than that by negligence each year, and you are doing fuck all about it.

Anonymous said...

the real reason for this "safety" measure is the continued panopticonisation of the UK. it's about control and surveillance, not safety or tax. however we will certainly be taxed in the guise of fines. it's a tax on velocity, plus extra surveillance. if the Govt really wanted slow cars, they would legislate for a maximum top speed built into the car. but now, drivers constantly worrying about speed will mean more accidents due to people parked up to lower their average speed and otherwise looking at their speedometers, not the road.
luckily for me, the top speed of my car and motorcycle is about 50mph anyway, so by driving ancient slow crap i might miss the worst of it.
get a Morris Minor and a FS1E!

Ade Brown said...

Good points, anon 6.39PM. Modern vehicles aren't even pulling top gear cleanly at 50 and it feels really s...l....o....w. In something like a nice old hydrocarbon-spewing Leyland bus, it feels about right. The 6 MPG [on red diesel, naturally] will help me feel I'm doing my bit for global-cooling and I'll have somewhere to eat, drink and sleep on my travels where I'm not bound by nulabor no-smoking diktats.

Anonymous said...

Dick Puddlecote,

The box is quite easy to replace, it`s better to tape acid around the post as this would then need digging up and resetting.But dont do it.

Get your vehicles registered abroad.

The Filthy Smoker said...

"I’m sure that the vast majority of motorists would support the proposals.”

A few paragraphs down:

"Last year the AA asked 17,481 motorists if the limit on single carriageway roads should be cut to 50mph. Nearly half backed the move but 38% opposed it."

"Nearly half" is not quite a "vast majority", is it?

So, where are we going to emigrate to?

Bishop Brennan said...

What are they going to do next - ban life because it's dangerous?

I wouldn't put anything past these cunts... :-(

Angry Exile said...

Filthy Smoker, don't emigrate to Australia if this sort of thing winds you up. Most of the states are even more anal about speeding than the UK and here in Victoria the limits are set by window lickers. Couple of weeks ago I found a temporary 40kph limit on the Westgate Bridge - which carries the M1 fucking freeway - because half of it had been coned off for some cycling event. They cyclists got off at the first exit after the bridge, a road half the width of the freeway with lots of side turnings and other hazards and on which the regular 60kph limit had been left unchanged. So fucked in the head they can't even be consistently irrational about it.

Vicola said...

Anyone know how hard you have to hit a speed camara to knock it over and what sort of vehicle would acheive this with the least damage to the bodywork? Do you think you could pull it over using horses?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we need to find out who owns Speed Check Services Ltd., 6 Helix Business Pkourt, Wilton Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 2QT. MD is one Paul Davey.

Wouldn't mind betting that ACPO have a healthy share in the company or it is run by former Chief Constables.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a speed camera company run by an ex Acpo policeman! Where I live in Warwickshire a whole load of rural roads were made 50mph only last week. I must have been away when they had the consultation. This is already happening.

Anonymous said...

@Vicola The cameras are set in reinforced concrete and riveted into the steel reinforcement of the concrete

The depth of the concrete is at least 3 feet of mesh and also contains the cable which is buried inside the concrete casing

Its time for me to come clean about a fencepost that I dismissed as rubbish in 2002.

At that time I was talking to a rather intelligent sheffielder who told me that he was in discussion with the government Our Labour friends who wished to install average speed cameras up and down the length of the motorways, and that the cabling would be in place by 2008,

It seems that that innocent piece of information which I dismissed at the time because I thought wrongly that the government would never do such a thing was folly on my part.

You must have noticed all these information signs on the motorways? That is the cabling, it in the most part has been buried in the body of the motorway.

When the M1 was built it was completed at the rate of one mile a day, In total contrast the widening of the M1 at j10-6a the oldest part of the motorway network has taken three years because it has needed the cabling to be put down properly.

The posts are earthquake proof to richter scale 8 I would imagine

The cabling is usually seen on the sides of road works as purple and yellow cabling.

There is a vast network of fibre optics, running up and down the motorway network.

It has been quietly installed over the last ten years.

To disrupt that network you would have to distract the emergency services to the extent where you would have to knock out the national grid, disable the police, helicopters, and cameras in that area at the dead of night, and you would have to detonate a significant hole disturb the electrical cabling and pull it all out Dispose of it and be able to disperse quietly, and quickly into the night

Its not childs play its been designed that only a sodding nuclear warhead can actually disrupt that kleptocratic, authoritarian border fence, of which they are now slotting in the panels and we are seeing for the first time that we have been surrounded and dispossesed

You only have to wonder how Brown turned up in Northern Ireland like a bad rash less than 36 hours after the shooting of those four officers who were shot by 60 bullets in less than a minute and whilst armed security guards looked on (from the Times)

Reichstag fire anyone.

Northern Ireland is the last repository of illegal arms in the UK and even Sinn Fein and Martin McGuinness have been forced to tow the common purpose line.

I have no doubt that those poor guys were set up.

That may sound conspiraloonery but I wouldnt trust the special forces and MI6 further than I could throw one of their 15 stone intelligence men.

You will all say that I am barking, and that I am mad to even suggest it but after 9/11 and 7/7 I don't trust this government, nor the civil service nor the council employees.

I found out yesterday evening that someone I went to school with went on a commonpurpose course in 2003.

He was using language I wouldnt have expected on twitter. I asked him straight out whether he had been on a common purpose course.

He had.

As for Australia and New Zealand For NZ I suggest you read their traffic act of 1998

They will not let you use an international driving licence if you try and reside in the country. They will stop you at every opportunity if you have bought a car using your international driving licence because it doesnt show up on their database that you have a New Zealand licence.

They had spikers back in 2002.

As for Australia you can be fined if you break the speed limit by 1kph on the motorways,

What I have also gleaned from my friend who is in Melbourne at this time is that the police there will do a swoop on drink driving and stop the whole motorway traffic and breathalyse every one who is passing a certain point and will breathalyse upto 2000 cars in one go and will do this at random.

They were also running double jeopardy weekends for points on your licence in 2002

So that means that if you and your passenger were not wearing seatbelts and you were stopped by the police you would lose your licence for 3 years.

The population there are being controlled by fear and repression.

New Zealand is even worse because there is no public transport to speak of outside the major conurbation so you're fucked if you lose your licence.

The public transport there the buses they stop running at 6pm so you can't stay out and drink and then drive home You'll be fucked over.

They'll do you a deal if you do You pay a bail bond and you can use your car to commute to work but if you are caught after 7pm on the roads or before 6am or during the daytime or on the weekend that's it its taken away for 3 years.

I'm on the blog roll here but I don't want to post as my name here as I could very well be arrested for divulging information of use to terrorism on this particular blog and I know that DK would prefer me to not have that problem and that he will erase this entry from his logs as soon as possible. DK please do this

Frankly the only way you will ever get the cameras turned off or disabled is to vote this government and blue labour and the libdems out of government forever.

There is nowhere in the civilised english speaking world that you can go to to prevent this from happening. You would be better off campaigning and standing for council elections and getting a foothold in the civil service and other institutions and being a fifth columnist.

Dick C4 explosive wouldn't even touch this stuff

Its been embedded in the concrete of the motorways, You would basically have to destroy the motorway and A road network and start again from scratch to get rid of this scourge.

It would be a better use of your time to organise and vote and inform the stupid sheeple what their government have done to them in the guise of better information alerts on their motorways.

The infrastructure has been built. Where do you think all the oil money is going? Why do you think the MSM say this is going to happen and then congratulate themselves when it all does, A summer of rage, etc.

Goodbye Glasnost, Hello Pogrom

Matthew Chapter 5 The meek shall inherit the earth.

galbak said...

Ok, so we dont bother with the cables then, paintballs at dawn.

But the big question is, what colour paint should we use? yellow, so people can see, or black, for that stealth effect?

now, where did i put my V mask....

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