Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ed Miliband: guilty as hell

Ed Miliband: Iain Dale's bestest buddy and a hungry crow's delight.

Both Timmy and The Englishman have commented on Iain Dale's outrage on behalf of poor, oppressed Ed Miliband.
Stories like this are from the school of thought that assumes all politicians are on the make or easy to influence in a malign way.

They are all on the make, and they are all easy to influence in a malign way, Iain; we don't even need to assume this—we have, despite the best efforts of our lords and masters, all seen the evidence. Only someone who is utterly unable to look objectively at the political scene could possibly conclude otherwise.

But then Iain does title his post...
Ed Miliband Is Innocent, OK?

Of what? That man—that deceitful, disgusting, goggle-eyed little shit—is, at the very least, not only a complicit stooge but an active actor in the destruction of our civil liberties, not to mention the other outrages of this filthy, corrupt government.

Get stuffed, Iain: that man is guilty as hell. And he will still be guilty when he is hanging, choking and kicking, from the lamp-post which should be his final place of rest—and he will still be guilty as the crows feast on his colossal, bulging eyes.


Anonymous said...

He's innocent of the accusation that he kept the relationship a secret.

I agree there is a conflict of interest and I agree that it is extremely suspicious that the minister in charge of developing the next generation of nuclear power stations just happens to be getting his knob gobbled by a strumpet who's in the pay of the nuclear industry. I agree there is not only smoke but also lots and lots of fire.

However, Miliband didn't hide his relationship. He was quite open about it. And that, I think, tells you all you need to know about the contempt that ZanuLabour has for the British people. They can't even be bothered to hide their corruption.

cookie said...

Dr Crippen and Mr Dale - unbeknownst, perhaps, even to themselves; two wolves in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

Of Course he's guilty!!!

There is also the question of Brown and his brother - also in the nuclear industry

The whole thing stinks - Just answer the question - which is the only industry which is able to offer an affordable carbon free future - oh, the one which employs the girlfriend of the minister who is responsible for the targets!

Conflict of interest - only a fool would say there wasn't one - other wise known as an MP or a potential MP such as Dale!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:38pm

You sound like a retard.

@ the sign of the Blackamoors' Head said...

To be honest, there is no conflict of interest, the initial four sites selected by the NDA, are nonstarters, each promised for current sites with impending mass redundancies, as decommissioning goes ahead.

Take Wylfa in Anglesey, its current reactors will be shut down next year, and its main customer, the Anglesey Aluminium smelter, closes when its energy supply contract ends this September. There will no longer be a need for this site. Take Sellafield, it is too remote from the backbone of the National grid, to be a viable site. Transmission losses over long distances mean that future generators will be sited further South (For example new generating capacity on the south coast has 11% greater effectiveness due to reducing transmission system power losses compared to new generating capacity in north England - Wikipedia).

And remember it was this fucked up government that flogged off BNFL's US subsidiary Westinghouse to Toshiba for a song (Guess what, Westinghouse immediately won multi-billion pound orders for new reactors from China).

Chris said...

Iain Dale also thinks the BNP are left wing - and he's never seen the Wizard Of Oz- which is just fucking weird.

Ma Dale Watcher said...

Ma Dale's brain is subservient to his emotions which we know are highly developed if not strung. Further he is subconciously a fully paid up member of the Westminster tribe which he will naturally defend.

Ma Dale is a narcissist and not a very attractive person for all his caring sharing platitudinous existence. Twat.

Anonymous said...

@ Chris 3:48am

The BNP *are* left-wing. You can tell by their wholesale embrace of socialist ideas and their worship of a centrist state ruling over a socialised society.

The BNP don't want to establish a Thatcherite paradise, you fucking mongoloid. They just want to drive all the darkies out so that whitey can get the best places at the benefits trough.

And I've never seen The Wizard of Oz either and I am clearly your intellectual and moral superior in every conceivable way. Kill yourself soon, please.

Dolly Mixtures said...

Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt
Iain Dale = Cunt

Anonymous said...

Both Millibands are a pair of fawning little shitebags, they will do anything to further their tawdry careers, a complete pair of twats!!

Anonymous said...

wonder when those lying bastards including Ed Miliband will ever admit theres is no man made global warming, there should be a law requiring them to pay back all the environmental taxes those cunts have screwed out of the public over the last few years, yes Ed Miliband is 2nd or 3rd top cunt after Gordon Brown and Peter Cuntelson.

GordonCuntBrown said...

Yes Ed Miliband is a toady little shitebag, I cant stand even lloking at the lying little bastard when he goes on about climate change, hes a fucking shitebag!!

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