Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chris Huhne: fuckwit plagiarist

A little while ago, we looked at Chris Huhne's article that basically said "civil liberties are really important, except when I decide that they're not."

And now, via NeueArbeit Macht Frei, your humble Devil sees that Huhne has once more taken up his pen to lecture us on civil liberties.
The Liberal Democrats are determined to resist the slow death by a thousand cuts of our hard-won British liberties. George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was a warning, not a blueprint. Yet the Big Brother society that he satirised is growing before our eyes. Our forebears who fought so hard for the rights we have had stripped away would be shocked at what we've lost.

That is why we have published our freedom bill, detailing how we intend to roll back the draconian laws passed by successive Labour and Conservative administrations.

Well, isn't that a coincidence? For, as you might remember, LPUK organised a campaign to send a copy of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four to every MP in the House.

Participants were urged to send a copy of the book to an MP, and inscribe it with the words "this book is a warning, not an instruction manual".

Isn't it nice to see that Chris Huhne seems to have taken the message on board. It's a pity that he didn't feel the need to attribute it, and it's even more of a pity that he is about as libertarian as Stalin, but "slowly, slowly, catchee monkey", as they say.

Although, they never seem to say what you should do once you have caught the monkey. In the case of Chris Huhne, however, I think that we should just set fire to him. And his fucking monkey.*

* Nick Clegg.


Anonymous said...

Be of good cheer. Huhne may not be a libertarian (or a Libertarian, for that matter) but he clearly knows which way the wind is blowing.

Bill Clinton famously said "It's the economy, stupid" when asked to define the most important factor in modern electoral politics. But times change and the people of this country are increasingly outraged by ZanuLabour's rape of our most basic civil rights and their contempt both for the British people and for the laws of our land (cf. Harperson's screed today).

Huhne is just the start. Other politicos will follow and the very people who've been most responsible for turning us into a police state will line up to decry government interference and applaud civil liberties. Very few of them will really believe in the ethos and ideology of personal liberty, but they'll pretend to because they know that British voters want an end to oppressive government.

So, little by little and always in the hope of scoring votes, the political classes will dismantle the police state......but if you turn your back on the fuckers for five minutes they'll rebuild it. Eternal vigilance by an informed and energetic electorate is the only to keep these cunts from making 1984 a reality. Well, that or hanging them from lamp posts.

Prodicus said...

I'm canvassing ideas for things to stuff Mr 'Call Me Ambidextrous' Huhne's mouth with before we hoist him up his lamp-post, for his courageous defence of Wilders's liberty to say something 'unacceptable' while at the same time calling for the man to be banned. It needs to be something unappetising to crows, so that it lasts for a bit once his head goes up on its pike on London Bridge.

haddock said...

so you claim authorship of "this book is a warning, not an instruction manual". ?

if you think those words were not used by anyone before you then you should certainly get out more.

Perhaps you will post details of this 'first use' that should be acknowledged ?

Martin said...

It is a little odd how even the wording was exactly the same as our stunt.

I began to think maybe our message sunk into the cunt's brain. Then I realize it was Huhne we're talking about, so there was no way.


Perhaps we should get some parliamentary candidates out there so Huhne et al can't rip off our ideas? Just a thought.

Devil's Kitchen said...


"so you claim authorship of "this book is a warning, not an instruction manual". ?"

No, I don't; if you read the piece properly, you'll note that I very carefully do not claim such a thing. In fact, I deliberately did not do so.

"if you think those words were not used by anyone before you then you should certainly get out more."

What? Like into the blogosphere, where I've been doing shit for over four years, you mean?

By the way, the first person that I recall using it was Garry Smith at Curious Hamster, but I'm sure that it was probably around before that...


Anonymous said...

Haddock: he smells like fish, so I guess he must be a cunt.

haddock said...

DK, fucking hell, that's a deft bit of backpedalling !...this is what I read.......

"It's a pity that he didn't feel the need to attribute it,"

So just who should get the attribution if he is noble enough to give one?
the person who may have written 'blueprint' instead of 'instruction manual' ?
..... who did that ?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Did I say "to LPUK"? No.

Good. Thank you.


P.S. By the way, the attribution that I might have looked for was something like "I was sent a book a few months ago which made me realise that 1984 is not a fucking instruction manual and suddenly I saw the error of my ways. Thank you, LPUK, for reminding me of what "liberal" means. And for reminding me that I am a total cunt."

Anonymous said...

Another day, another Lib Dem bandwagon policy......

Anonymous said...

so now we are supposed to think "hey, it's ok. lib dems are on the case, we can all stop worrying now." is anybody fooled? i hope not.

Letters From A Tory said...

The Lib Dems have clearly decided to steal the civil liberties agenda before the election manifestos are written.

Thankfully no-one pays much attention to them and their performance over the Geert Wilders affair will haunt them for ages.

Old Holborn said...

I sent my copy of 1984 to Jackboot Jacqui

Has she attributed her assualt on my liberties to me sending her an instruction manual?


Mind you, I did write

"Hope you get face cancer, you shitstain" on the cover

Anonymous said...

Huhne is just an EU drone.

I don't believe anything a politician says anymore, until I actually see it happening. And then I wouldn't trust them.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

It is odd how Huhne states 1984 is a warning, shortly before referring to it as a satire. Does he really see the nightmare dystopia presented in the novel as a satire? I mean, it is hardly Yes Minister, is it?

More empty, ill-thoughout rhetoric from our Lib Dem *friends*.


Dick the Prick said...

OH - the bitch, she didn't send you flowers? Well, that's just bad form.

Smoothhound said...

Surely you mean"Softly,softly,spankee monkey"? Oh,hang on a minute,I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Orwells 1984 may not have been a blueprint. However Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand certainly was. The book was not ever intended to even be a best seller, never mind the second highest selling book next to the Bible itself.

As for the Lib/Dems.

The EU is The Lib/Dems adopted wholly FASCIST baby. The EU is a conspiracy between the most nasty authoritarian type socialists and the most criminally minded despotic murderous control freaks known to mankind, more commonly known as the owners of The International Banking System.

Libertarians are against government in general, and BIG government and large corporate monopolies in particular.

Libertarians can take or leave democracy, but freedom itself is far to precious to be left in the hands of highly dishonest and/or easily intimidated elected/selected politicians.

Only a cast in granite stone written constitution that protects property rights backed up by common law. Which positively acts to limit the size and scope of the executive can be trusted to protect individual and collective freedom and prosperity.

Not any politicians tied by their establishment connections to an organ of The New World Order, namely the EU.

A Libertarian who votes Lib/Dem in the vain hope that doing so will protect his freedom. Is as likely to achieve his aims as one who votes for LPUK at this time.

The Conservative Party is the only party that can get elected that has also a libertarian instinct and membership.


What we need is a Conservative government. Followed by very public and well attended highly peaceful protest marches and long term sit-ins outside THE BBC. Leading to a tax strike, or general work to rule if the BBC and the then Conservative government cares not to notice.

If after say 6 months, many of our issued have not been addressed. Then it may be time for a popular Libertarian Party to come into its own.

IMO Until the people and especially libertarians have seen the REAL colour of Camerons underpants, the libertarian Party and the Lib/Dems will remain a counter-productive force.

Libertarians are now and have always been in the majority. Which is why our establishment has always made absolutely sure that libertarians are constantly and reasonably evenly divided between left, right and middle. Until this changes, by libertarians uniting from all directions, we will remain divided and very badly ruled.

Atlas shrugged

John B said...

TNL: of course 1984 is a fucking satire - satire doesn't mean "gentle sitcom with that nice chap who played King George", it means "using humour to attack". If you don't think that 1984 uses humour - very bleak humour, but humour nonetheless - then you're more of an idiot than Harman, never mind Huhne.

Anon: the most criminally minded despotic murderous control freaks known to mankind, more commonly known as the owners of The International Banking System.

The Jews are behind the EU? Who knew...?

The Conservative Party is the only party that can get elected that has also a libertarian instinct and membership.

Fuck off. I've read the Tory manifesto, and I've met Tory activists; they're both about as libertarian as Geoff Hoon's left bollock.

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