Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just over a week ago, your humble Devil joined in the general opprobrium surrounding the redesign of the Tropicana packaging. It seems that said fruit-juice company has, indeed, back-tracked... [Article may be behind a pay-wall now.]
Also returning will be the longtime Tropicana brand symbol, an orange from which a straw protrudes. The symbol, meant to evoke fresh taste, had been supplanted on the new packages by a glass of orange juice.

The about-face comes after consumers complained about the makeover in letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls and clamored for a return of the original look.

Some of those commenting described the new packaging as “ugly” or “stupid,” and resembling “a generic bargain brand” or a “store brand.”

“Do any of these package-design people actually shop for orange juice?” the writer of one e-mail message asked rhetorically. “Because I do, and the new cartons stink.”

Others described the redesign as making it more difficult to distinguish among the varieties of Tropicana or differentiate Tropicana from other orange juices.

Such attention is becoming increasingly common as interactive technologies enable consumers to rapidly convey opinions to marketers.

It was bad branding, and Tropicana has seen sense. It seems that some corporations do have their tuners set to "receive" after all: good for them.

If only our elected representatives could do the same...


an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Kitchen,

A brilliant post!

Let those other arseholes witter on about how the economy's fucked, the schools are fucked, the hospitals are fucked, social services are fucked, the police are fucked, the army, navy and the fucking air force are fucked, the roads are fucked, the railways are fucked, the Olympics are fucked, the Church of England is fucked, housebuilding's fucked, mortgages are fucked, pensions are fucked, the surveillance fucking society is fucked, the post office is fucked, the Lords are fucked, and the filthy, thieving, malformed, lying, miscreant fucking bastards in the Commons are definitely fucking fucked.

I like it that you've kept a sense of proportion, and that here, in your delightful Kitchen, we can still talk about the finer, more cultured topics, like fucking orange juice packaging!

I'm looking forward, with eager anticipation, to hearing what you have to say about croissants - should one use extra butter? And with the Lapsang Souchong, should it be honey or sugar? Or is it the Devil take the hindmost and you take a wild, exciting gamble on the lemon?

Roger Thornhill said...

If Tropicana was the only Juice in Town for the next 5 years and had the law written to force us to pay for our juice ration in taxes regardless of if we drank it or not, do you think they would listen?

Anonymous said...

Victory! What a success. I'm sure you're very pleased with the knowledge that you played a small part in this important event.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the Gorgon listened to what us "consumers" - even the Guardian readers - are saying, and just f**ked off....

Idle Pen Pusher said...

The Idle Pen Pusher does not drink Tropicana on account of it tasting and looking shittier than M&S Freshly Squeezed OJ.

Anonymous said...

Those Tropicana cartons are frikking mint!

I was devastated when they changed the pack graphics as it would have thrown my stock control method right into the shit.


Raspberry for the shotgun ammo.
Orange and Mango for the gold.
Apple for the first aid stuff

Simply cut the top off permitting easy hand access for that rapid response, er, Scenario

Dick the Prick said...

Has anyone made the mistake by buying a Sunny Delight? I shit you not but it has vegetable oil in it! Vegetable oil - fucking hideous.

Idle Pen Pusher - M&S freshly squeezed is almost too nice in that you can neck a bottle and then feel poorly - hmm.

Ross said...


Seen this report about the Fake Charities" site:

"The site is from the writer of the Devil’s Kitchen Blog (pictured), who in explaining their motives, says: "These fake fucking charities are springing up left, right and centre: see a pro-state charity quoted in the MSM and the odds are that the ‘charity’ is, in fact, little more than a quango."

"This fake charity will derive a large part of their funds - our money - from the government whose measures it is supporting." "

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