Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow, and lots of it!

Your humble Devil is working from home today, with the snow having brought much of the country to a standstill. It is, I must admit, very pretty but it is also an absolute pain in the arse.

And it's not just the roads that are fucked; trains and buses are nowhere to be seen. And, although I know that only 45% of the Tube network is actually underground, one is left speculating about the wrong type of underground snow...

Still, I feel a weird sense of pride that "my" Tube line—the mighty Victoria Line—is the only one up and running properly.

Not that I intend to use it.


Old BE said...

No problems getting into work at all. We all know the tube and trains are flaky, so why do we choose to rely on them so much? If the Northern Line had been dead I would have walked to work. So much for the British stiff upper lip.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Fair enough. But I live in Brixton and I work 27 miles away in the depths of rural Surrey.

Personally, I have all the materials that I need to work available to me here, as do my colleagues.

And even if they did not, I would rather they did no work today than had a smash on the roads and were unable to work again...


Old BE said...

In which case you don't have a problem! You don't fall into my "flaky" category if you are able to work from home.

Dungeekin said...

Weather Chaos Cripples Britain

outhern Britain is at a standstill today, with unprecedented heavy snow causing travel chaos.

Up to 5cm of snow fell across southern England, resulting in the complete shutdown of Heathrow, London City and Luton Airports, the suspension of bus services in London and most motorways impassable.

There were scenes of panic across the country, as vital public services collapsed under the Polar conditions. News stations have been carrying rolling coverage of the devastation, and emergency disaster procedures are being implemented to prevent further catastrophe.

Rioting broke out in London's financial district after it was discovered that due to the exceptional climactic conditions, Coffee Republic could not serve customers. There have also been reports of panic-buying in supermarkets, as people rush to prepare for an apocalyptic next few days.

Full report and Government response is here.


Anonymous said...

This is global snow, that started in America.

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