Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Immigration spelt out

You might remember that your humble Devil wrote a somewhat enraged and bitter post about Bella Gerens' loss of her job owing to the ridiculous and effectively retrospective points system. Why the fuck, I opined, are we chucking out talented, useful people whilst letting the scum of the EU in?

Well, it is apparently British government policy, as Obnoxio points out...
Just when you think the fucking idiots couldn't get any more fucking idiotic, they fucking do:
The number of highly skilled migrants coming to Britain from outside the European Union will be cut in half from next year after a tightening of entry requirements, the Home Secretary said today.

Damn, blast and bloody fuck, but you're a stupid cunt. We don't want to stop highly fucking skilled migrants from coming in. We want to stop useless oxygen thieves and dole-scrounging bastards from coming in.

Quite. And I rather favour Obnoxio's solution too...
Look, it's very fucking simple, you stupid pig-faced whore: no dole for immigrants until they've contributed tax for four years. No child support, no fucking nothing. Four years of actual tax paying over whatever elapsed period.

But, as our clownish friend also says, we can't because of the EU.

Well, that's not actually entirely true. The EU laws merely say that we cannot favour our own citizens over EU citizens, so there is a very simple solution that would solve a good many of our homegrown problems. Can you guess what it is, children?

Yes, that's right: no one in this country, at all, can get any kind of benefits—no dole, no child support, (most importantly) no housing benefit, no fucking nothing—until they have contributed tax for four years. And then, of course, limit the amount of time that anyone can claim benefits for.

You will then find that job vacancies fill up reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal quick; as an entirely intended bonus (for those that worry about such things) we won't have the migrant problem because there will be no jobs for them, and no benefits, and thus no means of making a living.

The market, you see, solves the problem: you just have to remove the distortions.


Anonymous said...

I concur to a point. However, this four year thing bothers me. My solution would be to not pay any benefits at all. Period. Of course, this comes with an upside... No income tax at all. Period.

sconzey said...

Market Forces arouse my masculine ardour.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Hendry -- The Devil's suggestion is a fine halfway house, and somewhat more palatable to those of less libertarian views.

Step by step to the revolution, comrade.

Roger Thornhill said...

The Four Years thing?

Well, when working one would pay NI, which right now is intended - haha - to be a form of unemployment insurance, or should I say its precursors killed off the Mutualist and otherwise arrangements people had for that purpose. You see, the State HATES competition and will use the law and enforced taxation to impose its will.

If you want to end the four years thing, then just end the unemployment insurance component of NI, cut the rate and then enable the private sector to step in and to it for you.

However, I do thing we would need a transition and the four year rule might be the bones upon which that could be built.

Anonymous said...

As one of the unwashed (though working) masses I always thought NI was an insurance against illness and employment and totally agree that if you haven't paid any contributions you shouldn't get any payouts. Insurance companies always stipulate a time frame before you can claim off a policy, 4 years seems reasonable to me. Another huge anomaly of the National Insurance is the fact that if you pay into the policy for years and years and then fall ill you are expected to pay for medicine, if you never paid a penny into 'your' policy you get free medicine. That's totally back to front!!!

Anonymous said...

The American policy on British migrant workers has been stricter for some years than ours on theirs. It's high time we tightened it up. Just because you have a hard-working American friend etc it doesn't alter the fact that America's stance towards British citizens is an utter fucking disgrace.

Devil's Kitchen said...


"The American policy on British migrant workers has been stricter for some years than ours on theirs. It's high time we tightened it up. Just because you have a hard-working American friend etc it doesn't alter the fact that America's stance towards British citizens is an utter fucking disgrace."

Sure, and the same applies to the extradition policy. However, two wrongs don't make a right.

We might as well say that Mugabe's social policy is shit and therefore we should make ours shit too.

I should point out tht my hard-working American friend has to pay all British taxes -- including fucking National Insurance -- but it is a condition of her visa that she has no access to taxpayer funds, i.e. she has to pay NI but gets less than fuck all out of it.


Chris Gilmour said...

You're point about job vacancies filling up reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaal quick.

Just how quickly would you like job vacancies to fill up? And is this a good thing?

Anonymous said...

Employee's NI is just income tax under another name. Employer's NI is a tax on employment (a brilliant solution to unemployment) and - assuming that, were employer's NI not levied, part of the remitted tax would be added to the employee's wages - also a tax on income. Even if NI were viewed as type of insurance it is in fact a Ponzi scheme of far greater proportions than Madoff could possibly dream.

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