Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I wonder if they'll accept the National Identity Card

Via David Davis (not that one), I see that two Royal marines were refused entry to a Wetherspoon's pub because they could not prove their age.

Well, not quite: they could prove their age but Wetherspoon's does not accept military ID cards apparently, despite the fact that the cards have photos on them.
Two Marines were refused entry to their local pub the day after fighting in Afghanistan because door staff refused to accept military ID.

Dan Buchanan and Kelvin Billings had hoped to have a homecoming pint at the J D Wetherspoon in Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

They showed their military ID, which included their dates of birth, but staff at the pub said the cards were not acceptable as evidence of proof of age.

They went to the Isambard Kingdom Brunel pub, dressed in civilian clothes, for a quiet beer and catch up about 9.30pm on Saturday.

Marine Buchanan said: "We couldn't believe it, we didn't have any other ID because it's all still in Afghanistan."

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this shithole of a country? Seriously, what the FUCK?

Why is it that I have to prove that I am over-21 in some pubs?—the legal drinking age is 18. And why the fuck is it 18? You can get married at 16, you can sprog like mad and you can be held responsible for a crime, but you cannot get a pint until you are 18.

Which stinking-arsed cunt-face introduced that law in the first place? And where is the shitehawk buried? I'm tempted to dig up what is left of his corpse and piss in the eyesockets, frankly.
A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said the company only accepts three forms of ID to combat fraud – a passport, driving licence or UK citizen card.

Ah, they will accept ID Cards then. But, basically, if you don't drive, don't go abroad and don't have an ID Card, then you can't get served in a Wetherspoon's—have I got that right?

I say again—what the fuck? Why the hell do pubs have to be so stringent about this—is it because the country is full to the brim with officious, irritating little jobsworths who deserve to be punched repeatedly in the face and then thrown off the white cliffs of Dover? I think it is.
He added: "We have a really good relationship with the armed forces...

Not any more you don't, you turd.
... and welcome them into our pubs.

This is, as we can see from the report, what is technically known as "a lie". Tell me, Mr JD Wetherspoon spokesman, have you ever considered a career in politics? Your arrogant, box-ticking mentality and ability to lie in the face of all the evidence admirably suits you for a seat in the Commons...


Dave Snark said...

The Daily Mirror yesterday stated:

"Military ID should be a passport to every pub in Britain"

I can think of 11,000 reasons why that isn't such a great idea.

...the point here is as the Devil points out these troopers were obviously over 18, which is the legal age to drink so why the demand for paperwork?

Old BE said...

I thought you believed in private property? Why shouldn't the pub set its own conditions of entry?

If you don't like the conditions, go somewhere else.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What Blue Eyes says.

How's coming along? I've got a couple more to submit.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with Blue Eyes too. The publican gets to set the rules of his house. If you disagree with them you are free to patronise a different establishment.

Anonymous said...

The publican, in this case, was probably fingered by some guardianista in JDWetherspoon's HQ.

If not, then granted that he can set his house's rules (of course) he oought to consider whether he is living in the right country.

Perhaps he'd like to set up a drinking-house in Taliban land, or in North Korea.

Anonymous said...

While it is true that the publican should be able to set their own rules, the waters are somewhat muddied. This particular rule has come, albeit by an indirect route, from government. And enforced by the breed of petty dumbtard jobsworths we seem to produce here.

Anonymous said...

In reply to David may I point out that all military ID cards have a photo of the subject on them so even a casual perusal should prevent improper use. As for JD Wetherspoons, I completely agree that it's their house so there rules but this is clearly an idiotic rule invented by an idiot. This happened in PORTSMOUTH for God's sake,the biggest Naval base in the UK for hundreds of years. What kind of a cretin would fail to take account of the occupation of a significant number of his customer base when setting his ridiculous rules!!!Anyway, doesn't the half-wit know that most people in the UK don't routinely carry a Drivers licence or passport and I would suggest that very few people even possess UK Citizen cards, whatever the ***k they are!

Anonymous said...

Combat fraud? Were they buying pints on their credit cards? This is horse shit. Anon 01:42 is right. How many people carry their passport to buy a pint of ale? Not exactly a ringing endorsememt for Wetherspoons is it. I bet their PR head honcho is spitting feathers.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the concepts of 'discretion', and 'common sense?.

Reminds me of the time I was 'carded' when I tried to buy a few beers at Walmart the last time I was in the US. And I'm 38!

Roger Thornhill said...

I have to agree with Blue Eyes too. Private Property.

Wetherspoon's loss, though. Chumps, they are.

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Private property"? So, landlords can serve booze to whomever they wish, can they?

No. No, they can't. Because the government has already interfered in the concept of a pub being private property (I can't be bothered to even mention the smoking ban. Oh, whoops...).

Which is why I aimed a good lot of that post at the cunting government, bunch of shits that they are.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a similar story recently, except it was in california?

Old BE said...

There is nothing to stop a publican saying that he wants his pub to be over 21s or over 45s if he wants to. Are you seriously saying that the state should force the pub to accept military ID as proof of age?

I agree that there are too many restrictions, but it is illogical to argue that because there are too many restrictions that there should be one more.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, Blue-Eyes: I understand all of that. But, why in hell should you need ID to get a pint anyway? To put it another way, why the hell should the publican need to see any ID?

It is only because of NuLabour's systematic demonisation of drink, leading to hundreds of box-ticking cunts constantly going into pubs and fining them that the pubs have started imposing such strict ID regulations.


Dr Evil said...

Excuse my naivite, but doormen on pubs? when did that start? Please be aware I live in a rural locale, but I have been in the occasional pub in the local city centre in the evening and they don't have doormen. I find the very concept for a PUBLIC house rather weird.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Weatherspoons and all the other identification demanding bastards.This is of the with your feet.These men were not pimply faced teenagers..they were the finest..ROYAL MARINES.Don't be conditioned by these mealy mouthed socialist shit laws. Piss on their identity cards.

John B said...

"It is only because of NuLabour's systematic demonisation of drink, leading to hundreds of box-ticking cunts constantly going into pubs and fining them that the pubs have started imposing such strict ID regulations."

No: underage drink stings are rare in the first place, and their frequency hasn't changed much.

The main point about ID rules is that they allow doormen to head off groups of young men who they think will become lairy without introducing any room for debate ('ah go on, I won't get violent' is harder to counter with a 'fuck off' than 'err, no, I don't have any ID).

I've not been ID'd in a pub since I was 22, but I have seen chavvy-looking types who're obviously mid-20s getting ID'd. Even when I was younger, the only times when I got ID'd whilst over 18ish were when I was hammered - I suspect the same logic was in play.

On this particular case: I've nothing but the greatest respect for the sacrifice soldiers make for our country - but having grown up around Aldershot, I've also got *absolutely no desire* to drink in the same pub as groups of them.

Finally: UK Citizen Cards are the Portman Group (=booze industry) sponsored proof-of-age cards aimed precisely at people who want to buy booze and fags without a passport. If you were aged 18-22, you'd know about them; the fact that you don't is because you're not in their target audience.

galbak said...

Dont rely on UK Citizen Cards, Most places, including the shops i work in, dont accept them, only uk pasports, and uk photo driving lisences.

The UK Citizen Cards are just to easy to fake, esp for shop staff who dont know what a real card looks like.

Soon were going to the, "under 25" rule, if you look under 25, you have to prove your age.

This is largely due to the fear, not so much of lawyers, but the personal fines, 1000 to 10,000 pounds to be paid by the staff member that failed to see the under 16 year old, (who usualy looks 18, and has a bottle of wine) and the minimum 10,000 to unlimited fine paid by the shop.

All of this of course, is in the name of stoping underaged drinking, that is never going to be stopped, cos most booze is bought by adults then given to the kids.

Anonymous said...

' Which stinking-arsed cunt-face introduced that law in the first place? And where is the shitehawk buried? I'm tempted to dig up what is left of his corpse and piss in the eyesockets, frankly.

Hmmm yes pls kind sir come and drink in my pub. Its people like you who have created the culture where publicans like myself wont let you in with military id. Its not the fact your cards can be copied, its not the fact that 11thousand have been lost. Its purely because there is a minority of the military, evidently yourself included, who find it amusing to use your time off to enter pubs, try and drink as much as you can and cause us problems. I dont want that in my pub because I had it before and faced the concequences from the authorities. The problem got so bad in the last town i worked in that the local army base had table plans of all the pubs and if we had problems we called them and told them the table nmber, they would come in and drag out said military persons and hopefully give them a good hiding.
So...there you go, thats the truth, its not cos were worried about fake id or anything like that, its because you cant handle your drink and get lairy cos you think your better than everyone else.
I dont support the fighting the UK is involved in at the moment but i have massive respect for the young and old soilders who go to these places and fight because its their job. Give these real soilders a break. Take you and others 'soilders' like yourself somewhere else and i for one would be happy to let the rest of them in my pub.
I look forward to your comments.

Marc said...

I work for Wetherspoons and while it sounds like the door staff should have used a bit more common sense in this situation, I'd like to point out that due to Wetherspoons size (over 700 pubs) the Government requires us by law to have a standardised set of acceptable forms of ID, therefore the two most common forms (Passport and Driving License) are accepted with a third "locally-approved" scheme. In most city-centre pubs this "locally approved" card will be a student card or UK Citizen card, however in some places there are other forms such as council approved cards etc. In the end, however, this all comes down to two door staff who need a dose of common sense, seems to me that these guys are away laying their life on the line so as long as they're being respectful and staying within the law, they should be cut some slack.

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