Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For fuck's sake...

Via Obnoxio, it seems that 30% of British people would still vote Labour.

You know what this means, of course?

It means that 30% of the British public are so fucking stupid, ignorant and unimgainative that they deserve nothing better than to be pushed of the white cliffs of Dover with a high-current cattle-prod.

Over the course of nearly twelve years, the NuLabour government has destroyed many of our ancient liberties, ridden roughshod over our privacy, pried into our private lives in unprecedented ways, and soon intends to tag and track every one of us; it has torn down the constitution, displayed utter contempt for Parliamentary democracy, flouted international law and passed a deeply illiberal Enabling Act; it has put in place the highest peace-time tax burden in British history, encouraged reckless borrowing, put in place a regulatory system that has helped to bring the economy to its knees, and pissed away hundreds of billions of pounds of our money in a multitude of pointless and corrupt ways.

What the fuck do they have to do that these morons wouldn't vote for them? Seriously: what the FUCK?

And people wonder why I'm no fan of democracy...

UPDATE: a friend has pointed out that I really answered my own question in a post a while back. What would stop The Idiots voting for The Cunts?
... the politician will have to have been caught fucking a kid whilst stuffing special interest money up his own backside for that to happen.

But this wouldn't actually work, for The Cunt in question would simply be deselected in favour of another talentless, money-grubbing, illiberal Cunt; just slap a red rosette on The New Cunt and these moronic, tribalistic arseholes would still vote for it.

After all, how else could Harridan Harperson possibly have got elected?

Quod erat demonstrandum.


Thatcher's Child said...

History shows that from the times of the Romans, the public really couldn't give a toss who was in power and what they did, as long as their lives were comfortable enough!

I guess 30% of people are still feeling OK with the UK as it is!

The only time they will change their mind is when their benefits disappear or their non jobs become unjobs!

Kevin Williams said...

Here in South Wales a kiddyfidler with his snout in the trough wearing a red rosette would probably get elected with an increased majority - it's all Thatcher's fault, vote labour.

Fucking red nosed wankers they deserve all they get. Bad news is we get the cunts too :(

Henry North London 2.0 said...

They are thick lets face it or they think politicians have a conscience

wv drylly

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that the cunts wearing the blue rosette don't disagree with most of what the cunts with the red rosette have done.

Moreover, the cunts with the blue rosette won't be changing any of it when they win the next GE.

bikeonaboy said...

What it means is that Labor has made 30% of the population utterly dependent on the state. They have developed a client voting block. Obama is out to do the same, via ACORN and so on.

If they can ramp that up to 50%, the'll be in power forever. The work-nots will simply leech off the workers, taking more and more of your income and capital until the whole thing collapses in a pile of shit.

Alan Douglas said...

"What the fuck do they have to do that these morons wouldn't vote for them?"

Stop paying them ?

28 - 30 % is simply the payroll vote, whether in as you say non-jobs, or via benefits.

Alan Douglas
wv : dingi

Roger Thornhill said...

Some might still be blaming Thatcher and sensibly eschew the Wibbleral Dumboldtwats.

Some might be voting for the provider of their bread and circuses - remember how big the State is, how many partners and relatives of said employees, as Alan Douglas rightly says.

Anonymous said...

This country has steadily slid downhill ever since the the widening of the franchise began in the 19th century.From the imposition of universal adult suffrage in 1928 it took the herd less than 20 years to vote for living from the work of others rather than from their own efforts.
If there was some sort of voter qualification here to screen out the wasters I doubt labour governments-a product of a mass voting system with all the corrupt and perverse policies that result- would darken our door again.If you allow scum to vote,scum get voted in-a sort of electoral Gresham's Law.

Anonymous said...

What happened with the calls from some leftie MP's a year or two back to lower the voting age to 16? I haven't heard much of this lately, and yet I would have thought this would have further bolstered the socialist vote.

Perhaps it was decided that it was beyond the ability of our current educational system to teach modern teenagers to understand a ballot paper, to hold a pencil, and to draw a cross.

DaveA said...

At this rate I'll end up sleeping with a bloke. One in three still want to take it up arse from Brown et al?

Nowt as queer as Labour voting folk.

Anonymous said...


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