Sunday, February 01, 2009

Barking insanity

Whilst everyone focused on the impotence of the cut in VAT, the MSM's pathetic inability to cover more than one issue at a time ensured that the most lunatic and damaging part of Darling's pre-budget announcement was lost—the rise in National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

As you will know, your humble Devil is very much not a fan of NICs. The whole thing is a fucking colossal, £100 billion a year Ponzi scheme; further, the benefits that it delivers to the average worker are bloody pathetic when compared to private insurance.

Not only that, but the government are now moving to cancel any benefits from NICs at all, and is moving towards forcing us to pay privately in addition to what they steal from us by force. The bunch of shitty cunts that they are.

So, NICs are not even any good at delivering what was promised. Inenvitably, of course, they also have even less desirable effects; the most pernicious is that NICs are a direct tax on jobs, because it is not simply the worker that pays 11% of their salary: the employer must pay a further 12.8% on top.

And, by the way, when this further contribution is taken into account, NICs costs a worker on the median wage double what the private option would.

Now, in a recession, businesses tend to have less money at their disposal; some go bust, others institute wage and employment freezes. In any case, more people tend to lose their jobs, and there are fewer jobs available.

As such, you might think that increasing the tax on employment during a massive recession might be looked on as a really fucking stupid bloody idea. No government in their right mind would actually do that.

Unfortunately, we are ruled by the Prime Mentalist—who, it is rumoured, is getting more and more unstable by the day (wet himself? Really?)—and his badger-faced sockpuppet, and those two fucking loons have decided to do precisely that.

Now, it seems, his Party—not all of whom are idiots, even if they are deeply, deeply unpleasant people—have woken up to the fact that upping NICs, even in 2010/2011, might just possibly be a really fucking mental thing to do.
Gordon Brown is facing a growing backlash over his plans to raise national insurance on employers, with senior Labour figures and business leaders warning that the tax increase will cost thousands of jobs.

The Government has set out plans to increase NI payments by workers and employers by 0.5 percentage points from 2011, after the next election.

The Tories have signalled they will fight the election on a pledge to halt the tax rise and business leaders are concerned that the £2.65 billion increase in employers' NI contributions will increase their costs.

There is now growing anxiety about the timing of the tax increases, with some experts warning that by increasing the cost of hiring and retaining staff at a time when Britain may not have fully recovered from the recession, the Government could push unemployment up.

Oh, really? Tha' think? You think that putting up the cost of employing people might actually have an adverse effect on employment—where the hell did you guys get that ker-aaaaaazy idea?

We are ruled by a bunch of fucknuts, we really are.

More importantly, why have the Labour Party only started to kick up a fuss about this now? The Pre-Budget Report was in—what?—November? Can it be that these useless fucking cunts just couldn't be arsed to listen to what the unrealistically-eye-browed Chancellor was saying? Or is it—given that these fuckers can barely be bothered to turn up to the House to do the job that we pay them way too much money to do more than twice a week—that they entirely missed it the first time around?

Fuck knows: it seems that they are all lazy, useless, corrupt cunts too busy snorting vast amounts of taxpayer cash to bother actually doing their jobs.

The only bright side to all of this is that the Labour Party will, hopefully, lose the next election and this fucking stupid idea will be shelved.

Not that tax rises in general will be: we are going to be feeling the pain, caused by the financial incontinence of this useless fucking government, for fucking decades.

Personally, I wish every form of harm and suffering on Gordon Brown: the man is, and always has been, the Cunto di Tutti Cunti©.

Fucking hell, but I really loathe that man and his stupid jaw-drop: with any luck, one day it'll just drop all the way—Marley's ghost-style—and he will have to wander around with a bandage around his head just to hold it closed.

And believe me, Brown's chains will be longer, heavier and far more burdensome than Scrooge and Marley's combined: my only hope is that he fucking dies and finds that out at the soonest possible opportunity.

The cunt.


Anonymous said...

If you think this is bad. You should check out the Poppy Project. It is a fake charidee that is really a lobby group. Charity commission page shows it does 3 things and one of them is to raise profile and lobby parliament. How much of the £5.8m was spent on lobbying?

Anonymous said...

Cunto di Tutti Cunti©.

Bless you.

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