Sunday, February 15, 2009

... and now Darling's at it too.

Yes, the man who is in charge of the public finances, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has also been deliberately defrauding the taxpayer. Whilst the Treasury and HMRC hound the people of Britain for every last penny in tax, the man nominally in charge has been using his position as an MP to steal from those same taxpayers.
Alistair Darling's Commons expenses are under scrutiny after it emerged that he has lavished £70,000 on his family home in Edinburgh.

The Chancellor claimed thousands of pounds in taxpayer-funded mortgage payments, household bills and goods by classing the £1.2million townhouse as his ‘second home'.

Before he became Chancellor, Mr Darling claimed that a small London flat - worth only around £150-a-week in rent - was his 'main home'.

Before becoming Chancellor in 2007, Mr Darling lodged with Labour Lord Lewis Moonie in a flat in south London.

Mr Darling, 55, lived at the understated £260,000 property in Lambeth from around 2003 until January 2005. According to Commons rules at the time, Mr Darling listed the flat as his 'main' home.

This enabled him to claim a total of £45,954 on his 'second home' - the family home he bought with his wife Maggie in 1998 for £570,000.

The large imposing building in the heart of Edinburgh’s most desirable areas is now estimated to be worth £1.2million.

Even after the Commons rules changed in 2004, he continued to claim that his flat share in London was his 'main home'.

In 2004/05, he claimed a further £15,341 to spend on his Scottish home. The next financial year he claimed a further £19,436 in second home allowance.

Over a five year period, the Chancellor claimed around £70,000 in second home allowance on his Edinburgh home.

Designating which home is your ‘main’ and ‘second’ residence can allow MPs to claim higher sums in expenses.

If Mr Darling had designated his Edinburgh family home as his main residence, he would only have been able to claim the potentially lucrative second home allowance for the rooms he rented in London.

This could have limited him to claiming only for rent, and the share of any bills.

However, the generous second home allowance — currently set at a tax-free £24,006 a year — can provide much bigger claims on larger, family properties.

They include the interest on any mortgage repayments, including mortgage interest payments increases on extra loans to pay for improvements or extensions.

They also include utility charges for heat, light and water, council tax, phone bills, maintenance and decoration.

Your humble Devil has not failed to notice the Tories' reticence in attacking Jacqui Smith for her disgusting behaviour, and I am pretty sure that they will keep schtum as far as Darling is concerned too. Why?

Because they are all at it. They are all buying second homes with our money; they are all using our money to redecorate and make improvements; they are all shovelling our hard-earned cash into their pockets just as quickly as they can.

It has to stop. We have tolerated MPs' perks up until now, because we hoped that they could be trusted not to abuse the system. But it seems that they cannot be trusted and so they should lose these privileges.

Because these are not expenses: they are benefits in kind. If your work were to buy you a second home, then you would be taxed on it; it is not necessary for you to have that home, it is not an expense incurred in carrying out your job.

Whilst I can claim back expenses when I go to visit a client, I cannot claim the money that I expend travelling to work: that would be a benefit in kind, and thus taxable.

Were you or your employer to try to conceal these benefits from the government's tax-collecting agents, you would be taken to court. How very different it is for our lords and masters: it is, in fact, almost the very definition of the concept of "one rule for us and another for them". Our rules dictate that we are taxed on benefits; they, on the other hand, have an exemption.

And not only have they got an exemption from taxation on such benefits, they are abusing the system to the very hilt. It is disgusting, absolutely fucking disgusting.

And there is only one solution: prosecution. Until these fuckers realise that defrauding the taxpayer can land them in a jail cell, being ritually and roughly sodomised, on a daily basis, by Big-Cocked Bubba The Phantom Bugger, they will continue to steal our money, abuse our trust and drag the reputation of our Parliament through the fucking dirt.

Perhaps we should start a campaign: I, for one, would like to hear a tape of Darling being called "darling" by a sex-starved, giant-cocked convict who has already used up his monthly lube ration...


Tomrat said...

I have done. We need to oust the current incumbents whilst making it clear to the heirs apparent that their actions will be monitored closely and should they attempt to screw the people over they can be replaced.

As for direct action in dealing with them getting their hands in the till; I've said we should champion guides like The Plan amongst the major parties in order to get the get them to listen; until then, considering that Jacqboot and Direling are subject to enquiries from their own bespoke policing service...funny how it never prosecutes the big fish...

The Filthy Engineer said...

What I'd like to know, is who the fuck has bought up all the piano wire in Kent.

Anyone know whether barbed wire is suitable?

Oldrightie said...

Darling, the greatest thespian in Labour. Lies all the time but looks so serious and almost human. Thieving bastards and now we know he's one of them. At it before they get thrown out, all of 'em.

JD said...

Barbed wire is eminently suitable, but you will need stout gloves when handling it. It is slower to get off the reel than piano wire so not so well suited to a quick job. Razor wire is really quite hazardous to handle, but gives more entertaining, if messy, results.
There is no shortage of barbed/razor wire here in Ireland, but we may be needing quite a lot of it here too, soon enough.

Warsteiner said...

Fuck me they're all at it - Smith, Straw, Darling - give me strength - I'm going to punch my boss on the hooter tomorrow and get sacked - why should I pay tax to subsidise this lot when I can join the rest of the backsliders and get everything for nowt.


Anonymous said...

starting campaigns isn't going to work, these people just don't care. like the man said, they're all at it! i'm putting my faith in the piano wire, it's the only thing that can save us now...

Shefi said...

This is small potatoes compared to the wholesale thievery obtained by printing more, inflating the supply and so devaluing the pound in everyone's pocket.

Anonymous said...

ZaNu know they are finished so they are lining their nests. The only question is whether they will pull McDoom down first.

Anonymous said...

We get the government we deserve, sad to say, but the majority of the population are just as greedy (would be given a chance) that is why there is still no mass outpouring of public anger at the situation as it affects us on the streets, fucking hell, there's been more anger exressed at the situation as it exists in Tibet!

Anonymous said...

It's the same in all third world countries (of which Britain is the thirdest) where nobody complains about the corruption because, with a bit of luck & the right pals, you're next in line at the trough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."We get the government we deserve ... "

No. That is a trite saying containing only a grain of truth: that we all have a duty to hold our government to account.

Did the Russians deserve Stalin; the Cambodians, Pol Pot; the Zimbabweans, Mugabe?

Anonymous said...

Surely the simple test is: "where will you live when you lose your parlimentary seat?"

I fully expect that they will all be selling their "second" homes and moving full time into their primary one-bedroom-flat-that-they-share-with-their-great-auntie-marg.

No? In that case, give us our money back you grasping bastards.

Anonymous said...

You should compare this to the compensation granted to the legislators of the state of New Hampshire. They are paid US$200 (about 35 Pounds) for a two year term. They are expected to have real jobs and legislate part time. This is the proper model for elected bodies as they aren't getting paid to sit around thinking up laws, just to get the people's business done.

Anonymous said...

Surely these bloated, greedy, self important shitcunts cannot rape our pockets anymore? If piano, barbed, or razor wire is in short supply in your area please remember strangulation is possible with your own two hands........

Anonymous said...

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