Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An American libertarian on LPUK

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but I was rather pleased by this comment on the LPUK manifesto from an American libertarian.
It places great emphasis on the Rule of Law.

What I particularly enjoyed about the UK Libertarian's manifesto was that after reading it, I understood the libertarian philosophical goals they hope to achieved, as well as the practical approach to advance the British government towards that goal.

It mixed well the practical and philosophical. Perhaps its American cousins in the United States Libertarian Party should take note of it.

Good: I am glad that this gentleman has understood the fine line that we have tried to tread between practicality and philosophy in said manifesto.

It's not perfect just yet but we—that is, all of the party members—are constantly revising and refining it through discussion in our members' forums.

And, as The Nameless Libertarian points out, LPUK is aiming—from the start—to be less corrupt and dictatorial than the scum that we currently have to choose from.
If you are sick of these people - and surely to fuck everyone must have had their fill by now - then there is another way. It is the party that I am a member of, and have just renewed my membership of. LPUK. Go take a look.

There will be vain members of LPUK, and (if the party ever reaches a place of political power in this country) probably some greedy and corrupt members as well. But this is a party set up to fight corruption and greed within this country, and is also a party that sees you as in control of your own destiny rather than a raving egotist preening themselves in the House of Commons. It is your choice, but we don't have to stick with the status quo. There is an alternative. Get the right type of person into power by not voting for the wrong type of person.

Don't support the status quo.

Quite. Besides, I quite like the idea of someone introducing "the British Prime Minister, His Satanic Majesty—The Devil". But then I am a vain man. But honest...


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I didn't even know Britain had any libertarians on the whole set of islands until I started reading this blog. Keep up the good work, LPUK!

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Im a prospective parliamentary candidate for a North London Constituency for the Libertarian party

Anonymous said...

That would make quite a good slogan

Don't support the state us quo

Anonymous said...

the fine line that we have tried to tread between practicality and philosophy in said manifesto

The way to do that is to say "our long term aspirations are X, within the term of one parliamnet we think we can do Y"

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