Monday, January 12, 2009

The very definition of "contempt"...

Despite all of the high-profile fuck-ups of the last few years, it seems that the state still couldn't give a shit about your personal information.
Government departments have failed to tighten data handling rules despite losing 30 million personal files in two years, it has been disclosed.

Staff are still able to copy unencrypted information from internal databases on to USB sticks, the portable memory devices that have been involved in many of the recent high-profile security breaches.

The health and transport departments—as well as the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency—have failed to make encryption mandatory despite the recommendations of a Cabinet Office report last year.

I cannot stress enough that these cunts couldn't give a flying fuck about your data, or your security. Do not trust them further than I could throw them (given the size of the average fat bastard MP, and the puniness of my arms, that's not very far). Roll on ID Cards, eh?

Of course, no one is surprised that the DVLA isn't using encryption—why would they need to? They'll happily sell on your data to any old cunt, in exchange for a couple of buttons and an old bit of fluff.

These fuckwits have nothing but contempt for you—and, believe me, here at The Kitchen that contempt is entirely reciprocated...


Henry North London 2.0 said...


The Whittington have already lost my details on a disc

Which is why I have a paper driving licence DK

They havent got me on the database

I overtook a Jaguar on a winding road in Devon once and sped away

unfortunately there were roadworks and a red traffic light and the old laskie in the car got rather steamed up that I had over taken him and the truck he had been stuck behind for 5 miles

He came down with his notebook and said Im going to report you to the police
I told him to go ahead

I was safe in the knowledge that because I still have my paper licence that the police cant access the DVLA website and find me

The only thing they could do was phone my mother to whom I had given the car and registered in her name because I had wanted her to have a personalised reg and unfortunately as she is over 70 the bastards had got to her and she has the plastic card licence and paper counterpart meaning shes on the database so they were able to phone her up but not me

This is why that awful thing about having to test you every ten years is coming in

They realise there are some of us floating around from before the computer era and want to database us

Bastards they want you on their database so that they can scare the shit out of you anytime you transgress and thats pretty damn easy these days with the bloody laws as they are

Anonymous said...


It not very surprising though is it?

Here is some more fuel to the fire

Anonymous said...

I dont just reciprocate their comtempt for us but really hate them. It is they, more than the politicians, EU ,Gordon Brown or anything which are the biggest problem of the UK.
I wish they would all be a lead part of a snuff movie.

Earthlet Nigel said...

They have also fucked up innumerable vocational licences which I know to be true cos I was one of them. Only cost me my job.
Another useless bunch of seat polishing tossers.

Anonymous said...

I work in a part of the NHS and decided off my own back to install a widely accepted encryption system on my USB stick (Truecrypt). The result - a bollocking for using non-approved software. I asked for the approved encryption software and was told it was in 'the pipelines'

Henry North London 2.0 said...

The NHS hate you if you try and do anything on their computers

They run slowly and they all use Exploder

I loaded firefox on to so many computers in the NHS

Tip load it into your pictures folder and run it from there rather than in the program files which only admins can access

word veri uperbot ( I shit ye not) Im beginning to love that phrase I shit ye not

Anonymous said...

I've taken it a stage further and have shoved all my stash of 'illicit' software (firefox, thunderbird etc) into an encrypted file on my machine (ending in .pdf) and run truecrypt from the USB stick. PDF files tend to be so f***ing huge these days

Anonymous said... it looks as though our information is safe in the hands of the nhs.( not).....illicit software, unauthorised downloads to personal usb drives, hacking and circumvention people are the problem....i hope they catch you and sack you.

Anonymous said...


Don't be a moron. If they don't give you the tools to do your job what are you supposed to do. It's a case of 'bring your own pens'.

You obviously have the IT knowledge of a bivalve - why don't you apply for an NHS IT job?

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