Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Server Admin and RouseMedia

Further to the problems with the server, thanks to the genius known as Mike Rouse, MySQL came back up again. It has, alas, since crashed again, but Mike managed to isolate the problem and copy out the old databases.

This disaster is the culmination of a few months of problems and, as such, many of my clients are now being transferred to RouseMedia Ltd.

Unrelated to all of this (apart from the fact that I knew that I had somewhere to place my most demanding clients!), Mike has asked me to act as a non-executive director to RouseMedia Ltd.*

I am delighted to be working with Mike again: we always worked well together, and he and his fellows have some exciting ideas for the company—especially in the area of political campaigning.

Your humble Devil will be acting in a consulting role, and I am looking forward to helping RouseMedia become a runaway success. RouseMedia is a non-partisan, full-service digital media agency with some excellent ideas in the pipeline: should any politicos be reading this blog** and require or desire an online presence, may I urge you to drop a line to RouseMedia...?

* I shall, naturally, restate this interest in any posts mentioning the company.
** Hahahahahahahahaha...


Old Holborn said...

Turn it off and turn it back on again

Always works

hope this helps

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yeah, definitely try turning it off again, pulling out the plug, turning it off at the mains, going for a cigarette etc and then in reverse order.

Gawain Towler said...

And where the fucj are you?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Not where I'd like to be, alas. Crisis after crisis hitting: not having a good week...


Roger Thornhill said...



"rousemedia.yerp" perhaps, but..."eu"?

But seriously - good news. Hope all goes well.

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