Friday, January 23, 2009

Drinking to escape all this hideousness

Via Mark Wadsworth, the BBC—possibly the biggest fake charity of them all—is getting all hot under the collar about drinking (again).
Over a third of adults in Britain drink over the recommended daily amount at least one day a week, figures show.

One day a week? Fuck me: how terrible.

Tell me, o Beeboid, are you still counting even if they drink nothing else during the rest of the week?
Data from the Office for National Statistics for 2007 shows one in five adults consumed more than double the "limit" on their heaviest drinking day.

A separate survey shows awareness of safe drinking limits has increased in the 10 years, but many people are still confused on the exact recommendations.

Well, that is not entirely surprising really.

I am getting tired of pointing this out, you fucking Beeboid shitsticks, but I am going to do so again because you still haven't got it: the drinking limits were made up—a bunch of scientists pulled them out of their arseholes.

So fuck you, you BBC morons: how dare you simply and uncritically publish government statistics as though they had some bearing in fact. Fuck you right in the fucking eye-hole. Are you a reporting organisation or simply the propaganda arm of the NuLabour government? Don't answer that, you fucking socialist bastards.
Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern said: "Today's figures show that while the government is moving in the right direction to tackle the country's high levels of harmful and hazardous drinking, action is long overdue."

Ah, Alcohol Concern... This is, of course, a fake charity:
According to its 2007/08 accounts, Alcohol Concern received £515,000 from the Department of Health. It received just £4,991 in public donations.

Now, there has been some debate as to what constitutes a "fake charity": although, as far as I am concerned, any charity in receipt of any level of government funding is a fake. However, Alcohol Concern's total income was £903,246, meaning that 57% of its funding was from the state—it definitely qualifies as a "fake charity".

Finally, no sensationalist alcohol story would be complete without some bunch of fucking medicos sticking their noses in where they aren't wanted.
Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians said: "While people's awareness of the health risks associated with drinking above the recommended limits is surprisingly good, knowledge of those limits is still poor, despite ten years of concerted work to raise awareness levels.

"It is vital that the government take the next step of introducing mandatory labelling on drinks so that people are in a better position to keep track of their own consumption levels."

The RCP are not, as far as I can see, funded by the state. However, we have met Professor Gilmore before.
Seriously, this collection of prize cunts are becoming even more loathesome than 38.3% of our politicians.

Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians and Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said: "This research shows that binge drinking and hangovers are not just a problem for younger drinkers.

"Many people underestimate the amount of units they are drinking because drinks have been getting stronger, and glasses larger, over the past couple of decades - a small glass of wine can now be two units, and large glasses three to four units.

Look, Gilmore, you stupid cunt, when will you understand that we know that you and your scientific buddies are more than happy to pull figures out of your arses so that you won't look pig-ignorant. No one believes a word you say. So why don't you go suck on a shotgun, you tedious little bastard.

Please note from the above story that Professor Ian Gilmore is not only a member of the RCP but is also "Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance" (a fact that is significantly absent from today's Beeb story).

Now, a quick search of for "Alcohol Health Alliance" throws up such definitely fake charities as Sustain, the Institute for Alcohol Studies and the Alliance House Foundation (formerly the UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic in All Intoxicating Liquors); all of these organisations are heavily funded by the state which means, of course, that the Alcohol Health Alliance is also heavily funded by the state.

As such, Professor Ian Gilmore is a mouthpiece for the government and should probably have his tongue ripped from his lying head before being hanged by his testicles in a tank full of ravenous piranas. The cunt.

Why don't these people just fuck off?

UPDATE: by the way, I thought that anyone who donates to Comic Relief would be relieved and happy to know that you funded Alcohol Concern to the tune of £116,649 in 2008, which is a measly 63% more than the previous year.

Apparently, the money goes towards...
... developing an accredited alcohol training module to support Youth Providers to work more effectively with young people with drink problems. The training module is to be developed and piloted to suit Youth Providers in generic and criminal justice settings and will encompass further support through a dedicated website.

Sounds like fun!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link.

Anonymous said...

IG has come up before in connection with tobacco control. His enthusiasm and skills in finger-wagging are obviously transferrable and will, no doubt, we called upon to tackle the obesity epidemic.

He's small fry, though, in comparison with the EU which wants to ban freedom to dissent as reported on "Taking Liberties" (sorry, can't do the link).


Anonymous said...

There's no stopping them. The International Conference Against Prohibition had been booked to take place in the EU Building for over a year and included MPs, MEPs and scientists on both side of the fence. But that bastion of democracy has now cancelled it as it "doesn't accord with the EU's vision of a smokefree Europe. However, TICAP wasn't just about smoking - it was about alcohol, food and many other things that these cunts want to ban. Luckily, they had a seond venue planned. Why? Because they knew this would happen. And some shit-stained Labour MEP has already been crowing about having free-speech silenced is a good thing and showing contempt for attendees who were paying to go "out of their own resources." Yeah, the fact that people are so angry and scared of you that they will pay to fly to Brussels, in the middle of a recession, to make themselves heard is truly contemptible.... unlike just troughing a first class ticket out of my tax money you unutterable cunt.

TICAP is still going ahead. Watch out for the complete lack of coverage on Anti-Beeb.

Anonymous said...

We need a "fuck off and leave us alone" Petition on Facebook now :)

DavidNcl said...

57% from direct state funding. It not obvious where the other money comes from because, like most fake charities, the accounts are very broad brush. They're also unreadable because of the crap scanning.

Think about it - who among us is going to give alcohol concern a few quid each month? A few weirdos here and there who are agin the demon drink - but they're much more likely to give the dosh to traditional temperance outfits (like the Salvation Army) I would guess.

And on the RCP - its not a charity, it's a guild and exists to help preserve the state granted monopoly on medical practice. Hardly likely to be a friend of the free, quite the opposite in fact.

Jon said...

"Why don't these people just fuck off?"

I'll drink to that.

Traction Man said...

Don't listen to a word those doctors say. I was at a little soiree just before Christmas and apart from me they were all doctors. Blow me down if they weren't all smoking, drinking and boasting about their drug exploits. I pointed out that they were doctors and they simply told me to shut up. "We know the risks," they said. Last time I ever listen to a drink sodden butcher.

Traction Man said...

The hand of the moustachioed bint, Dawn Primarolo, is behind this. She'll have to introduce a health tax which will be spent on alcohol education. In fact it will probably go directly to a fake charity near you. This is the delightfully liberal woman who is now telling us how much fat, sugar and salt we can have in our food. She recently bullied McVities into cutting back most of the saturated fat in their Digestive biscuits.A complete and utter cow.

Pogo said...

"Mr Handcart"... Just remember that the traditional definition of an alcoholic is "someone who drinks more than his doctor".. :-)

Dr Evil said...

They won't just fuck off because they want to control us. And they get glove pupet fake charities to try to give their own bollox spurious credibility.

I'm not surprised about that Labour MEp espousing the denial of free speech. Typical of these Socialist-Marxists. Bastards!

Hacked Off said...

Most all "national" or "international" so called fucking charities exist to pay cunts to pontificate and wring hands whilst doing fuck all to solve any problem. Because ifthey actually solved the problem, they'd need a new gravy train.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Funny how Mr Darling didn't up the tax on Scotch in the last Budget.

Leg-iron said...

I'm off to the pub, after a plate of steak and chips. No veg. No fruit. At the pub, there will be no limit.

After Mr. Handcart's comment, when I get back I'll have some digestive biscuits spread with lard. This is healthy since the biscuits themselves now contain less fat because Dawn Primula has arranged it.

Oh, and I'll be smoking too. A lot.

Tomorrow, I'll still be alive, but only because it annoys the hell out of those self-important, arrogant, braindead idiots who want to control me. If it wasn't for sheer bloody-mindedness, I'd have died years ago.

Anonymous said...

Re: The TICAP fiasco, the MEP was Mary Honeyball who posted a private letter froma concerned member of the public on her blog, saying: "This diatribe comes to you courtesy of a Mrs Brenda Orsler, a delegate to the conference against prohibition who apparently paid to attend out of her own resources.

As far as I can make out, it is a pro-smoking event. What is even more interesting is that has been sponsored by the appalling Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP."


More on the corruption that cancelled a legitimate, pre-booked conference against prohibition at:


The main scumbag is Florence Berteletti Kemp, director of the Smoke Free Partnerhip (which includes Cancer Research UK). Her "reasons"?

Here's some snippets from her letter:

""the event appears to be in contravention of Parliament’s own rules of procedure and is detrimental to the dignity of Parliament"
"the event goes against all of Parliament’s adopted reports and the European Community’s legislation and commitments on this topic"
"it violates the spirit of the International Framework Convention on Tobacco Control"

So that's Godfrey Bloom MEP shut up, then. After all, he's only the elected one and she's a tax-payer funded parasite.

Furry Conservative said...

Click goes the ratchet, once more. In 18 months, two years it will be advanced enough for the State to really start persecuting drinkers.

The salami tactics which worked so well against smokers are being applied again. A change of government at the election won't make a difference at all - Call me Dave is as deeply into the authoritarian state culture as any New Labour drone.

Anonymous said...

Its Friday night after another highly pressured week at wok and I'm knocking back a quite good bottle of NZ sauvignon blanc. Do I give a sh** what the fake charity Alcohol Concedrn says - no I f***ing don't. What I say to them is f**k of and mind your own business

Patrick said...

Alcohol concern are always banging on about more taxation on the drinkees.. So the govt loves to sponsor them in the event that it makes their increased taxation unavoidable.. Like Plato, they are nothing short of state whores

Anonymous said...

I would not drink nearly so much if I wasn't so upset at taxation levels, government and EU waste, governemnt and EU incompetence, government and EU stupidity, lack of government and EU common sense and accountability, the fact that the Auditors have not signed off EU accounts for years and that members of the European Parliament are so meaningless that they cannot even propose their own legislation.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Devil, don't dispute the details, don't engage on the numbers; argue from principle:

It's none of their business.

We don't care about their limits, we don't care about their opinions, we don't care about their campaigns or their concerns.

We live our own lives, we pay our own bills, we take our own risks, and we live with the consequences.

What they think simply doesn't matter in the least.

There's nothing more humiliating than being ignored, and humiliation is what these dudes need, in spades.

Anonymous said...

I am not stupid.
I can read.
I am perfectly well aware of their so called limits.
I just dont give a fuck.

Fuck off and leave me alone.
Im off out to get pissed now.
And smoke. A lot.

John B said...

"In 18 months, two years it will be advanced enough for the State to really start persecuting drinkers.

No. To recruit sane people who like the occasional bottle of grog to our cause, we have to say things which don't sound mad.

Even on the current trend, it'll be 15-20 years before the state really starts persecuting drinkers; we need to get more immediate concerns for now (driving, much as I'm no fan of it myself, is the most obvious area of dissent).

"Call me Dave is as deeply into the authoritarian state culture as any New Labour drone."

True dat. Probably slightly less grumpy about the booze, given his mates from his marketing days, but even more insane about harmless drugs. Certainly no more liberal.

Wat Dabney said...

Reading Montefiore's 'Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar' I was struck by the clear similarity between Pravda - the "newspaper" used for glove-puppetting state agitprop to justify oppression - and "charities" such as ASH and Alcohol Concern. Are they by any chance related? I think we should be told.

Interfering sanctimonious fucking leeches. We can only pray that fellating government cock is one day found to itself cause cancer. In the immortal words of Pravda, "Crush the Loathsome Creatures. The Mad Dogs Must Be Shot." Amen.

Folded at Dawn said...

I had a look at Alcohol Concern's accounts last week. Could someone confirm whether it is indeed the case that roughly 75% of the £1m a year they get goes on salaries and another 10% on training and expenses? It looked that way to me but I could be getting it wrong (oh, so easily).

galbak said...

Personaly I cant wait till they Prohibit Alcahol and Tobacco. It will work as well as Prohibition did in America, and with the vast increase in gangwarfare, political corruption, and smuggling.

a, there's good money to be made,
b, a very good chance of 'accidently' killing a few of the politicicans,

Fun times.

Shame the local councils thought ahead and removed the cast iron lamp posts, we cant hang the buggers from the new ones, the ropes will slide off.

Anonymous said...

I won't give another penny to a bbc or any other TV sponsered "charity" event, apart from the self interested promotion of the celebrities involved and the general smugness of the self interested presenters and the support staff, producers, cameramen etc who are trousering overtime the clicher for me was the fact that children in need paid for the rent, computers and who knows what else that the 7/7 bombers used in Leeds. If you want to donate, do so directly, apart from the money the charity involved will appreciate the personal interest and you'll probably give more in the end as you'll see the benefit.

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