Friday, January 23, 2009

Cunt of the Week: Norman Lamb MP

Following on from the latest load of bollocks about drinking, it seems that The Daily Telegraph has found itself a politico rent-a-gob.
Millions of middle-class drinkers putting health at risk with evening tipple

Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrats' spokesman on health, said: "These statistics lift the lid on the very serious scale of middle-class alcohol consumption, and the potential health risks that this involves.

"While attention has rightly been on the massive problem of young people binge-drinking, a hidden epidemic among the middle classes has gone unnoticed.

"The Government has continued to massively under-fund alcohol treatment services, meaning this problem has been allowed to continue unabated."

As a Times article reported a couple of years ago, people are not risking their health by drinking more than the government limits—rather the opposite in fact.
Subsequent studies found evidence which suggested that the safety limits should be raised, but they were ignored by a succession of health ministers.

One found that men drinking between 21 and 30 units of alcohol a week had the lowest mortality rate in Britain. Another concluded that a man would have to drink 63 units a week, or a bottle of wine a day, to face the same risk of death as a teetotaller.

Given this fact, Norman Lamb is a patronising cunt who should fuck off and die. I mean, how overwrought is the idea that there is "a hidden epidemic among the middle classes"? And I personally object to the idea that—because I drink more than the entirely arbitrary, made-up "limits" for alcohol consumption—that I should be sent to an "alcohol treatment" centre.

Seriously, what the fuck, Norman? Do you think that people should be sent to alcohol treatment centres because they like a drink in the evening? What's next, you cunt—sending people to sexual addiction centres because they are having more sex than you? Or why not go the whole hog and send people off to the gulags because they have called you a cunt?

For fuck's sake, Norman, you shitting fuck-basket, why don't you fuck off and die?

You cunt.


Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom from the daily mash...

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm not sure where you're going with 'cunt of the week', it'll take you about twelve years to get through all the MPs that way.

Try doing two as 'cunts of the day' every day, then you can do them all in under a year.

Word veri: marks

Anonymous said...

The politicians could lead the way by closing all the (many) bars at Westminster and by banning the consumption of alcohol within the Palace environs.

Anonymous said...

"These statistics lift the lid on the very serious scale of middle-class alcohol consumption, and the potential health risks that this involves."


You see - potentially, a glass or two of wine or whatever will lead to death by deprivation, a moral lack. The scientist in us all says probably not. That doesn't matter. The statement isn't incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck. Me, a socially mobile person who managed it BEFORE the cunts pulled up the ladder by destroying the education system, am NOT drinking enough!
I really need to do something to catch up with the benefits fraternity in my small village. THEY seem to have it right by buying a bottle of vodka a day
+ rather a few cans.
The few "refined" amongst them buy 3 or 4 bottles of wine a day or a bottle of High Commissioner (NOT Bells or Grouse, or malt - too important to continue to look "poor").
I'd like to catch up but unfortunately I'm "earning" !

Ooops - is there now a law to stop me saying this? Wasn't yesterday but might be today. who knows

Bewick, Northumberland

Anonymous said...

We are a nation of drinkers.

Waterloo was won in the drinking dens of England, the same with Trafalgar and Agincourt.

The best Prime Minister we had in the last 100 years Sir Winston Churchill liked a drink, whilst Hitler was a tea-totaler.

Leave me to drink a couple of times a month 9 or 10 pints of ale a night.

Sargon the Demented said...

The fucking twats. If there was ever a reason to take up drinking, these imbeciles are good enough for me. Lucky I've got a bottle of Sherry about the house, and some beers.

Bottoms up!

wv: Thwor. As in: Look at th' pair of knockerth on her, eh? Hic! Thwor...

John A said...

Also of note was this week's TImes article in which doctors bemoaned the fact that just over half (57%) of smokers who have been diagnosed with cancer continue to smoke.

Look, if I get cancer I know that the chances of recovery by way of smoking cessation are less than the chances of my drowning in the bathtub. Why the sanguinary Sheol should I stop doing it after getting cancer?

Anonymous said...

The Bolsheviks made so many laws in the USSR that it was always possible to pick up any member of the public for a crime.

I seriously wonder whether McDoom and ZaNu Lab have created all these extra crimes and all the elfansafety rules and all the political correctness to keep the public feeling guilty, so that we are less likely to protest at McDoom's boom and bust.

Anonymous said...

OK, so this Lamb character goes on the ever-lengthening list of political arseholes who, come the revolution, will be beaten to death with giant rubber cocks.

Anonymous said...

Right, thats it, I'm going to start taking drugs from now on, just to spite 'em.

Anonymous said...

On a slightly more general note, one of the difficulties we have is finding a forum in which we can put together some concerted opposition to these people.

For instance, a SINGLE complainant about to OFCOM, can get an ruling in their favour, with a resulting imposition on the rest of us. However there is no real recourse available to those of us who might disagree, have a counter opinion, and who may indeed form a majority.

There is no forum for mass dissent, where we can group together and show that there is a significant part of public opinion that disagrees, where these authoritarians can be told that we don't want their imposed dogma, and would rather that they might FOaD, or something similar, if maybe a little more politely stated :)

Occasionally Facebook comes up with something of this kind, eg the pro Jonathan Ross group which apparently has more adherents than the Daily Wail managed to rustle up to moan. But no-one really listens. (NB this is an example, NOT some convoluted trolling to start a fight),

Looking at the fakecharities site, which is a great idea, any scope for someone with your sort of skills to set up something similar in respect of this type of issue, to act as a focal point?

Obviously needs some controls, eg on voting/contributing to maintain credibility, but it would only but be a better bet than HMG's 'pleadings' site, or our writing to MPs as individuals

A few bloggers crying in the wilderness is fine, but the rest of us need somewhere to exercise a combined voice, and presently there is nowhere for it to be heard with any authority

Anonymous said...

oops...a SINGLE complainant to OFCOM can get.........

Anonymous said...

Does Norman really want the actions of Parliament being viewed by a nation of SOBER citizens? Really? How about a sober review of England's position within the EU?

David Vance said...

You have a point.

Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

Hee hee makes my heart glad to see New Zealand isn't so badly off MP-wise after all...

Neal Asher said...

It's funny, but much more frequently lately I'm reading posts (here and elsewhere) from people who are doing the opposite of what they are being told just because they are being told. All this hectoring is creating a whole stratum of people who are drinking and smoking just as an act of rebellion. I know smoking is bad for me, but I'm fucked if I'm going to give up while these cunts are telling me to.

Anonymous said...

He seems like a nice little chap in search of a headline.

Why doesn't he try: "THE NHS IS FUCKED"
(a) It's true
(b) Most people would agree; and
(c) Err - that's it.

We really need someone like Nick Ridley or Enoch Powell to come out and say something we all know to be self-evident. Where is the personality in politics these days?

Anonymous said...

forget this ladder. get off it and go down. you might be suprised to find yourself at the top of another!

Anonymous said...

Norman Lamb is, apparently, a Liberal. I find that amusing.

Are there any actual liberals in the Liberal Democrats?


Subsidised drinking in westminster,brussels,un newyork,also smoking is permitted in all the above places,in fact the peasants are the only group not allowed any of the pleasures the traitors reserve for themselves.

Dr Evil said...

As you say, entirely arbitrary limits. When they are confonted by science saying these limits are wrong, they ignore the science. When given some science a while ago regarding CO2 emissions and warming of the planet, they didn't ignore it as they saw a taxing opportunity. They tax alcohol anyway so why do they care?

Anonymous said...

Attempts to Islamify Western Europe cannot be denied :-

Two Euro MEPs admitting Islam is to become the dominant Culture.

EU Promises Unlimited Muslim Immigration into Europe in Secret Euro Med aggreement

Not the first time this has been tried either.

Both Hitler and Napoleans wanted to place Europe under Sharia Law.

Anonymous said...

So much for the 'liberal' in liberal democrats

Anonymous said...

i'm going out to buy 6 cans of tennants and a quarter-bottle of vodka, my usual saturday-night tipple. i would go to the pub but it doesn't feel the same since the smokers are under state scrutiny and have to stand outside to smoke. the physical atmosphere is healthier, but the human atmosphere, the this-place-mine feeling has gone. the pub's mostly empty even on saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Why is this happening now?

The WHO has a strategy for health and this was pushed down to each region. There is a WHO European Strategy for health which mentions three things, Tobacco, Alcohol and Food ('unheatlhy food').

The strategy suggests that taxes on these things are raised and access reduced.

The blueprint is the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

So people who drink or eat fast foods don't realise what they have done by supporting 'reasonable measures' like a public (er part private) smoking ban.

That set the precedent.

Our countries polyticians seem to be only a mouthpiece for the WHO health strategy.

Linda said...

Oh,dear. I guess that's me done for.

Anonymous said...

"a hidden epidemic among the middle classes has gone unnoticed."

a) If it is hidden, then that is why it has not been noticed. That's what hidden means. You cunt.

b) If it's an epidemic and it has not been noticed, what makes you think it is an epidemic?

c) What actually is the fucking problem you are trying to solve? Are we seeing hundreds of thousands of people going into hospital because they have had a glass too many of a poor Merlot, after getting home after a hard day's work? No we are fucking not.

d) Is traction production being lowered because of this? No.

Anonymous said...

I meant 'tractor'. Bugger.

Thatcher's Child said...

I know its bad form to just go OT for the sake of it, but I am looking for feedback from people with regards to the education system under Labour.

link here

Is it much worse that we thought?
I am starting to think that the next generation is too stupid to survive!

DaveA said...

First they came for the smokers, but I did not smoke.

They then came for the drinkers.....

I agree that MPs and Euro MEPs should lead the way.

They should all have an ID card with their DNA and their emails for the last year stored in a chip so it is easy to access. On the ID card should be an allowance of 6 units per week, thus ensuring that can't drink every day. Whenever they buy a drink it is deducted from their card and can't buy anymore until the next week.

Of course all alcohol should be removed from the Houses Of Parliament and Lords. Not forgetting the Reichstag in Brussels/Strasbourg.

Then the cunts can lecture me.

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