Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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This article over at Boatang and Demetriou, detailing those petty details, annoyances and injustices which are now common-place in NuLabour's Britain is thoroughly excellent.
I’ve had enough of it, I really have. Can no-one see how utterly insane modern life in Britain has become? The random, arbitrary authoritarianism, the big government, the stifling EU super-project interfering in peoples’ existences, the arrogant top down approach, the encouragement of favouritism to some causes and groups and intolerance of other causes and groups.

And you know what? My workplace didn’t even fucking acknowledge Armistice Day last month. The 11th November came along, 11am came and went and nobody batted an eye lid. People still chatting, phones still going, no email or message on the intranet, nothing.

How very fucking apt. A million British people died and a million and a half were injured during World War 1. Around half a million British died during World War 2. They did that, in order to save our country and the world from the jaws of tyranny and to preserve civilisation. And the fuckers round me won’t even spare 2 fucking minutes in a year to fucking acknowledge that shit.

Profoundly depressing. And the most depressing thing is that the Tories will be no better: in many cases, since they are pro-EU, they cannot be any more liberal.

And here we go into yet another year of this shit: merry fucking new year...


Ian B said...

Good rant, but it fosters the illusion that everything was hunky dory until Emperor Tony ascended to the purple. Reality is, New Labour just represented an increase in velocity; the mess we're in started a long time before. Thatcher's regime, for instance, was economically liberal(ish) but socially authoritarian; anti-smoking legislation didn't start with New Labour, nor anti-drinking legislation. And who was it who set the police on hippies (battle of the beanfield) and ravers, and so on, let alone the miners? Who took us into the EU, and passed Maastricht and the Single European Act? Did the buregeoning health and safety bureaucracy suddenly appear in 1997? No, that's bollocks.

The past century has been the century of progressive reform- of growing government, growing restrictions on behaviour, of the private becoming a public matter. It wasn't a "playpen" in the 90s, it was somewhat freer than now, but there is a continuum.

Anonymous said...

DK, you're correct to predict that things will not improve under the Tories, should they ever manage to ascend to office again, and I'm not counting on it.

David Cameron is Labour-Lite Lite. He is Eurobland. Jolly good sport who knows how to play the game to forward his own interests. Just like Tone Boy.

Cicero said...

Just to pick up on an error in that quotation: the authoritarian nature of Labour is not 'random' or 'arbitrary'. It's visceral. Labour is a collectivist party, and in the nature of all collectivists they seek to replace organic society with the state. Hence the subsidisation of social breakdown, the laxity of the criminal justice system and the loss in civil liberties. Only connect.

CityUnslicker said...

Happy New Year DK

Anonymous said...

umm....what state restrictions on smoking began in the Tory days?
I really don't think you can remotely compare the totalitarianism of this Government with any other, Tory or Olde Labour. This Government is uniquely communo-fascistic as it is stuffed with the aging student reds who were on the hard hard left in the 60s and 70s, and took over Labour with the purpose of imposing the nasty repressive Maoist totalitarian state they wanted since their days cheering Che and Danny the Red.
Take a look into their backgrounds to understand why what is happening is happening.

Anonymous said...

"And the fuckers round me won’t even spare 2 fucking minutes in a year to fucking acknowledge that shit."

Not much point acknowledging people who died to save Europe from being taken over by the Germans when it's been handed to them on a plate since WWII. That would be anti-European and probably borderline terrist.

The Filthy Smoker said...

To stand and fight or to get out while there is still time?

It seems that every morning there is some new piece of garbage that seems designed to drive me from the country (yesterday it was making cars physically incapable of breaking the speed limit - and a happy xmas to you too you Labour fucks).

Is there any sense in staying? We have won all the arguments but have lost all the battles[PDF]. The very words that define us have been stolen and perverted. 'Liberal' and 'progressive' have the exact opposite meaning to what they once did. 'Ethical living' means believing in an sack cloth and ashes fairy tale. We are neutered and gagged. The vast majority of the population would consider JS Mill's basic principle of self-ownership - if they knew of it - to be an archaic piece of sophistry. Our political influence is limited to preaching to the converted on the internet.

The Tories will surely win the next election but so what? At best, it will slow down the transition to a police state by a few years. I don't support the Conservatives because conservatives only look to regain the rights that their parents took for granted. Consequently, as every generation passes, their expectations shrink.

And yet, right now I would settle for having the rights we had just ten years ago and would be ecstatic to have the liberty enjoyed by my father when he was my age. The priority has to be to get these vicious, evil, stupid, vindictive bunch of motherfuckers and their retarded brand of student politics as far from the reins of government for as long as possible.

In the short term we are fucked. It would take a extraordinary turnaround not just in the government but in the culture of this country to make things bearable even in the medium term. In the long-term, it is true, I have faith that the human spirit will prevail but by then I will be dead.

So what does the individual do while he is alive in reactionary times? He or she can stand and fight, but in reality that fight consists of little more than impotently offering their disgust. And that one-way flight gets more inviting by the day.

Still, happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Britain is doomed; the things that would be required to save it (e.g. getting the hell out of the EU and sacking 90% of government employees) are politically impossible, so it will just get worse until there's a catastrophic collapse.

Get out while you still can, and leave it as an example to the world of what happens to a country that lets commie-Trot-liberal whackos take over. You can go back and rebuild from the wreckage after they're gone.

Shug Niggurath said...

Anonymous said...
umm....what state restrictions on smoking began in the Tory days?

Restrictions on public transport, cinema (remember the advert asking you to move to the left if you wanted to smoke? If only we had known shifting to the left would mean you were made to feel like a cunt for smoking in your own car and house!).

There was a time when trains had smoking and non-smoking cars, that was too much, blanket ban. Upstairs on buses, too much smoking, ban.

As for drinking, yep it was under a tory government that drinking in the street was banned. And like all authoritarian bans it was done with the very best intentions, to stop the kiddies having to see alkies on street corners. They went to the back gardens and alleyways while suddenly it became an offence to take a bottle of wine to the local park and have a picnic... geddit?

At least I think that's what Ian B was meaning.

And yeah, the authoritarian instincts of the tories were well honed. Possibly better than Labour because the tories clamped down on ravers - pretty much young, student, leftish folk, miners (no need to say more), but I blame even that instinct in the tories on the labour party. They brought in the welfare state and with it the overt suggestion that they know better than we do what's good for us and we should be ever in their debt. And if you have a debt to repay then the lender sets the rules.

Ian B said...

Wot Shug said.

I also have this image etched into my memory of Virginia Bottomley proudly howling to the ecstatic mob that they'd banned the sale of decoder cards that let people see naughty satellite channels from the Continent. That was one of the things that made a naive young me think the EU was a good idea because those liberal continentals would save us from the authoritarian conservatives here. Well, you live and learn, you know.

Also, the infamous Bright Bill that made the BBFC a statutory body and censored videos, brought in on the back of a wave of propaganda about video nasties and Mary Whitehouse's hideous shrieking.

Et cet ra.

All the main parties fell long ago to the mantra of progressivism- social control on the Prussian model. Socialism and conservatism are much the same thing, the two political movements just differ somewhat on what precisely should be controlled, and how.

Ian B said...

*the ecstatic mob was at a Tory conference

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