Thursday, December 25, 2008

Guido says, "up yours, Carter-Ruck"...

It seems that Guido has received an injunction, concerning the email accounts of Zac and Sheherazade Goldsmith, from Private Eye's favourite lawyers, Carter-Fuck. Guido's reply seems to be pretty much along the lines of Arkell vs Pressdram...
Guido believes that he is not the only leading blogger to receive the injunction. He is however the only one willing to break it. Unfortunately for Carter-Ruck they seem to have forgotten that since 1922 the orders of British Judges have been happily ignored by us Irish in our own country.

Your humble Devil is, naturally, unable to say whether or not he received any such injunction from said lawyers. Had he received said injunction—as a PDF attachment to an email, for instance—he would have been utterly unaware of what the hell it was all about.

But, like Guido, it might well have alerted him to something of which he was previously unaware; one might even say that it would have been an entirely counter-productive move on the part of the lawyers.
So Carter-Ruck have merely tipped Guido off to a case of which he was previously unaware and Guido will, as a consequence, now share what little he knows with with his co-conspirators as a Christmas treat.

Now, your humble Devil knows nothing of all of this, of course, but if you do want some enlightenment, you might choose to wander over to Guido's place and find out...

P.S. Guido writes...
So we will have a situation where offshore bloggers broadcast the truth to Britons in much the same way as Radio Free Europe get the citizens of the Soviet Empire informed. The legislation won't succeed, only Chinese style internet censorship will prevent the truth getting out. Is that the path politicians want to go down?

Yes, obviously. The waters are already being tested, both by our government and, more importantly (since it has more power than our own government), by the EU. Whether we poor serfs want to go down this route is, of course, as irrelevant to them as the Irish "no" to the Lisbon Treaty...


Anonymous said...

It will happen. Some time ago, after reading about Euro Parliamentarians wanting to "regulate the internet and unofficial blogging", I wrote to all of my MEPs asking for their personal views on the matter.

A number of emails bounced. The few that did reply didn't answer but referred the matter to "the member who handles these issues". Finally, I received a letter from a Conservative MEP. He said the following:

"I think it is difficult to regulate though the Chinese seem to have managed it. I do not believe it should be wholly unregulated to give open season to unacceptable criminal activities such as child pornography and abuse or what used to be called snuff movies. I perceive the difficulty lies in deciding where to draw the line. I would view any proposal from the Commission on its merits".

I'm surprised he didn't mention the war on turr. Reading between the lines, the Tories believe in censoring bloggers et al. It will happen - and I don't trust any of these bastards.

A Merry Xmas to all - while we're still allowed to say so.


Martin said...


The relevant precedent in such cases is not 'Arkell -v - Pressdram', but 'Lord Advocate -v- Scotsman Publications'.

A link will go up later, 'coz da missus is getting scratchy about me surfing on Christmas Day.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Chinese style internet censorship, Bullshit. This site is blocked by the Great firewall (GFW) as I type. Yuo see, the Chinese government have spent 25 years teaching their best and brightest all about IT and English - so they don't really expect the GFW to stop anyone, do they?

Anonymous said...

Well I'm finding it more and more difficult to access this, and other blog sites. Getting network timeout or blank pages, and having to re-load half a dozen times to get any where, is a daily occurrence.

I'm not having any comparable problems with the rest of my surfing, so it's easy to start wondering what's going on...

P.S. Even posting this reply has taken 4 attempts!

JD said...

New Facebook group, open to all:

Join and discuss?
Happy New Year, JD.

JD said...

New group is called NO TO LISBON MEANS NO TO LISBON!


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