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Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles: he died serving his country as part of a Royal, loyal regiment. This country's government is now proceeding to royally fuck up his family.

Via Counting Cats in Zanzibar (great name, great blog) and Obnoxio (terrifying clown*), I find The Real Machiavelli's post and a new level of blood pressure. My cardiologist is on his way with the emergency beta-blockers even as I type.
On 15 November, Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Defence News, part of the Ministry of Defence, said, "He was rated as one of the Army's best snipers attaining best student on his Snipers' course. He was highly respected by all." C. Sgt Dura was killed by a Taliban bomb which injured two male colleagues and one female officer, who lost her leg.

C. Sgt Dura, 36, leaves two daughters and a wife. He had served in the British Army since 1992.

But the purpose of this article is not to recount his years of selfless service, nor to sing the praises of his heroism in Afghanistan.

Really? What can the purpose be? Has the government done something exceptional?

Well, yes: yes they have. [Emphasis mine.]
It is to draw attention to the most appallingly callous, bureaucratically pig-headed mindset Machiavelli has so far encountered. Because the Home Office is currently threatening to deport the wife and two little children of C. Sgt Dura.

What the fucking fuckity fuck-fuck fuck? I mean, seriously: what the FUCK?

Why is everything that this government does so extraordinarily fucking shoddy? Have these cunts no shame whatso-fucking-ever?

That fat-titted arse-weasel Jacqui "slack-cunt" Smith is, obviously, too busy being hounded by people begging for an ID Card to pay even the most cursory attention to what her fucking gruby little departmental shitbags are attempting to do to the family of a man who died serving this country.

Seriously, what the fuck is it about the Ghurkas that successive British governments feel the need to totally screw them over? Is it because they are brown, Jacqui, you sack of shit? Or is it because they look a wee bit Oriental?

Or is it that you arsewipes enjoy fucking them over simply because you can?

Quite, quite brilliant wordsmith that I am, I don't think that I can describe my contempt for this fucking government, and its equality shit-stained predecessors: they have all been full of the most loathsome people that we can possibly dredge up from the cesspits of every creed, class and catchment area.

It is time for them to be adequately rewarded: hang every last fucking one of the miserable, dishonourable cunts. And then let's deport their families to some deserted piece of rock in the middle of fucking nowhere to ensure that their disgusting genes are wiped from the face of the earth.

UPDATE: Timmy points out that this situation is not, actually, as black and white as painted.
I did a little digging yesterday and here’s the state of play.

CS Dura’s widow and children do not have an absolute right to continue to live here. This much is true.

However, it is almost certain that they will be given leave to do so. So sayeth the Home Office.

So sayeth also the people running the campaign. However, before such leave is given, they will in fact need to ask for it, something which they have not done as yet….something they are likely to do after they return from a post funeral trip to Nepal.

To reiterate. They are not being threatened with deportation. They are being told that they need to ask to stay and that if they do it is (almost certainly) going to be granted.

Which is very definitely good news all round. I did notice a massive shortage of anyone popping up and saying, "wait a second! The government would never behave that shittily: there must be more to this story, surely?"

In other words, we all expect them to behave like total shits...

* This may be tautology.


Anonymous said...

The late Colour Sergeant is the wrong type of Asian. We only like ones who can speak Urdu. For preference, they should speak only Urdu.

Given that Gurkhas are Hindu, he's also the wrong religion. If his wife donned a burqa, made the shahadah and mutilated the genitals of her daughters, they'd get automatic citizenship, a couple of free houses and all the benefits they could eat.

Anonymous said...

If this is true (and I have no reason to think it is not) then;

(a) I'm not at all surprised.

(b) I'm almost tempted to suggest that every Gurka that returns from Iraq & Afghanistan makes it known that they will be retiring from the army forethwith and intend to spend their leisure time planning the involuntary euthenasia of every member of the cabinet! As ever with this lot, self preservation and agrandisement are the only things that drive them.

What a bunch of feeble minded, mendacious, spineless, immoral, fascist cunts they really are!

You know, I hate this government even more than I hated the last Tory one - and that takes some doing!

The Refuser said...

This story also had my blood pressure going off the scale. Meanwhile thanks to "our friends in Europe" and the Human Rights Act we have to accept marriage by proxy for non EU citizens marrying EU nationals and "exercising their treaty rights"

TheFatBigot said...

There was a time when honour and service came before box ticking. There are many thousands of people in this country who are the children or grandchildren of people allowed permanent residence because of their contribution to the UK or that of their spouse.

Now all that seems to matter is whether they fulfill a set of arbitrary conditions. If they do they are in, if they don't they are out.

I doubt that one in a thousand people would think it right to refuse permanent residence to the wife and children of a man to gave his life in service to this country.

Could you imagine Roy Jenkins, Merlyn Rees, Willie Whitelaw, Douglas Hurd or Michael Howard failing to intervene and use their authority to ensure the right thing was done in such an exceptional case?

I suppose there's little chance of hapless Jacqui doing the right thing, but we can hope.

Anonymous said...


Your cheque's in the post.


The Remittance Man said...

You want to know why?

This government regards the Gurkhas as an embarassing relic of the days of empire and would dearly love to get shot of them. Sadly, from their perspective, they can't simply disband the Brigade of Gurkhas; the public hold the Gurkhas in extremely high esteem and outcry would be too great. So instead they continue to treat these men like shit in the hopes it will reduce recruitment to the point the Brigade would simply disappear.

If you don't believe me, go and dig around to find articles detailing how the recruiting for the Scottish and Irish regiments* was deliberately sabotaged so that "low recruiting" could be used as a justification for reductions and mergers.

*Equally embarassing from the socilaists' point of view.

haddock said...

"what the fuck is it about the Ghurkas"
the fuck is that they are mercenaries not British subjects.
the fuck is that they sign up under conditions which are made known to them.
the fuck is that soldiers get killed sometimes, goes with the job.

the real fuck is why they are put into such shitholes to be killed.

Roger Thornhill said...

Socialists HATE anyone and anything that has or is the object of pride that they did not create, permit or invent.

How is it that this family is being so rapidly threatened with deportation or a skilled chef from Bangladesh is refused a work permit when countless fakers and crims get to loll about while their paperwork is endlessly shuffled, reviewed and appealed against?

This is a matter of honour. it is a matter of upholding contracts real or implied. It is a matter of the Rule of Law, as we need to ensure that those who follow due process are not prejudiced against while those who don't follow the rules are pandered to or waived through.

Grief, people bleed gallons over the fact that Thatcher allegedly stopped subsidising the manufacture of Morris Marinas and other worthless, uncompetitive tat yet they vote in this dishonourable, traitorous, treasonous bunch of self-serving scum.


Tut,tut,why the violent outrage,many thousands of decendants of English people from the ex-colonies are either deported or refused admittance on a daily basis,and yet no-one creates a storm like this,is it cos they are white?

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget one of my work colleagues, a charming girl from New Zealand in a secure job and not claiming a penny off the state, being deported. She was heart broken, but I suppose it was her own fault being a white christian.

The last thing the fucking socialists want is citizens who can look after themselves.

Anonymous said...

TheFatBigot is absolutely right - we should value service, above box ticking.

C. Sgt Durka devoted his entire working life to the British Army -and along with many other soldiers in Afghanistan he has paid very dearly for the dangerous job he performed.

What difference does x3 more souls make to the other 60 million of us ?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

We all know the government are cunts

Its time to vote them out

Vote Libertarian

Anonymous said...

God I hate this fucking cuntry (not mispelt)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Your label "Cunts of The Highest Order" sums it up very well.

Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to defend this awful Government in any way, but I read somewhere that there is a existant treaty between the UK and Nepal that Gurkha military families will not be allowed to settle over here, insisted upon by Nepal.

This was to stop a fatal leaching of the best of their citizens to the UK, leaving their country even more impoverished, whereas retired soldiers would have a UK pension which would enhance the Nepalese economy.

If I'm wrong, someone will no doubt correct me.

Anonymous said...

"a fatal leaching of their best citizens"

No, this is about doing the honourable thing for people who would give their lives for this country.

Though to extend Judith's argument, perhaps we should get all the legions of freedom-hating immigrants who detest this country, express nothing but loathing for the west and who all live off benefits, and ship them back to whence they came. The money and possessions they take with them will surely improve their old country's lot no end.

Dr Evil said...

She should be presented with his medal, a reasonable house, gratis and a suitable pension from a grateful nation. We let any old scoungers get in here illegally and then let them stay, give them benefits etc and they have done diddly squat. Noo Labour must go.

Anonymous said...

"...She should be presented with his medal, a reasonable house, gratis and a suitable pension from a grateful nation..."

Let's not get carried away, unless you are handing out free houses to every family of every serviceman that has perished for his country, in which case there are a lot of houses owed!

But yes, honour needs to be served here. The least we should be doing is to allow the widow to stay in the UK on a service pension. Although the way this shit-hole of a country is going I'd be rather surprised if she wanted to.

This Government's lack of moral fibre, common sense and decency or sense of fair play makes me sick.

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