Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Benicio del Toro: still an apologist for mass-murderers

Back in July 2007, Benicio del Toro featured on The Kitchen under the banner of Idiot of the Week (a monicker which ably demonstrated just how generous your humble Devil can be) for the following quote.
"Che was just one of those guys who walked the walk and talked the talk. There's just something cool about people like that. The more I get to know Che, the more I respect him."

Yes, del Toro was indeed talking of that mass-murdering child-killer, Che Guevara. At the time, I was, quite rightly I believe, incensed at this disgusting and uncritical support for such a cunt.
Well, here's some news for you, Benicio: if walking the walk and talking the talk means that Che Guevara was a mass murderer, then you are right. But if that is why you respect him, will we see you saying the same thing about Hitler or Stalin? Because, by your measure, they too "walked the walk and talked the talk".

Benicio del Toro, ladies and gentlemen, supporter of mass murderers and useful idiot to a despotic, Stalinist regime responsible for the execution and imprisonment of ten of thousands of innocent people.

Benicio is brilliant advert for why actors should only open their mouths to speak the lines written for them, rather than giving us all the benefit of their utterly valueless opinions. Shut the fuck up, you mass-murder-condoning fucktard.

And obviously, I stand by every word of that diatribe.

Now, it seems, the film of Che's life is actually out, and the Nameless Libertarian has dredged up another quote from the fuckwit Benicio.
Still, no doubt the filmmakers have a sense of perspective around their chosen subject. Oh, wait, no they don’t. Producer and leading man Del Toro seems to have very clear ideas on Che:
"I hear of this guy and he's got a cool name. Che Guevara!" Del Toro as good as swoons when he says it. And the appeal does seem as simple as that - groovy name, groovy man, groovy politics… “So I went to a library and I was looking at books, and I came across a picture by René Burri of Che, smiling, in fatigues, I thought, 'Dammit, this guy is cool-looking!'"

I cannot describe how irritating I find this sort of thing. Seriously, it makes me want to punch strangers in the face and unleash some sort of disease into the general population that can directly attack those with the moron gene.

I'm with you, brother...
This worshipping of a totalitarian ideologue and vicious warmonger shows just how dumb some people can be. Since when has Communism been groovy? What is groovy about it? The Stalinist purges? The killing field of Cambodia? And what sort of fresh bullshit is it to support Che because he was cool-looking? Fuck that. With bells on. He was also a mass-murderer, and some who fought for would-be authoritarian dictators. Deep down, Che is no different from Stalin. Or Pol Pot. Or Kim Jong-Il. Same ideology, same willingness to suppress freedom and murder people for the realisation of a deeply flawed system of political beliefs.

Deep down, Che is no different from Stalin? You really don't have to go that deep: Che was pretty much exactly the same, it's just that he wasn't even competent enough to get really dug in.

In terms of thinking that everyone is equal but some are more equal than others—and that those less equal then Che himself deserved to be tortured and killed on a whim—Che demonstrated that he was precisely the same as his rather more overachieving totalitarian Communist buddies.

In short, the man was a total fucking scumbag and anyone who reveres him is competing to be almost as bad. After all, to paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi, who is the bigger shit—the shit, or the shit who follows him?
Che Guervara isn’t cool; he was a mass-murdering enemy of freedom everywhere. And whilst I support the rights of anyone—from pretentious film stars through to pseudo-fashionable youths wearing their Che T-shirts—to believe anything they like about Guevara, I also support my right to call them ignorant morons for their beliefs.

I can't help thinking that the Nameless Libertarian is being more than generous here. Benicio del Toro is an utter cunt whose pig-ignorant views render him utterly contemptible.

So, Benicio del Toro wins the Idiot of the Week Award. Again. And he gets a bonus Cunt of the Month Award too because, a year and a half after he last spouted this unpleasant shit, the fuckwit moron actor is still wibbling on about how marvellous this mass-murdering parasite actually was.


Anonymous said...

He was very fond of a good cigar though.Just shows you he was only 99% total Hoone.

DavidNcl said...

You might enjoy this short clip talking about the cunt. reason on che

Roger Thornhill said...

Fence-sitter, Kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thoroughly enjoy people exploiting Che in order to make good, capitalist money on movies and t-shirts. Knowing that the commie bastard is rolling over in his grave every time someone purchases murchandise with his face on it is beautiful, beautiful irony.

Anonymous said...

Don't mind me, I'm just a moron who can't spell "merchandise." Oops.

Anonymous said...

They should make a film depicting Che's murderous and psychopathic exploits...but then, if they did, would they be able to show it in cinemas without there being riots?

Anonymous said...

In the interests of balance and fairness, I fully expect to see a similar diatribe about the Manic Street Preachers. I fucking hate that band.

Thatcher's Child said...

Che only seems to have killed 1800 odd people which just goes to show how lazy most left wing nutters really are - they spend much too much time talking the talking to really get down and ben efficient. I know we talk about Stalin as being the daddy, but how about Mao?
There was a real wacko!

He did in millions - made Hitler look like a novice - and we have even more merchandising for the chairman than we do for Che!

The question is, how many real heros of freedom are 'cool' enough to put on a tshirt?

Cicero said...

Can we sane people organise a Pinochet t-shirt or bio-pic? You know, just to piss off sanctimonious lefties.

Trixy said...

Ah wibble, he return.

Che wasn't cool looking. I wouldn't have. Ju st because someone doesn't work in the IT department does not automatically make them a la mode.

Anonymous said...

Del Toro only thinks Che is cool looking because he plays him in a film and, er, he got the part 'cos he looks a bit like him.

What, you say? An actor getting giddy over their own looks? Surely not!

PS I also like his quote where he went to a library and was looking at books. Goodness, I love the intellect of people who play in the dressing up box.

Bishop Brennan said...

I shall make del Toro my 'Wanker of the Week' too!

And I love Cicero's idea of Pinochet T-shirts - not that Pinochet was that great (although he stopped Chile going Commie - so probably stopped more deaths than he caused, not that that's a justification), but as Cicero says, just to wind-up lefties.

An excellent business idea for someone... any ideas DK?


Anonymous said...

y'all might enjoy the following. in all my bemused searching for the answer to the question "why do Liberals remain so aggressively, implacably and shamelessly IGNORANT? this guy supplies a likely answer.

now my questions is is there a cure?


Anonymous said...

My own political hero is the late Senator McCarthy. If we'd had Joe here back then we maybe wouldn't be being ruled by a gang of commies "reducated" by treatcherous Stalin fanciers.
When Joe made the US hot for Mao booster Professor Owen Lattimore, guess where he ended up teaching impressionable youth.

Mr McCarthy never made it onto a tee shirt-but then, he never killed a soul.

Anonymous said...

A Pinochet biopic, with him as a real strongman as well as a political one. Ahnold Schwarzenegger would do but who could play Bruce Forsyth for the bits where Augusto is living just down the road from The Chin?

A Thatcher film would stir things up more I'm sure. Victories against Argentina, Arthur Scargill and Communism plus a comedic interlude where Mark Thatcher gets lost in a desert. Gillian Anderson as Maggie, Jason Statham as Norman Tebbit, David Walliams as the Shadow Chancellor. It's just the sort of film the Lottery should be funding...

The Nameless Libertarian said...

"I can't help thinking that the Nameless Libertarian is being more than generous here."

Must be getting soft in my old age. So, to clarify - Del Toro is a feckless cunt who has a hard-on for a mass-murdering cunt. And anyone else who thinks Che is cool is a rancid cock.


Electro-Kevin said...

It's because the photograph of the guy looks cool.

Never hand politics to the youth - they play to a gallery of pert breasts and blonde hair.

neil craig said...

O can't agree with your assessment of Che. At the very worst he compares favourably with dozens of the corrupt thugs the democratic powers were keen to see running latin american countries.

On the other hand most of his supporters appear as ignorant as del Toro. It is a bit like discussing the virtues of the creators of the Gulags, Auschwitz & the Dresden bombing purely in terms of who has the biggest moustache.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

B del T is a film star. Give him a break.

rainbow_GonZo said...

devils kitchen what ever should shut the fuck up about benicio del toro.yeah che was a murder of many people including homo sexuals but i highly doubt that why benicio respects him. che was the murderer not benicio. benicio del toro IS NOT CHE GUEVARA YOU FUCK ASS!

Anonymous said...

I wonder, BDT always mentions that he did a huge lot of research on Che and all that jazz (He SAYS) but I don't buy this because I read an excerpt (spelling?) of a letter from the good 'ol commie sociopath himself to his own father admitting that he enjoyed killing people...hmmmm.

and you're right "rainbow_GonZo" BDT is not Che and he's already said he's not Che...He just thinks he's "A cool looking guy."

Ah... Alfred Hitchcock was certainly right when he said actors were nothing but mindless cattle and how ironic! "del Toro" as you all know, translates into "of the bull" in English.

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