Monday, December 01, 2008

Axe the beer tax

You might notice that your humble Devil's blog is carrying some Messagespace adverts for Axe The Beer Tax, another alcohol pressure group.

I knew that the tax on alcohol was pretty high. I did not, however, know that the tax on a pint of beer was 33%! THIRTY THREE PERCENT! Fucking hellski...

So, here in the Big Smoke, I probably pay an average of three quid a pint, and so one pound of that is going to the fucking Treasury (and it's worth about 30p when it comes out, but that's another story).

It really is enough to put one off buying any beer—almost. Instead, why not sign up to Axe The Beer Tax and shout about the fucking cheek of it all?

Oh, and as a quick reminder, whilst we are paying 33% tax to the fucking government, those bastards are using £5.5 million of our money to ensure that their drink is nice and cheap.

The hypocritical, fucking cunts.


Anonymous said...

Stick to the chems eh?

Guido Fawkes said...

When you realise that you are paying for it out of taxed income you have to earn ~£5 to buy a pint in London.


Neal Asher said...

Just started a 40 pint brew, which should be ready in about three weeks. Total cost £9. I can smoke cigarettes while drinking it too.

FlipC said...

Because you should know better - If £3 = Cost of Beer + Tax@33% then Cost of Beer = £2.26 and Tax = 74p.

Sorry just getting fed-up with people asking why the prices haven't gone down by 2.5%

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find the net sale price of the beer would be £2 without any tax. Applying a tax rate of 50% brings the gross sale price up to £3.

The tax then represents 33% of the final gross sale price. But the true hike is 50% over net which is even worse than the apparent 33% rise.

Anonymous said...

when i get home i'll type some extracts from the letter i received from my mp explaining why the government isn't going to reduce beer tax, even though they accept that it is harming the pub trade. i am actually starting to wonder if causing pubs to close and get everyone drinking at home on their own isn't actually the agenda here.

FlipC said...

NorrieC don't give the Chancellor any ideas or the next big idea will be changing VAT from 17.5% on net to simply taking 15% of the gross and with this innumerate nation he'd be cheered.

Stan said...

Alcohol is the next target after tobacco. Soon, not only will the tax be around 80%, but there will be health warnings on bottles and cans and bans on drinking in "public places". It won't actually make much difference 'cos there'll hardly be any pubs left open by then.

Anonymous said...

Except it's more complex than that... So pre the current budget change Beer Duty was £14.96 per hectolitre. (price for 1% alcohol of 100l)

This worked out to 0.085p per 1% per pint, so if your pint was 4% Duty came to 34p, 42p at 5% and 50p at 6%

So for a pint of 5% beer costing £3

Duty = 42p
VAT(17.5%) = 44p
Cost+Profit = £2.13

With the reduction in VAT, the duty has been increased to £16.15 per hectolitre.

This now works out at 0.092p per 1% per pint, so if your pint was 4% Duty comes to 37p, 46p at 5% and 55p at 6%

So for our previous £3 pint:
Cost+Profit = £2.13
Duty = £0.46
VAT(@15%) = 39p
Total: 2.98

So that pint *should* be a couple of pence cheaper this evening :)

Anonymous said...

"The hypocritical, fucking cunts."

Oh, you mean politicians?

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ok! We know about the tax on beer. But what's the excuse for the price of soft drinks... I'm not aware of there being a heavy tax on them.
Give up alcohol and you get ripped off even more.

Tony Sidaway said...

On one side Darling has to do something to discourage binge drinking which is linked to cut price booze. On the other side he has pressure from pubs, retailers and consumers to keep prices down.

Who would be Chancellor?

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