Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snuffy's racism test

A little while ago, Miss Snuffleupagus wrote a post entitled Damn White People, which caused something of a furore amongst... well... some people: it was apparently enough of a problem for someone to draw Snuffy's blog to the attention of her employers.

At any rate, some people did not, it seems, get the joke; as such, Snuffy has decided to try to explain what she meant by it.
I find it extraordinary that I should spend 99% of my time defending white teachers against accusations of racism, pointing the finger at black people and telling them to take responsibility, actually 'being friendly' with members of the BNP on my blog and yet I am told that I hate white people. It is absurd. If you think I hate white people, if you think in reading that post, I'm talking about YOU, then you've got a problem. WMCP - White middle-class people: the post refers to the Polly Toynbees of this world. I'm taking the piss. And if you can't see that and chuckle, then I guess I kind of feel sorry for you.

In essence, Snuffy was attacking all of those bien pensant idiots who think that they should feel guilt whenever race is mentioned, or to totally avoid the topic in any way—you know, the Polly Toynbees of this world.

Me? I chuckled. But then I really don't judge people on racial grounds: I just make up my mind whether or not I like an individual.

But then I am an individualist (in my real life, even if I lapse on here): I believe that individuals should be free to make their own choices depending on their own personal circumstances. To believe that means to believe that people are individuals, regardless of colour, creed or other belief.

Apart from politicians, of course: they are all scum.

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JPT said...

The whole race guilt thing is to do with slavery.
The white middle classes feel guilt over slavery but all they have to realise regarding this subject is that the Royal Navy pretty much single handedly snuffed out slavery.
So don't feel guilt over slavery - feel pride!

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