Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obnoxio rant

This is just a class rant...
And this got me to thinking: what have these fuckers been spending our money on for the last decade? No new prisons. No substantial improvement in military kit. No new roads. No improvements in the railways. Nothing substantial in the common weal that I can see at all.

So what have they been doing with the readies then? My best guess is that they've been blowing your money and mine on "social justice", two words that sum up every mealy-mouthed thing that is wrong with this cunt of a country. They've been handing our money out to people they feel deserve it, with the usual mixture of efficiency, even-handedness and generosity that only the state can manage. Said people are of course extremely grateful for our money and spend it wisely. Some of it they've given to the EU. And the EU can do no wrong, can they? They've also chucked huge wedges as starving bankers, famished train operators, the poor waifs at EDS and Crapita and any number of other valuable, useful causes.

And the rest they just pissed up the wall in fatuous wastefulness.


Don't forget that they've also been subsidising the House of Commons bars to the tune of millions of pounds, living high on the hog whilst the taxpayer has been more and more consistently squeezed...


Dave said...

But you forget their greatest triumphs. They have honoured their 1997 manifesto on two of the most important (to them)pledges.
1. They have banned hunting with dogs (although the more enterprising hunts have got around that). I could never understand how this minor issue could rouse such a rabid reaction among the left. It's pathologivally insana and if implemented fully would decimate communities that rely on the hunts for their livlihood.
2. Thay have reduced the age of consent for homosexual acts. having seen the slime that infests the PLP, I can see why the buggering of young boys was pushed through Parliament with such glee.
All the other manifesto pledges were sacrificed on the altar of greed, spin, lies and political expediency.
For God's sake go and go now!

Anonymous said...

They haven't built any much-needed power stations, but they have pushed Defence work to Scottish boat-yards - I wonder why?

And be fair, they've spent £billions on pointless wars and killed lots of people so that Blair/Brown/Hoon etc could get luvverly piccies of themselves being brave and martial.

Anonymous said...

Throwing a good party isn't cheap, and the government does like to celebrate diversity.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is, if money is not backed by Gold anymore.
Why does Govt Borrow money from Banks ( by Issuing Bonds and Gilts ) when the Crown could simply Print the money it needs, free of charge, no loan to pay back, no interest to pay.

HOw much does it wnat to borrow this year, £60 Billion.

which we have to pay back, plus interest.
why not just Print the stuff (with due deflationary caution of course)

And why did Gordon swap a Pile of Gold for what is essentially a pileof worthless paper.

Who got this Gold.

John Pickworth said...

I still have a copy of the sales literature... ermm Manifesto '97. I knew then it would be worth keeping - even though I shudder at that grinning buffoon Blair.

On the subject of where the cash is buried, they did build some quite lovely schools and hospitals. Only problem is, I suspect they've closed even more than they opened and sold off the land at a profit to boot. Plus, these shiny structures won't be fully paid for until our grand kids have retired.

Other than that, the New Labour project has been a resounding success. Three cheers for Blair, Brown and Prescot... oops, I mean chairs (you can take them away once the nooses are secured).

John Pickworth said...

It's a real Puzzler said...
"Why does Govt Borrow money from Banks (by Issuing Bonds and Gilts) when the Crown could simply Print the money it needs, free of charge, no loan to pay back, no interest to pay."

Put simply, your currency (backed by gold or not) does have a value. If you print more you merely dilute its value. You don't end up richer... just ask a Zimbabwean.

As for Brown's £3billion gold give-away... its worse than it looks. The cash raised was spent buying mostly Euro's and US Dollar's, which was nice for them, not so for us.

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