Thursday, November 06, 2008


Tory Bear has a reasonable appreciation of Barack Obama's victory.

As readers will know, your humble Devil doesn't follow American politics particularly; however, I saw these lines from Obama's victory speech quoted prominently in thelondonpaper last night...
The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

I promise you, we as a people will get there.

... and I was wondering, can anyone tell me exactly what "there" looks like, or where and what the hell it is?

As I was on the Tube home after our little stroll, large drinking session and my little chipmunk's speech (all of which I will write about later), I got chatting to a young couple whose armpits I was crushed into.

Well, I say that "I got chatting" but what I mean is that they were discussing Obama and I butted in with, "The man's a barking-mad protectionist nutjob."

They looked at me, and the young man opened his mouth. "You're quite right," he said. "He's a total loon." The doors opened and with a last, "absolutely barking!", I backed out of the train and left the sensible young couple to it.

I am suspicious when crowds gather to worship anyone, let alone a politician. My brother pointed out that, having spoken to a US friend of his, that the Americans desperately wanted a change—and that there were many similarities between Obama and Blair.

Yep. And given how well Blair worked for us, you can guess of what I think of Barack "I would stop the import of all toys from China" Obama: I'm no racist—stupidity is stupidity, no matter what colour package it comes in.

We're all screwed...


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm quite astonished at the British enthusiasm for Obamalamadingdong. It's like they've entirely forgotten the Blair years already.

It's gonna be ugly when they realise what they've got.

Anonymous said...

Barack "I would stop the import of all toys from China" Obama.

Dubya beat him to it - shipping volumes from China apparently have dropped drastically (ToysRUs shelves are empty). Almost as if the Chinese have no faith in the Yanks ability to pay up.

Trixy said...

I suspect that many people voted against the Republicans rather than for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I think you are on to something here.

There is the issue of race which to be frank plagues US politics much more than it does the UK. Americans i have spoken with and emailed over the last few days are in the main delighted that the legacy of segregation is beginning to be overcome. This accounts in fact for much of the jubilation which all sensible people should share

I'd suggest you have a look at Geo Bush's speech yesterday to see what I mean.

Apart from that he is of course a pro death penalty right winger the idea that he has a liberal or left bone in his body is mad

Anonymous said...

Obama's record shows that he's a lot more moderate than most people are assuming. He's likely to govern very much from the centre and to represent a departure from the tedious partisan pissing matches of the Clinton-Bush years.

But, be that as it may, whether you like the man or loathe him, the one thing that shines through from this electoral cycle is how tired and washed-out British politics are by comparison with the US. People there were energised to go out and fight - and, on the Dem side, a major source of energisation was the blogosphere.

We, in Britain, have nothing to match what's happened in America. We have a tired and useless 1970s vintage old-school socialist as a Prime Minister and a policy-free pinker-shade-of-blue Tory leader who's trying to reprise the role of Bliar c.1996.


Anonymous said...

One the money as usual DK.

A completely vacuous victory speech, and I thought exactly the same thing as you. Where is this mythical "there"? What will people do when they get to "there"?

He is very much in the Blair mould - all white shirt sleeves and rhetoric.

Anyone remember the Blair catchall excuse - "These things take time"?
Except fucking up the economy that took just 11 years to bankrupt the UK.

They might be dancing in the streets now, but the excuse for young black males performing poorly at school has been blown well and truly out of the water. So you ghetto mo'fuckers can shove your victim mentality firmly between yo black ass-cheeks.

Dr Evil said...

All lefty democrats have been protectionists. Obama is no different. I'm sure he will veto any free trade agreement concocted before January.

Anonymous said...

'Change' in this case simply means a shift towards socialist totalitarianism.

Gun control. Taxes. Bigger government.

The same people are running the show.

Dave said...

Obama lacks experience they say. That's exactly why he was plucked from obscurity by the faceless ones. He'll do their bidding until his time is done, collect his billion dollar thank you (in the form of a book deal) and then strut the lecture circuit.
Sound familiar? You bet.
Blair's anthem was "Things can only get better"
O'bama's is by Bob the Builder
"can we change things? yes we can"

No you can't.
I am glad about one thing. had the vote got any closer he may have had to resort to claiming Irish ancestry (always a vote winner in the US)
"No honestly- my name was originally O'Bama"

Wait til the blacks who voted for him in droves realise that he's a tom

PS. Let's have the full SP on yesterday.

The Filthy Smoker said...

The most striking similarity between Blair 97 and Obama 08 is how the British media completely abandoned any pretence of impartiality, and I don't just mean the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. The election coverage on every channel was a fucking disgrace to journalism.

I don't know if the yanks made the right choice or not. I've got nothing against Obama but he didn't set out any policies. He's a smooth character, a decent public speaker but he had nothing to offer apart from a vague notion of change.

Does that remind you of anyone? If only Call Me Dave had a darker complexion the Beeb would be kissing his arse all the way to Downing Street.

Bob's Head Revisited said...


What does 'change' mean? It can mean anything from fantastic to catastrophic, and every shade of grey in between. Hitler bought change. I don’t want change. I want improvement.

And Obarmy is not America’s first black president, because he’s not black. He’s not even that dark. I, Pasty Bob, was darker then him (albeit briefly) earlier this year after having enjoyed a surprisingly balmy weekend in Littlehampton.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Filthy Smoker @ 7:08: "The most striking similarity between Blair 97 and Obama 08 is how the British media completely abandoned any pretence of impartiality, and I don't just mean the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. The election coverage on every channel was a fucking disgrace to journalism."

There was a headline in the Metro yesterday IIRC, trumpeting "The World Rejoices" ... huh?

Labour MP blogs have carried nothing else for the past few days (beardy-weirdy fuckwit Paul Flynn said he was the best speaker he had EVER SEEN, better even than Nye Bevan!). One would have thought the fucking Messiah had just arrived in the US by walking on water from Nazareth!

He was no doubt the more convincing candidate presentation-wise, but he has little experience and, so far, has only shown that he will most probably provide a better image for the US presidency than Dubya. That's it. So why the starstruck fawning, akin to the front few pre-pubescent rows of a Take That, concert from our Labour MPs?

Or, as the Daily Mash perfectly put it today ...

Editor of the Guardian sprains ankle after slipping in George Monbiot's essence."

and this ...

Well, they made ME laugh.

berenike said...

Funny isn't it? Comment on friend's FB profile :"Obama's acceptance speech moved me to tears. I hope many great things will happen in his term as President."

You think "are you serious? or are you taking the piss?" And they are serious.

Time to make some large bets with our starry-eyed friends :-) "Obama will make no demonstrable contribution to reducing world poverty".

Anonymous said...

I just wonder who would looneybin Laden want as President, McCain or Obama? I think he'll be chortling away in his cave at this very minute! Poor old Yanks...

Anonymous said...

"I'm no racist—stupidity is stupidity, no matter what colour package it comes in."

If you oppose Obama then you are, ipso facto, a racialist. Didn't you know?

I left the TV on and woke up to Obama's speech. Like most of what he says, it's pretty inane and dull to read, but sounds like music with his lyrical oratory. When I heard the quoted part of the speech, all I could think of was how similar it was to "I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land" in Martin Luther King's mountain top speech.

Unknown said...

Nothing could be worse than Bush. Nothing. But Sarah Palin makes Bush look clever, so...

Anonymous said...

"And Obarmy is not America’s first black president, ----"


Warren Harding (president from 1921-3) was - two black grandparents.

a point which the bigots at the BBC completely missed.

It is impossible to know how this chap will pan out - time will tell and the reality of handling day to day events will be the fire of his reputation. Could go either way.

Anonymous said...

With you on this one DK

I think we have both, in our own ways, just written the same post.


Anonymous said...

Just what I thought.

I'm happy for those yanks (and Brits) that wish to celebrate the election of a black man to office as groundbreaking but to me it is no big deal. Why on earth shouldn't a black guy be president?

I'm more amazed that Americans voted for a guy whose name sounds so much like 'Osama' but hey - good luck to 'em. I'm very impressed with their ability to differentiate consonants.

What I do find amazing is the British interest. As many have said, we've already had our Obama in Blair's election in '97. And what a fuck up that was.

Personally I can only see Obama's administration going one of two ways. Either he'll fail and fail spectacularly - I mean what are his policies exactly? Or he'll be assassinated and be forever thought of as 'the black Kennedy..'

Both options are pretty depressing but highly likely.

Puts our choice in perspective though. We have Clegg, Brown or Cameron. Jesus!

What an abundance of talented, intellectually gifted charismatic statesmen we have available to us..

Anonymous said...

We had all the same magic negro BS about mandela and look where SA is now - following zimbabwe rapidly down the toilet.

Jones said...

Blair = Obama. Obama = Blair. Lots of hype and taxes yet no improvement in services. That's the 'change' the Americans are in for.

Don't understand why the UK media are so busy creaming their jeans over the US presidential elections. Oh well, they'll learn the hard way. As will we all.

Dave said...

"Don't understand why the UK media are so busy creaming their jeans "

It's cos it's 97 all over again.

That Dubya guy had a great job didn't he? He spent 8 of the first ten months of his presidency on holiday waiting for the signal to go (9/11) and he'll spend the last few months taking another break while O'Bama starts running the country even before he's inaugurated

Anonymous said...

'We may not get there in one year or even in one term.'

Hes not even in the White House and hes lining up a second term !

Anonymous said...

obnoxio the clown said: "I'm quite astonished at the British enthusiasm for Obamalamadingdong."

The British media's enthusiasm.

Far better to be swanning about in the US reporting their elections than in Glenrothes, or trying to hold the useless MPs of all colours to some kind of account.

If Obama promises nothing definitive he cannot fail. Change is never ending. Hope springs eternal. 'There' is just around the corner. We have always been at war with Oceania.

This was a major plank in New Labour's strategy. Look at what they promised and what they have enacted and I think it amounts to 2 whole manifesto pledges from 3 elections. The rest has been replaced with meaningless wiffle on health, criminal punishment, security, education, even the means of politics itself. And all too often they close down debates with words to the effect of 'if you're not for us you are for the terrorists/want to see old people living homeless/are racist/etc'.

It is a very effective neutralising tactic as your opponent has nothing concrete on which to criticise you. It has successfully disabled the Conservatives for a decade.

How do you defeat this? It is made all the more harder when the media readily regurgitate such platitudes without requiring qualification or definition. Perhaps that is why they now have it in for bloggers. They push. They poke. They stir and demand a straight answer.

RobW said...


El Draque said...

Ref Warren Harding: "may" have had two Afro-American great-grandparents. According to his Wikipedia entry, which may not be the best source.
Which doesn't make him "black" anyway - if the black gene didn't show up in his skin colour - just partly Afro-American.
Most noteworthy to me - having studied ethnic minorities social history - is that he's not from a ghetto or a southern village, but the son of a first-generation immigrant, brought up in various places. He never absorbed the subconscious messages - "that ain't for the likes of me". He knew he could and he did.(Yes, hate the protectionism, for a start, but you have to recognise an achievement.)

idle said...

You ask "can anyone tell me exactly what "there" looks like, or where and what the hell it is?"

I was struck by exactly the same thing, and wrote about it on my own humble blog on Wednesday. I said:

"he's been wise to manage expectations lower, starting with his acceptance speech last night - "it may take more than one term to get there" (Where? Why, THERE, of course!). An unspecified point on the map that has everything to do with mood and temperature, and nothing to do with a measurable improvement in the lives of American citizens.


Anonymous said...

" . . . the Americans desperately wanted a change . . ."
- - -

About 30% have structured the last eight years of their lives around the central theme of hating Bush, despising Bush, saying vile, despicable things about Bush, and picking up their latest government check from Bush. They simply wanted to kill Bush.

Another 20% don't care at all, woouldn't be able to name their state government leaders, cast their vote based on the decision they make as they walk into the polling booth on election day, and usually base that decision on who had the best hair in the most recent ads. They might want change, but, really, how would they ever know it had arrived?

About 40% were just fine with the Bush admin's goals and philosophies, and with the tools Bush used to pursue them, but were sick unto vomiting of listening to the whining, abusive Democrats project all of their fears, inadequacies and mother-lust onto Bush, and realized that, if it would just make those people shut the heck up, ANY level of taxation was acceptable.

Thud said...

bobby good a breakdown of the last 8 years in America as I've read...Obama is a danger to us all wether we in England recognise the fact yet or not.

2345 said...

Obama is a democrat, Bliar fronted Nulabor's (hidden) vision of total State control for self serving ends and profit.

Anonymous said...

"Don't understand why the UK media are so busy creaming their jeans over the US presidential elections."

1. Superb orator
2. Left-liberal
3. Black skin colour

Anonymous said...

My worries about the election and the compliant media are rooted in one man interviewed on CNN who said he had voted twice (for Obama I believe) and the interviewer said it was "probably illegal but that's okay"

There is something disturbing here, and the CNN interview highlighted it. This interview encapsulated how much of the MSM media stood back and questioned very little. In their haste to get what they thought was best they ignored issues and details.

By and large, Barack Obama was given a free ride by the MSM. There was little examination of his policies and even less on his messianic platform of Hope and Change. The whole point of any election is change (though I love the saying: "A change of leaders is the joy of fools") so what he was offering was what people wanted. No surprise there, of course. If anything, sound political appeal.

If a huge section of the media openly shill for one man, and by blatant favouritism dodge the objective requirement to look at all issues involved, however awkward, everybody loses.

But from this lopsided praise of one man, we then got a merciless slating of Governor Palin (including claims she was some nutcase fundamentalist even if it never really showed in her speeches) and an equal whitewashing - or careful disregard - of Biden who, frankly, was almost a liability.

More than anything we lost what we need the media for; independent and critical analysis. In a complex world we need people to stand back and say, "what does this mean?" Not, what would I like it to mean?

Some people may be disillusioned with US politics, but to react by throwing a blanket over objectivity ultimately does no favours. Increasingly these days journalism is about opinions, not about facts. But as the old saying has it, opinions are like arseholes; everyone has one.

It is reasoned and objective discussion that informs. Take that away and we are lost in a sea of nonsense and superstition.

In the States (and especially here in the UK with our cowardly and self-serving BBC and ridiculous papers like the Guardian) we saw that personal and even misinformed preferences now dictate news.

You vote for the government you want and get the rulers you deserve, but with the MSM you have no choice and get half-baked opinions you don't want.

That's why the MSM here, for example, are celebrating. It was a concerted attempt to fail to do their job and influence an outcome they imagined was best, and hey... it worked.

talnik said...

"(ToysRUs shelves are empty)" What??? They're full and the stores are packed with pre-Christmas rush buyers. Who tells you these things and why do you believe them?

Little Black Sambo said...

This may not be significant, but I find I cannot bear to listen to or look at Obama, and this was exactly how Blair affected me.
And black - he doesn't look any blacker than Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Oh darlin, I beg to differ. Obama is a damned sight better than the war-hungry Bush who also doesn't care one whit about the common people. You'll see!

Mr Angry said...

Barry Obama is a complete and utter twat. Hopefully, this lawsuit going through the Supreme Court will unearth something and hopefully get himself disqualified.

Anonymous said...

Russian proverb on a new communist government: "New bums, old farts".

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of (not necessarily in that order) Obama, US politics, the cunts that go on about Obama but have no control over whether he's elected, and those starry eyed columnists who can't get a fucking sentence out that contains "american politics" without sticking "vibrant" in there somewhere. If american politics is so fucking "vibrant", why not have it over here? I mean we're a democracy aren't we?? If "vibrant" is such a must-have add on to the political process that would make our dowdy oh-so-last-week democracy sparkle just like the US, why not write to your MP and demand that he and his overpaid mates buy the plugin and have it installed in time for the next parliamentary election?

Or could it be that these deluded cunts actually mean "wow, isn't it glitzy, shiny, celeb oriented and apparently taken seriously with everyone really getting involved" but just using the rather brainless "vibrant" as a substitute? Pay attention wankers!

Turn out in the US was 60% in the "best turn out for 4 decades" (ours tends to be 70), so clearly a lot of people aren't that interested at all, so maybe "vibrant" isn't everything. Most of the rest interviewed seemed utterly clueless as to actual policy proposals, but were firmly for or against one candidate or the other. Suggesting that perhaps votes were cast more on "well the black guy's really hip and well dressed and talks nice, so he'll be good at it" or "the white guy spent four years having hot pokers shoved up his ass by gooks who didn't love america, so he'll be real good at fragging ragheads".

As for the brain dead shitheap "Jeezus wants you as a sunbeam" Palin, why anyone bothered spending the time adding "lipstick" to "pig" is beyond me.

Who the retarded wankers in our former colonies choose to elect to fuck the world up is their own business, so why does it occupy so much fucking airtime and print space??

Anonymous said...


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